So I was doing my morning roundup of reading fashion blogs and photography blogs (not a guilty pleasure, it's inspiration immersion! not silly at all!), when I came across the new Alexander McQueen ad shot by the ever-fantastic Nick Knight.

First of all, THE SHOES. The armadillos. Walking death trap personified. Which are, any person remotely into fashion or Lady Gaga (I like both) will admit, are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And we want nothing to do with them. Don't get me wrong, they're a breathtaking shoe! But I quiver in fear at the thought of what's going on with poor Raquel Zimmerman's feet inside them. So I content myself to admire from afar.

Second of all, the python-skin body suit. Now THAT I could wear. Put one on order for me? Raquel looks rather comfortable (or about to pass out from lack of food...time for the next celery stick, yes?) with all these snakes, rather like the time Mike and I shared a bottle of wine and I got to know my friend's snake named 8-Ball for a night. Very interesting, since I found that I liked it! I'll pass on the pet-getting for this one though!