The Art of the Headshot


Headshots can be tricky - clients, jobs, and audiences often see your professional headshot before they meet you, so showing the right side of yourself is really important. Speaking at an important professional conference? The headshot for that would be different than one for a fun creative partnership, so having several photos of yourself that you love is of utmost importance. Just as you put on your favorite socks to give yourself an extra confidence boost on a big, day, so too should you be excited when someone asks for a headshot - when you have ones you love, you know you're putting your best foot forward! 

Getting Photographed? What to Focus On and Wear

For many people, headshots are the first time they're stepping in front of a professional camera and the experience can be a bit overwhelming. But never fear, that's where having a great photographer who you trust can come in handy! It's your job to leave the house looking and feeling awesome, and it's the photographer's job to make sure you look awesome in the photo.

Before you go to your shoot, ask your photographer what kind of lighting they use; both natural and artificial light can look awesome, but each will be a different experience and they can help you understand what to expect. Bring three or four outfit options; I recommend several solid-colored tops in bright colors, since patterns (especially text) can be distracting and black can be too dark. Pick things that make you feel really awesome about yourself! Next, make sure you're well-groomed; shave if you like, comb your hair, and ladies should apply natural looking makeup. I find that even if you don't normally wear them, foundation and concealer help skin look fresh, and a photographer can bring in a hair and makeup artist if you ask. Finally, try your best to get a full 8 hours of sleep before, so you make sure you'll look well-rested and refreshed. 

Let's Do This: What to Expect From Our Shoot

For each headshot session, we chat first so I can be sure I know exactly how you plan on using the photos and what you'd like to accomplish with them. I love getting to know my clients and making friends before I even pick up the camera, and I want to make sure you're totally comfortable. At the shoot, I suggest good wardrobe options that really let you shine, and can have a hair and makeup artist come help if you'd like. I also specially design the lighting to flatter your lovely features, either through natural light with a reflector, or with studio flash. The shoot itself is fun and relaxed - we put some music on, talk up a storm, and get images that you're really excited about. I let you preview the shots to make sure you love what we've captured, and let you pick the shots you like best (I'm happy to make recommendations too!).  After the shoot I carefully edit each shot and do a gentle refresh in Photoshop to make sure your skin is clear and your eyes twinkle before delivering the photos to you digitally so you can start using them right away. 

I hope those tips help! Here are a few headshots I've taken, which includes actresses, professionals and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

Gallery Opening: Pump Me Up at the Corcoran

Last Friday was an intense night for party hopping, with lots of things to shoot! I started my night at the Social Media Week Closing Party (I'll release those photos tomorrow), and then bopped over to the extremely sold out opening party of the Corcoran's new exhibition, Pump Me Up. Detailing the straight edge and go-go movement of the 1980's in DC, the show was as colorful, eclectic and awesome as anticipated. 

The style of the attendees was amazing too - I sailed in in the last 20 minutes of the party and was blown away by how well-dressed everyone was. I photographed a few GoKateShoot favorites, who were making my favorite statements of the evening. Above, performance artist Katie Macyshyn was rocking turquoise and red ombre hair that was to die for, and paired with black rhinestone eye makeup was a strong statement. Read on for more!

Graphic tights are softened by a feminine pink skirt

Models Jackie Okoko and Catherine Pitcher pose with Sheldon Scott - so glad that I'm friends with these sartorial three, they always make such statements!  

Aviator cap? Yes please.

Of course, the stunning Shannon Cusello looks incredible in a graphic print dress

Trend spotting: skinny jersey scarves on men

U.S. Royalty x Submerge

I love shooting rock shows. Maybe it's because I used to manage my friends' band (sexy rock jams HERE) and I get nostalgic, but I love it. And not just front of house in the pit during the first three songs (though that's fun too), but the hang out behind the scenes, ritual and Jameson-laden mundane day to day prep for shows and rehearsals. There's a sense of camaraderie in bands and the people they attract that is hard to find elsewhere in the creative world, and I think it's something worth documenting.   

