The Chop


I wanted it off. I used to have really short hair in college, and lately have been feeling like my hair wasn't contributing to my style - more often than not it just lay there and though I know how to style it, couldn't be bothered most days.

Luckily, I had an editorial shoot scheduled with some planned downtime, so I invited stylist Liana from Immortal Beloved into the studio to live cut my hair as part of a creative shoot. I wore Erro leather pants and a Chanel cuff as she snipped, and my assistant Alex Fawcett photographed the chop. 

I feel loads better after shearing it, and am having a blast figuring out all the fun ways to punk and mod it up. After living with it a few days I decided the next time I'll take it even shorter in anticipation of DC's unbearable summer, but in the meantime am loving this!