And so my laptop has returned anew! And clean to boot! Huzzah!

Yes! It's back and I'm so glad, sort of. It didn't end up being a major crisis, and I found that without my computer I had a lot more time for running around and general shenanigans. I did miss being able to edit and post photos though, so here I am.

I spent most of the weekend being joyously glad to be friends with my dance-tastic and life-loving friend Kelsea, with whom I passed the weekend working out zumba style, cooking sumptuous meals and generally enjoying being young. 

It's going to blizzard on Wednesday and Thursday and I'm very glad because I need a break that involves not feeling bad about staying in the house, drinking copious amounts of chocolat chaud, and helping Kelsea with her french. Trés bien!

La Seine


Beacon, NY

Sevilla, España