As part of the incredible programming planned by No Kings Collective in their pop-up gallery Submerge where I showed in late 2012, they brought in the band US Royalty for a raucous basement set that ended up being an intimate industry who's who hangout. They sounded on point and I had fun taking some snaps during the show and at the after-party at DC dive bar extraordinaire, Jimmy Valentine's (no sign on the door, sticky floor, redlight-soaked interior, exceptional atmosphere). The guys have some of the best style in the city, and the crowd was intensely well-dressed as well. Enjoy!

Can't help but love the My Little Pony hair color. WANT. 

Recap: Get Your Brand On

In case you missed it, I wanted to do a recap of the panel I hosted on Tuesday for Social Media Week, "Get Your Brand On". With the help of moderator Eric Schulze of Thirst DC (who did an incredible job) and my fellow panelists, we got a full house all riled up and nerdy about personal branding! Read on for the hilarious oath our moderator asked us all to take, some hot tweets, and of course, photos.

With nerdo-fab flair at the beginning of the evening, Eric asked everyone in attendance to raise their smart phone and repeat an oath of branding and boozy participation: 

"I do solemnly swear
To tweet with purpose,
Even if it means I must drink,
For Awesomeness and Social for All
So help my personal brand."

With that, we were off to the races and began a series of questions about how each of us panelists use social media to develop our brands. Within the first few minutes, audience members were energetically  lobbing questions verbally and through Twitter, which we fielded on the fly. It was a blast, and really interesting to see how more liberal organizations use social media similarly or differently from large institutions like the federal government. 

With questions ranging from how to measure and monetize social media development to what Twitter account we'd like to get our hands on to re-brand, the questions were varied and answers informative. Most interestingly, the audience shifted the focus from personal branding to branding in general - they didn't differentiate between personal and professional branding as distinctively as we thought they would. 

Here are some of my favorite Tweets and photos from the event: 

For the afterparty, DJ Jerome Baker III streamed his set live so anyone following the event on social media could get down too! The panelists mixed and mingled with attendees, cocktails in hand and branding still on the brain long into the night. 

It's the ultimate challenge to get dressed for something where you're going to be discussing personal branding and visual identity! No pressure! ;) I opted to strike a balance between business and art, as I often do - I paired a simple BCBG pencil skirt and stilettos with a Prabal Gurung for Target sheath (digitally printed since it's Social Media Week!) and chevron silk kimono. Simple, fresh hair and makeup with a little raspberry lip polished things off. 

The attendees were utterly engaged, intelligent, and charming - thanks so much to everyone who came!

Panelist Tre was striking in a vintage kelly green kimono style pantsuit. 

Since we were getting as nerdy as we were branding savvy and stylish, I'll leave you with some parting wisdom and takeaways from our charming moderator, Eric Schulze. Even the panel isn't exempt, so you can see where we did well, where we were surprised, and where we were stumped! ;) 

"The panel demonstrated a wide breadth of experience in personal branding, but one aspect became very clear: When we talk about being "social," the built in presumption is Twitter is the default social network. And that personal branding is infinitely more useful given the time needed to establish and maintain one. From scientists to fashionistas, personal branding is a useful way of amplifying your effect on the world.

Monetizing a personal brand is harder than one might realize, and that knowing your message defines your audience. This point split the panel and audience. Some felt defining your audience was staying true to yourself, while I countered with knowing your message is more powerful in defining a brand. 
The panel wasn't sure how to answer the question, "When do you know it's time to re-brand?" And the fact that the panel was stuck on this was fascinating. This may have been more of a consequence of the lack of a need for a re-brand by anyone on the panel. Every panelist was successful in their current incarnation, and that in itself shows the burgeoning nature of the personal branding scene in the District."

Thanks again to everyone who came, and hope to see you all at the Closing Party at Malmaison this evening - it's being co-hosted by my friends at No Kings Collective and I'm looking forward to stopped by!

Come to the Get Your Brand On Afterparty!

