Featured: Refinery29 for Samsung

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Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of being featured in Refinery29's 30 Under 30  list in DC. They interviewed me with some really fun questions (my answers were a crazypants 6 pages long!) and then took my picture at the official shoot, shot by Geordy Pearson of NYC. I brought my dad's vintage film camera and a couple of my favorite outfits. It was a blast, and made all the more fun by the fact that I'm friends of a lot of the other people on the list - they're really doing some amazing things and make me glad to be a creative in DC! You can check out the whole list HERE, and see my little part HERE

As part of the project I was also asked to create a multimedia project about my life using the new Samsung Galaxy S4. They shipped me the phone and off I went creating GIFs, taking photos (the phone camera has some serious chops!), and making little movies. Tallyho indeed! It was a great little look into my life, since a lot of times I can't bring my big cameras everywhere I go. I have a thing for clutches so I was glad this fit!

You can check out all the media I made in the feature that came out today HERE (including a hilarious GIF of my new short 'do). Have a great week! 


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