Gala Girl

Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to the Children's Charity Foundation Gala at the Washington Hilton. With only two day's notice that I'd be going, I was a little worried about finding a gown. It all worked out; I found this 1930's vintage chiffon piece at Treasury vintage, and fell in love. It used to belong to a Washington Post reporter, so I loved it even more; a story makes a piece special, you know? Add a French twist, a classic red lip and shoe, my grandmother's pearls, and a hand-beaded vintage clutch and I was ready to go. Artist Martin Swift took some snaps before the evening began. The highlight of my evening was getting to see the Temptations perform at the gala; yes, the Temptations! They were wearing glittered tuxes and could still cut a rug!

Happy Monday all.

Dog Days: Casandra

On to more Dog Days summer style (you can see the first two of this series HERE and HERE). Casandra is a fabulous vintage-loving chica who I met at the DC Flea while shopping for some serious finds. My bad gal side fell head-over-motorcycle boots for her edgy tattoos, leopard print, and boots softened by her feminine style (the lips! the hair!). 


Dog Days: Kate (Me!)

All this week, I'm going to run a little style series I'm calling Dog Days. Since it's been so oppressively hot here in the District, I'm always amazed by how people use fashion to escape the heat. But since I'm never one to ask my subjects to do something I wouldn't do myself, I'm going to start the series off with myself. 

I often have to dress to be able to go from day to night in one look, so my wardrobe is a often a challenge of mixing relaxed and formal pieces. To keep cool in the summer, I love statement-making pieces that also move well and keep a breeze going, so this look is a perfect example. 

Here, I'm rocking a fresh white tank top (from Target or some such) with a silk Rachel Zoe slitted maxi skirt I got a wicked deal on at the Gilt warehouse sale (I followed the girl holding it around for almost an hour and waited until she realized she was too short to wear it, and then offered to take it off her hands lol). I tossed on a vintage handkerchief scarf, some red platform sandals (that are actually life-alteringly comfortable), and my favorite fuchsia lipstick. For jewelry I added my handmade leather tassel earrings, courtesy of my lovely friends over at Butler + Claypool.  I'm fully addicted to them and basically haven't stopped wearing them since I got them earlier in the summer - I love that they add an rugged edge to everything. 

Enjoy the photos and keep an eye out for new posts daily this week! 


I'm remiss! But alas, a new job that I love and lots of travel make me a busy GoKateShoot...but never fear, I'm shooting all the way and wracking up lots of adventures to share! 

So here, finally, even though they've been done for ages and ages, are the photos from Seersucker Social. I know that I usually curate my photo sets to be just exactly the right number, but instead I'm giving you anything worth sharing. Oh yes, gratuitous style photo love! It was a glistening 100 degrees but lots of Washingtonians came out to this summer event that promises style eye candy galore.

I went very neuvo-vintage with floral hot pants, a fringed tank, fuschia brogues, and piles of my favorite accessories. Photo courtesy of the talented Julian Gwyer.

Check out the dozens of photos below, and enjoy! Happy Saturday everyone!

Film Style: Men and Art

You know I love to shoot film, as it is one of those throwback activities that I truly do for love. The lack of control is liberating, and the need to get the shot in one go is empowering. Thus, here are some style film shots to ease you into the weekend; a set of menswear style and a set of the late LATE night set-up of the warehouse art pop-up I collaborated on, the Water Street Project. 

Above is the ever-dapper Grant Harris, menswear aficionado and founder of Image Granted. More snaps below, with even more film photos later this week...enjoy!  

Antonio, of Jack Spade

Eliot Payne and the gentleman of Jack Spade

Georgetown afternoon with Eliot Payne of Accoutre and cocktails at Martin's...old school DC at its finest.

Street artist Billy Mode, hard at work, and other photos from the set-up of the Water Street Project

Thirst for Style: What I Wore

As you may recall, at the end of May I spoke at Thirst DC. I never  ask my subjects (you lovely, stylish people!) to do anything I am not willing to do, so I thought I'd share what I've been spotted wearing recently. Above is my look from Thirst; this vintage 1950's cocktail dress selected by my friend and stylist Elise Peterson was perfect for being on stage. Paired with a bold lip, it made me feel ultra-feminine. 

Neuvo-Vintage Biker

I'm going to be rocking and rolling out lots of new photos this week. To start, here is a series I shot featuring some seriously inspiring menswear on Scotty from GoodWood. There is an incredible mix of vintage and modern, mixing old school elements, impeccable grooming, and a perfect attention to detail to make everything just so. You know?  The neck tie did it for me, frankly. So top notch. 

This bracelet is a great example of masculine accessories...this particular piece is from local DC secret Legendary Beast. 

Pre-Seersucker Soiree

Whee! How do you know it's summer? Flowers! Little whispy dresses! Hats! All of these things came together perfectly for a little Pre-Seersucker Social Soiree we held at Proper Topper, a local institution of a boutique. I've been going since I moved to DC and am always wowed by the lovely little bits and bobs, from books to sweet hats and dresses, that I lust over. I never had to worry about buying gifts, since I could just pop in to the store the day of and know that I would find something. Divine! 

Proper Topper paired with Dandies & Quiantrelles, the Washington Post's FW Magazine, and I to throw a sweet petite soiree to benefit the DC Public Libraries. We had hat-making, pink champagne, and the loveliest little cookies to munch on as we shopped and bopped around. There was even a style-themed pop-up library courtesy of the stylish DC librarians. Of course, everyone got very dressed, and it was lovely. Check out the photos below, and skip over to the Proper Topper blog for their post HERE.