After an overwhelming and excitingly swift sell-out of my upcoming Get Your Brand On event for Social Media Week, I want the discussion on personal branding to go even further - with an awesomely nerdy, stylish, boozy afterparty! Generously hosted by the Dunes, doors for the party will open as soon as the discussion wraps at 9pm and will rock until midnight with DJ Jerome Baker III (@jeromebaker3rd) live streaming and tweeting his set. Tweet @ his handle with the hashtag #SMWBrandBeats to make live requests or ask him questions about branding as a DJ for some intense music interactivity! What does your brand sound like?

1. Register for the afterparty HERE, but no need to if you're already attending the guided discussion from 7-9pm.
2. Follow @gokateshoot and @jeromebaker3rd to get the link for his live streaming DJ set - we'll blast it out tomorrow so you can listen in if you can't make it!
3. Keep up the dialogue - we'll be hot off a guided discussion on personal branding, so come sip some bourbon and talk branding shop!
4. As usual, sartorial excellence and expression are encouraged but not required - what does your personal brand look like? 

See you all tomorrow night!

Come "Get Your Brand On" at Social Media Week!

After Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and Pinteresting my little heart out in 2012, I'm excited to announce that I was asked to be on the Social Media Week DC Advisory Board. Yippee! With that comes an invitation to throw an event, and I couldn't resist putting something smart and stylish together. 

I'm happy to introduce Get Your Brand On: How Social Media is Changing Our Identities (#SMWGetYourBrandOn), a guided discussion and debate about the role social media is playing in personal branding. Whether your online persona is the same as your real identity or if you position yourself in a completely unique way, we'll hash out the many ways that people use social media to brand themselves.  Co-hosted by some seriously brilliant social media mavens (check out their deets below), the panel will share how social media has impacted their professional career, and then act as devil's advocates in a group discussion that everyone can jump in on. Read on!

  1. It's free but RSVP is required, so hit up THIS SITE HERE to register! Attendance is extremely limited, so sign up right away.
  2. It wouldn't be a GoKateShoot event if we didn't all get a little dressed up, so get your style on if you're so inclined and I'll be shooting as well as moderating. To set the tone, I will be in full nerdette glory in my glasses. 
  3. Generously hosted by the Dunes, the event will also include a full cash/credit bar for you lushes who love a little sauce to get you sassy! You can follow the Dunes on Facebook and Twitter too.
  4. Tweet and share with the hashtag #SMWGetYourBrandOn for ultra social media love!

I'll be moderating with a crack team that spans several industries and includes TWO charismatic ginger scientists. It's like seeing a unicorn in the wild, TWICE. Check the whole team out below - everyone's bio is insanely entertaining and I actually lol'ed. Yes, that's a thing. 

Eric Schulze, Ph.D. (@scienceric@thirstDCCo-founder/Creative Director of Thirst DC

Eric is molecular biologist with a penchant for innovative communication, embryonic stem cells, and bacon. Mmm...bacon. He develops and teaches how to form creative communities using Science as well as efficient communication strategies for individuals and organizations alike. Eric works for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and serves as Chief Nerd, Creative Director, Head of Strategic Partnerships, and emcee for the popular social experiment and creative agency for nerds and geeks alike, thirst. Thirst has garnered national attention from the likes of The Smithsonian, NASA, National Geographic, The Washington Post, The Washingtonian, and numerous blogs and magazines. Eric is also a freakishly tall Ginger.

Tré (@tregallery) - Fine Artist and Director, Tré Inc. and Touchstone Gallery

Tré is an Art Photographer, Fine Portrait Artist, and Director currently based out of Northern Virginia and Washington DC. She travels all over the world to photograph, create, and film projects. For over a decade she has exhibited and sold her selected works to art collectors internationally. Having worked in NYC, LA, DC, London, Paris, and Tokyo her inspirations are diverse and ever-changing. Tré founded her Art Photography and Direction company, Tré Inc.® and Trémotion Pictures, her recently launched Short Film and Music Video production company. Having been in the Art Industry for over 14 years, she also offers Art Mentoring and Portfolio Consultations for artists just starting out and those needing constructive advise. Her latest Art Project is currently on exhibition at the Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC, and yes, she trademarked her own first name.

