"Want some of my BUZZ?"

Par usual, last night I went out with various members of The Fifth Business to the Burlington bars. Not unlike myself, the boys of the band are nuts...I love going out with them! Mike is one of my closest friends (visited me in Barcelona and we journeyed to Istanbul together), and Ted has since joined our ventures since I returned to Vermont. John Wallis and Corm pulled up bar stools after laying down his bass tracks for their new album that they're recording now at KTR Studios (preorder the album here). Lazy eyes, double pints of Switchback, $1 PBRs (ughhh so hipster/frat, kills me!), Corm's Hitler-hair...fantastic.

Brought Mike's Nikon with f1.8 lens to shoot the night and the shenanigans. Even for us it was especially shenanigans-filled, and here are just a few of the shots I took. Mike and I split photographer duties, generating the most complete and hilarious documentation of the night out. The whole album is on Facebook, featuring shots by both of us. Here are some of mine, enjoy! I'm out....hitting the bars with the boys again!

Self portrait displaying my deep love for BUZZ Cola

Ted is trendy

reach out and touch someone

bringing back the 'stach