Turkish Delights

include....fiesty mascot-fighting dogs

nose hoses

drag queens

the world's largest carpet


the Hagia Sophia

cubic cats

Firat the James-Franco Turkish guide

colorful decorations

poor puppies in boxes

presents i should have bought storm

the wildness of taksim square

trendy stencils in byoglu

Firat getting down with his bad self

Crazy terrace-leading stairs to rooftop clubs

old Jewish, Greek neighborhoods...

Turkish chillums

little soldier Turks

sweet graffiti in the trendy neighborhoods of Istanbul


fishermen men men

many marvelous mosques and such

smoke-blowing out codgers who secretly know photography really well

fighting like cats and dogs


fatherson dynamic

nargile hoses

fighty friends? nope, just rowdy


reading the tea-leaves

turkish wedding reception that we attended accidentally!

As our guide and friend Firat packed us into cabs at the end of our journey through Istanbul, he whispered to us very seriously the Secrets of Istanbul. He withheld several upon our promises to return foraminimumoftendays!! in July. These photos make it easy to see why the city is gray and melancholy to its natives, but I've never met such friendly and passionate people. And it's true: they don't have squirrels, only poor cats.