Jamie Vernon, Ph.D. (@JLVernonPhD) - AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy

He sent an utterly charming first person bio, which you can check out here:"I am not a white-haired, bespectacled 80-year-old man perpetually adorning a white lab coat. And yet, I have manually mapped the location of a gene in the human genome, discovered a previously unknown functional fish gene, developed a patented genetic engineering technology, and personally manipulated the HIV virus in the laboratory.  I am a Southern-born, beach-loving, Yankees fan who  came to Washington, DC to help improve the "scientist brand".  My 3000 Twitter followers would probably describe my personal brand as one of serious respect for the role of science in society, but with an appreciation for diverse political and philosophical ideologies.  I believe Science is a brand that will benefit when the public comes to know that scientists are real-life, accessible, neighborly folks.  I coach other scientists on how to appropriately market Science, and how not to damage the brand.  Currently, I professionally serve as an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy and Social Media marketer for the White House's U.S. Global Climate Research Program. When I'm not promoting science, I'm promoting science." 

Simon Owens (@simonowens) - Assistant Managing Editor digital U.S. News and World Report

Simon is an assistant managing editor at US News & World Report, and his writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Harvard's Nieman Lab, Forbes, and PBS' MediaShift. In addition to his journalism experience, he spent several years in the world of corporate PR and digital marketing. Brazen Careerist named him one of the 25 young professionals to watch in 2011.

Can't wait to see you!

Magnifying Details

Here are some portraits I shot of painter and illustrator Martin Swift. His illustrations (you can check them out HERE) are incredibly detailed, so he uses a magnifying lamp to make sure he gets every pen stroke just right. Amazing! I have three of his illustrations in my collection, and you could definitely say I'm a bit of a fan girl! We took this pair of photos one afternoon while co-working together, and I love how they turn his tools on him and make his portraits as detailed as his drawings. 

Have a happy and productive Sunday, everyone! I'm holed up working on some exciting new projects and can't wait to share. 

Hirshhorn Hang Out

In my first day off in a long time, Martin Swift and I went to the Hirshhorn to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. Everyone's raving about it, and with good reason - while controversial, the work is incredibly beautiful and artisanal. Here are a few quiet photos of Martin and I dressed casually to bop around the gallery. I'm wearing a vintage mink hat, scarf by local knitwear designer Denada Design, leopard coat from a boutique in Vermont, and Frye booties. The light dusting of snow was perfect! 

Ladybird Jazz

On one recent night out, painter Martin Swift and I found ourselves going underground for some serious Monday night jazz at the DC institution Bohemian Caverns. As the hub for all things jazz and blues here in the District for many, many years, this sublime spot is a bit of a time capsule - walk down the dark, curving stairs and you'll find a music scene steeped in the history of Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, and many more. 

That tradition is carried on today, and this spot remains one of my favorites for a little late night cool - the evening I took these photos the hours ended up slipping by as we shot the breeze with the first chair saxaphonist late in the night. 

Get Down for Inauguration

As I discovered last weekend, DC gets down for inauguration. This is the first time I've lived in the District for an election, and anyone who has a pulse, even the old and totally square, goes out to celebrate the swearing in of the president. Since it was hosted by my friends of No Kings Collective, I opted to stop by the Millennial Ball at the very cool converted warehouse space, M Central. Of course, I couldn't resist taking some snaps of the stylish attendees, including GoKateShoot regulars Martin Swift and Eliot Payne (with the victorious return of his mustache!), two of my favorites! There's a particularly hilarious set of the two of them toward the end, plus a couple of me all dolled up for the festivities. 

Happy Sunday!

Anti-Hibernation Scene

I'll be the first to admit that I've been hibernating. 

With winter seriously set in, a birthday, new apartment, trip to Vermont for the holidays, jetset to Sydney and Melbourne for a couple weeks, and work up the wazoo, December and January have been a whirlwind. That coupled with a serious artistic drain in the aftermath of my recent show at Submerge, a shift in a new direction was much needed. I did take some super sweet Instagram snaps along the way - you can check those out HERE, and I'll be doing a round-up from my travels Down Under.  

