The Romantic Movement

As I mentioned, I photographed the Romantic Movement, a style and music event co-hosted by the gentlemen of style blog Street Etiquette and MDLN Ventures. I described the whole event HERE if you're curious, and shared some super-dreamy shots HERE already. These are some of my favorite street snaps. I didn't include any photos of the performers; I got some great ones that will have a post of their own. There was incredible layering, pop-art accessories, and lots of other details that were making me swoon all night long. Enjoy!

Green glasses and earrings in the shape of Africa? Oh yeah. The proportions here are perfect. 

Perfectly architectural platforms

Sheldon Scott of Marvin's rocking a serious kimono with a crisp trouser

DJ Spinser Tracy on the decks

Leggy, lovely, and in the perfect shoes

Model Jackie Akoko of T.H.E. Agency looking gorgeous in frothy layered earth tones and boots to kill

The most stylish crew of girls of the evening...love. All trends, ever, represented here. Sheers, military, florals, Tangerine Tango, cut-outs, animal prints, and a perfect head wrap. Yes.

This gentleman has a small finger bouquet of flowers in his lapel. Swoon!

This photo. Is. Everything. Love the drama. Miami Vice goes to the disco.


Josh of Street Etiquette with a little Native print and layered necklace action. 

Play with proportions

Fly Girls: The Details

As promised, here are some of the detail shots of the Fly Girl five year anniversary party last week. 

Only the fabulous Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek) can pull off blue lipstick like this; she's so killer! And the vintage Gucci? Yes? Are we seeing this fabulous framed bag? Adore. I'm not a label hound by any means, but this bag fits with her 'you-wish-your-grandma-was-this-fly' look. Her pants are sheer and meant to be worn in the summer, but I love this chic update with tights underneath. 

Can we talk for just a minute about how Kimee Brown (The Model is Wearing) has SEVERAL of my favorite things going on here? As you all know, I love bow ties, turbans, and menswear-inspired anything, and she is completely rocking it. And her LEGO Chanel pin? Fabulous. So much.

As always, my partner in crime and stylist Elise Peterson (IVD) was super fresh; I love the tied up chiffon blouse with the encrusted jeweled skirt. This is a great example of taking a look that is perfect for summer and making it work for colder months. As usual, we both rocked vintage fur. I know, I know...but once you start wearing it when it's super-brr outside, there's nothing warmer! I will choose to be both warm AND fabulous, thank you! Her envelope clutch is killer and I love how she mixes slightly different shades of nude to create a softer, feminine look with a masculine flavor from the buttoned-up top.

Photo of me courtesy of Elise; when we got back to my apartment and figured out we hadn't documented ourselves! My hat and mink are courtesy of IVD, and my fabulous 1940's-inspired silk pants were a sneaky backroom sale from Anthro. I love the classic lines of the hat and veil, and even though it's a little kooky was really excited to wear it. Life is too short not to rock a big hat! Besides, I'd rather be That Girl In the Hat than a lot of other things!

This last photo is not really up to snuff in terms of quality, but I included it anyway for it's energy; the free-spirited fun vibe between Elise and I in the entryway of my building is completely indicative of our style partner in crime relationship. I love how sassy fresh this is!

We then went inside, took our crazy heels off, and ate pasta on the couch. Sometimes the best nights end the most simply. 

Cop 'Stache

As my followers, friends, family, and even coworkers know, I love mustaches. Give me a man with a full-on Tom Seleck and I’m mush, it’s as simple as that. Handlebar, 70’s pornstar, and everywhere in between, I love mustaches. I’m fully aware and agree that mustaches can be and usually are really creepy, but when on the right person they can inject a major shot of confidence and swag. They’re a visual punch line that becomes a cheeky wink if the guy can carry it off. Meek men become charismatic, and Average Joes suddenly have a sense of style. It’s amazing! You can’t help but be dapper and a little rowdy in a mustache, I think. My favorite mustache has been documented here, here, and here on my friend Ted, bassist for the indie dance band Kinky Creature (listen to them, and donate to their Kickstarter here, they’re dope!).

Needless to say, Movember is one of my favorite times of year.

Here is a photo of my cousin and his Movember ‘stache, which is a very donut-eating cop number, particularly with the aviator sunglasses. He’d never grown one before, so it was a real treat to be able to take part in some familial mustache fun!

Primary Color Burst

While in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, I went on buying trips for  several days. Pittsburgh is a TREASURE TROVE of cheap cheap and fabulous vintage if you are local in the know, and luckily my aunt was just as excited to bop around as I was. I've posted about a lot of the things I found, but I wanted to share these super-colorful photos. I was so inspired by the vibrant primary colors and high graphic elements I found in the mid-century modern spots we stopped in. Life is too short not to inject a little color, don't you think?

Failed to mention this little trip...

Oh, did I fail to mention that I received a grant to go shoot in Turkey for a couple of weeks this coming September?

I'M VERY EXCITED! I'm shooting an amazing, very public project that I can't wait to tell you about...but I'm on my way out to the Capital Fringe Festival on the back of a motorcycle (wearing vintage DVF, ahh so fab!) so it will have to wait. 

Here are two of the locations I will be shooting in Istanbul. So beautiful!!

Photo sources unknown, not mine this time though.