Feminist creative collective SLVT CULT reacts to the misogynistic political shift of the new administration with an improvisational short film.

Co-directed by Kate Warren and Maggie Famiglietti, musician ANTONIA (Adriana-Lucia Cotes) creates haunting live music as choreographer and contemporary dancer Sadie Leigh expresses the conflicting emotional cornucopia women feel in today's America. Mutual anger collides with fear as Cotes and Leigh weave their expressions of feminine solidarity against the tide of objectification and marginalization. 



Directed and styled: Kate Warren & Maggie Famiglietti

Still images: Kate Warren

Choreography and movement: Sadie Leigh

Music: ANTONIA (Adriana-Lucia Cotes)

Edited: Raul Zahir De Leon, Wilderness Bureau


SLVT CULT is a female-run arts collective that creates subversive multimedia art for the contemporary feminist. Bringing pro-woman people together to take a stand against misogyny and sexism, SLVT CULT is focused on changing the conversation around gender, sexuality, and race with anyone who cares to listen, and plenty who don't.

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