But never fear, I'm back for 2013 and ready to continue with more photos and video in the works!  I'm planning some big thematic and visual changes for GoKateShoot in the coming months, and am really excited. In the meantime, I'll continue sharing what I'm shooting, with interesting characters, wild style, and adventures sure to end in calamity! 

Per usual, as I'm sure you know by now. 

These photos are from a series of nights out on the town in late November - a little jaunt to the Warby Parker VIP party, which was insanely trendy and had truly excellent music (and glasses on a bus, whee!) is coupled with the social photos I took at Submerge, where I was showing, and snaps from Shannon Cusellos oh-so-fabulous birthday bash. The usual cast of characters are all fabulous and present, plus photos of Eliot getting hugged by, well, EVERYONE! Edgy and DC street with a little dash of crazy, these night out styles are to die for. Make it to the end - I really, really love that last photo.

Enjoy, and welcome back!

Submerge 2012 Opening Weekend

This weekend, I showed my work for the first time, at Submerge DC. So many things happened this weekend, I just thought I'd do a SUPER POST and tell the whole story. Enjoy!

Entitled Vitalitat, my show told a complex visual narrative of my dear friends Eva and Kerry, who passed away this past January in a tragic house fire. You can read about what happened and see more of the original images here

It took me two weeks of difficulty sleeping and several very insightful creative friends' input (infinite thanks to Michelle Ferng, Eliot Payne, Martin Swift, and Eric Schulze for being so wonderful) to narrow down 40 images to the 8 that I printed and framed to show; the process was emotionally and artistically draining since the work is so personal. I added the hand-written prose piece on the left for the public opening after struggling to tell the story behind the images to people who went through the work the evening before; I didn't want to run the risk of the context being lost, and loved the idea of putting my own physical mark ont he space itself. 

My work is accompanied by a piece by my artist and dear friend, Brandon Hill. Below is what the final installation looks like. 

I met them on the hill overlooking the river, 
the Hudson. 
They knew to dance in the sun, all 
sinew and limbs. 
They were best friends and we became friends.

In January 2012, 9 months after these photos, 
Eva and Kerry passed away in a tragic house fire. 
They Vitalitat lives on. 

Martin Swift saved the day week, helping me run all over town, keeping me caffeinated, chilled, and helping me install the work the evening before the show. I took this short series of portraits of him one afternoon during a quick coffee meetup, because the light was incredible, and sort of completely adore them in their magical everyday-ness. 

2000 people came to the soft opening of the show, since it was the DCWEEK Closing Party, and boy, was it one hell of a party! Friend and exceptional DJ Jerome Baker III (the "DJ's DJ" someone said) was on the decks, and the space was packed to the nines with techies, creatives, scenesters, and Washingtonians looking for good art and a good time. 

I was exhausted after installing my show, creating a short film for the Ford Artist Grant that was screened at the party (no worries, I'm releasing this week!), and putting together another short film that I'll put out soon. Two fims and a show, all put together in 4 days? Phew! Despite all that, I had a great time at the party!

A hand-made journal, for writers or artists who need to roll a cigarette while they get their creative on...brilliant little thing. 

The organizers and other artists showing and attending Submerge are among my close friends here in DC, and after the public leaves, everyone just kicks back to relax. These are my favorite moments to photograph; everyone has incredible personal style (I met many of them by photographing them), but it's effortless, and the clothes never wear them. This kind of style isn't playing dress-up, or putting on a costume. It's narrative.

Benevolent Media founder Erika and Peter Chang of No Kings Collective share a rare moment of quiet.

It was a pleasure running into DC fashion icon Anchyi Wei both Friday and Saturday and chatting about how we met - I took her photo, of course! 

Shoe swoon.

Fellow photog and general creative Jill-of-all-trades Tré came out!

Josef Palermo celebrates Rah-Jah Kelly's birthday with him!

Add Micah Greenberg to the mix and things always get colorful...and infinitely stylish!

Best. Birthday. Picture. Ever.

And then occasionally, I'll end up in front of the camera, like the old days, with some of my favorites. Silliness with Eliot Payne, Tré, and actress Catalina Lavalle, ahoy! 

