Humble Fire: Builder

Dream pop band Humble Fire approached me about still images for their upcoming album a few months ago and I took the project further. I looped in creative collaborator Maggie Famiglietti, and we spent hours talking about the raw emotion that went into the album; singer Nefra Faltas lost both her parents while composing it. Her bandmates were there for her in ways far above and beyond even closest friends, so we offered to co-direct a music video that paid homage to that deep support.


The track "Builder" speaks to the people in our lives who unconditionally love us enough to help us rebuild when things fall apart. We forewent a traditional narrative structure, instead focusing on creating a tapestry of metaphorical imagery tied to the band's moving emotional vulnerability. Visual elements explored loss and grief, obsession, and the ties that bind us to the people we love most. We maintained a stark color palate, un-gendered styling, and repetitive, dizzying editing to encourage viewers to be drawn into the band's world. 

Many thanks to NPR for debuting the video, which you can check out HERE. Additional images and credits below.

Directors: Kate Warren & Maggie Famiglietti

Editing: Raul Zahir de Leon

Set & Props: Kathryn Zaremba

HMU: Carla Pressley

Styling: Kate Warren, with support from Redeem