I'm wearing handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, a necklace from my travels in Istanbul, a Zara top, lace shorts and lace stockings. 

Know Fashion: Behind the Scenes

As I mentioned, I made a short fashion film for the Know Fashion event and did a large-scale video installation (check it out HERE), so of course I had to attend in full GoKate flair. I wore a men's white button shirt as a minidress, leopard-print tights, and some killer 6" heels (seriously still feeling them!). It was a blast, but of course I couldn't resist take some snaps of the party and backstage with all the models as well. ;) Enjoy...there may even be a little video soon as well. Maybe. 

Get tons more after the jump!

Eliot Payne, designer at Accoutre

Freddy Reyes

The Stussy/Commonwealth team looked streetwear fresh, as usual

Stylist Quincy Jones getting styled by Eliot Payne for the Accoutre runway

Usual silliness.

Victor Zapanta, original badass

Dioni Rey, who brought the house down with her swag and walk

Eric Schulze, co-founder of Thirst DC

Perfect layering. Seriously. 

Songstress Deena Odelle Hyatt, effortless

Sequins on fur on natural hair and great attitude? Sold.

So many people dress for others, or dress to impress, but Natalie just has an excellent sense of effortless style in how she carries herself.


Actresses Catalina Lavalle and Melinda Diachenko

The perfectly glamourous, effervescent smile.

Runway from the Kolton J. presentation

Getting up close and personal with Tabi Bonney for his performance


Lisa Markuson channeling a modern swing on French style

I love Ashley's studded jacket (who, me? Loving studs? WHAT?!) ;) 

Best menswear look of the evening? Yes.

Best duo of the evening, form the print to the headwear and hair - excellent

Saved one of my favorite's for last - Stef's smile and "bows on bows on bows" for Accoutre are so much fun!

My FreeFest Style

Happy Friday!  I got VIP access to shoot style for Refinery29 at Virgin Mobile FreeFest (check their picks HERE, more coming from me this weekend!), and this is a peek at what I wore to shoot. My typical purple/fushcia lip, handmade leather earrings from friends at Butler + Claypool, a silk scarf from a trip to India, and my new fall fedora...plus my favorite fall boots, which are perfect for getting wild shots down in front in the pit during the shows. It gets rough in there!

 You can see my full look below - I was snagged by the 7 For All Mankind team while shooting around in VIP for their Instagram. 

915 F Street: Fashion Film

Long time no...well, anything. I'm working like a maniac, so thanks for your patience! That being said, I'm so excited to share my newest project with you! My friends over at No Kings Collective commissioned me to put together a video in advance of the Know Fashion event, which is an art/runway show/music exhibition that you can't miss - it's the perfect fusion of edgy street and high end fashion. 

I tapped model/muse KC Ellis Sledd for this dark, romantic art film, which will be a large scale video installation on site tonight. We shot everything in 1 hour on Tuesday night (two days ago, so reasonable...), and used an incredible sheer vintage nightgown I snagged from my friends over at Butler + Claypool. I didn't have this project on my plate when I bought it, but oh my, I'm glad I did! Then I edited until the wee hours Tuesday and last night, when I wrapped around 1:30am and then went straight back to the space to coordinate the video installation. Phew! I wanted to give you an advanced preview of the video here, and would love if you could get tickets and come out tonight. You can get tickets through ScoutMob, HERE.

My installation is part of the newest pop-up exhibition space by No Kings Collective, called the Pallet Project. This show is incredible - a grand, million dollar space in the heart of Chinatown that has been gutted and abandoned, and now filled with art made entirely of pallets. Fashion runway made of a vintage bowling alley? Check. VIP seating made of rehabilitated church pews? Double check.  Get ready to get rocked by this incredible space - my video, and these gorgeous stills I shot offer a sneak peek. 

Doo Wop Beauty Shop

I recently went to the "Doo Wop Beauty Shop" party at DC hair mecca Urban Style Lab, and bumped into some seriously stylish Washingtonians. Enjoy, and have a great day!

Coming up...
Photos from the Ra Ra Rasputin 5-Year Anniversary
Photos from the Worn Magazine Issue 4 party, for Washingtonian Magazine
Photos from the (e)merge Art Fair VIP party, shot for 
Washingtonian Magazine
Photos from VIP, All-Access at Virgin Mobile FreeFest, for Refinery 29
...and other crazy things I can't share just yet, but I promise they're awesome!

My hair stylist and guru Tyler Larish

In the Studio with Ra Ra Rasputin

There are few challenges I love more than trying to document other artists and creatives at work. There's something about trying to capture that passion, the lust for expression and creation that is so dynamic! So I headed into the studio with local indie dance rockers Ra Ra Rasputin for one of their final rehearsals before their 5-year anniversary show (which is tonight!) to document behind the scenes.  There was dance-inducing rock music! Leather jackets! A few too many beers after! Lively discussions about the nature of communism, the DC creative class, and how Brock shouldn't wear jorts for photos! Generally top notch all the way around.

So, I'm happy to introduce Brock, Patrick, Josh, and Ken of Ra Ra Rasputin. Also, come to the show at the Black Cat tonight (tickets HERE), where I'll be hanging out and shooting for the band some more. Everyone and their mom seems to be coming, so you should too! Click through for some awesome rock 'n roll style and vibes.

GoKateShoot for WornAbroad

I was more than excited to participate in a little shoot with fellow style photographer Nicole Aguirre for her newest venture, WornAbroad. She and our friend Eric will be curating and selling a sweet selection of mens and womenswear pieces from around the globe, coupling them with local and vintage pieces. Both Nicole and Eric have impeccable taste, so I'm very much looking forward to shopping!

Nicole and I met up on the street in Dupont Circle for a little golden hour shoot showing off some earrings she'll be selling through WornAbroad (earring details below). The shoot was fun, and funny - I'm pretty very tall and was wearing heels yesterday, so I had to de-shoe for our shoot so we could be at eye level. You know, just casually standing around in Dupont in my socks. Here are a few of the photos Nicole took of me - the rest will debut on WornAbroad as product shots and such. 

I'm shooting the Worn 4 launch party on Saturday for Washingtonian Magazine - come out and say hey so I can take your picture, please!

I'm rocking the "Marl" earrings ($29) from a collection Nicole designed with Beth Lauren...I love how edgy but delicate they are. Need them? Yes, absolutely. 

GoKate Fall Into My Style

Happy Tuesday! I'm buried in work but happily clocking insane hours doing things I love. Isn't that the best? That doesn't mean that there won't be style here! I've had the pleasure of doing lots of stylish things recently, meeting lots of new people, and have gotten my own picture taken a new times, so I thought I'd share. 

The first photo is from Washingtonian Magazine's Style Setters party, where I bumped into a passel of stylish friends and photo subjects. I wore my new buttery-soft Erro leather and suede leather pants that are tight tight tight but fabulously comfortable, a paper-thin classic white tee, a studded vest from my stint living in Barcelona, handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, Dita glasses (I'm not-so-secretly a nerd girl), a lip (per usual), and some insane stilettos - I had just hopped off the plane from a week on the West coast and just couldn't do anything more involved. I was glad to do the whole model-off-duty relaxed thing though, and was impossibly comfortable for what ended up being a wild night at Que Sera for the after after party.

The second photo is from the Washington Post - they snapped me when I was out and about shooting in Georgetown for Fashion's Night Out (check out my feature in Refinery 29 HERE and all the other shots HERE) and included me as the header photo of their write-up, HERE. So sweet! I'm pretty tall, so when I saw a shorter girl with this sumptuous silk slitted skirt at the Gilt City warehouse sale, I followed her around for the better part of an hour until she realized it was too long for her. Score! I paired it with a classic white tank (trend?), a vintage Hermes scarf, and a vintage bangle from New York. There were also some serious red platforms here - so much fun!

More soon - I have wild photos to share, so stay tuned! In Uber news, I'm proud to announce this series of driver profile films that I produced to share the intimate insights of the drivers. Check it out, there will be a new one up each day this week.