So much amazing color! I love her modern take on a vintage look.

Butterflies for your hat? Yes please!

Dandies and Quiantrelles founder Eric Channing Brewer looking dapper in a mixed summer suit

Seersucker Social is this Saturday...there will be a stylish bike ride followed by a party at Hillwood Estates. You can get more information and tickets HERE

Think you know what a librarian looks like? Think again! Behold, the modern (stylish!) librarian! 

Holley from the Washington Post was looking sweet in lace and chambray. 

Laser-cut purple suede shoes? Yes please!

Of course, man-about-town and menswear guru Eliot Payne was present with some of his handmade bow ties for Accoutre.

Dots and flat in patriotic hues were certainly a trend

Performance artist Holly Bass always looks divine

But this wouldn't be a library benefit without a little book talk! Summer reading is starting, and we're all excited to tote a good book to the beach, roofdeck, or pool. We asked some of the attendees to identify what reading inspires them to do. Here is what they said: 

Even I got in on things!

Thank you, looking forward to seeing you all at Seersucker Social on Saturday!

The Ladies of Butler + Claypool

Last weekend, I stopped by the Butler + Claypool pop-up shop to peruse their lovely vintage wares and catch up with the ladies (who I first photographed HERE when I first moved to DC). Of course I some quick portraits along the way. Pictured here are Holly Thomas (editor of Refinery 29), Krista Haywood, and Rachel Cothran (who I also photographed HERE and ). Kristin Guiter is not pictured, but is also on the team (I photographed her most recently at the Corcoran Ball, HERE). These ladies are the original leaders of DC style and do a fantastic job with B+C; make sure to check out their next pop-up!

Romantic Glow

On Sunday I got to shoot the incredibly stylish Romantic Movement music and style event. You can see my whole description of it HERE, but I am SO HYPER to share the photos with you! I was making so many excited exclamations while editing these last night that we had to pause Mad Men so I could have a moment. It was serious. There are a lot of photos, so I will ease you into things with a little set of some of my favorite natural hair ladies, who rock their coifs proudly while going all in on style. Exceptional layering, iconic styling, and that gorgeous late day light. Swoon.

Featuring Elise Peterson, Imani, and Tamika

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Jason Edward Tucker

The WW Club menswear speakeasy is tomorrow, so in this week's theme of getting you in the mood, here are some outtakes from my shoot with artist and gallerist Jason Edward Tucker for my column with Sarah Zlotnick in Washingtonian Magazine. You can see the whole thing HERE, but I've also shared photos of Jason HERE and HERE. Jason and I met when I first began photographing for the Corcoran Gallery + School of Art, and we became fast friends through our mutual loves for conceptual art, fur, and a roof deck margarita. Meant to be, clearly. I brought him on board for Thirst ROMP! to do a performance art piece, and we have more plotting projects in the works. I love visiting him at Morton Fine Art, where he works, and am constantly inspired by his deconstructed look.  

This is the second time this week that I've posted about white men's shoes, but seriously, how inspiring and fresh are they? Now ladies, don't get all miffed that I haven't included you; you know as well as I do that there is plenty of outfit inspiration here, particularly with menswear-inspired flats for women (hello, Prada, Phillip Lim). Obsessed. 

More after the jump.

And yes, those are orange socks. Adore.

Featured: Washington Post FW Magazine

This afternoon while out and about with Cheralee, I picked up the newest copy of the Washington Post's FW (Fashion Washington) Magazine. I was flipping through, and discovered quite by accident that I was featured! I completely forgot that the magazine photographed me at an event with Simon Doonan ages ago, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they ran a photo of me in my favorite vintage Halston dress (bought with my aunt in a hole-in-the-wall vintage shop in Pittsburgh) and with my vintage 1920's camera bag. You can see the whole issue HERE (I'm on page 14). 

Of course, they got the name of my site wrong. Copy editor fail to the max. But still exciting! My friend and makeup artist Michelle German is pictured to the right of me, and Simon Doonan is above, so I'm really enjoying the company I'm in. Thank you to FW for the mention. :) 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Zoe Pollock


Several weeks ago, I photographed Zoe Pollock for my column in Washingtonian Magazine. The lovely Miss Z is an intense thrift addict who is one of the style minds behind Trash Cat Collective, which recently had a wildly successful pop-up and Fashion/Design Nerd Nite (at which I spoke). I loved shooting with Zoe though, and we had THE BEST time working together! I arrived at her apartment half an hour early (entirely by accident...those of you who know me know that I am always a slightly flustered, "fashionable" 10 minutes late for everything!). She brought a bottle of champagne and a friend and then suddenly we had a  tiny festive party! We had a ball photographing her unique vintage pieces that are all filled with wonderful stories that she is more than happy to tell. 

I love when old becomes new again; her pajama top-turned blouse is completely on trend with the full pajama suits that brave fashionistas in Paris have been rocking for a couple of seasons now. Plus her apartment is DIVINE!





And she collects really cool antique industrial metal. Neat!

Gold Pants? Why Not!

OK, fine!  You asked and I'll's a little outfit post with photos snapped by Cheralee Lyle.  

Last week I popped in to catch the end of the CapFABB event, which was hosted at Cities with impeccable help from BrandlinkDC and their client H-Blooms. While I would have loved to make a fascinator out of flowers at their DIY table, I opted to catch up with blogger friends and relax.  I did add an orchid to my hair, but come now, any floral headpiece situation, no matter how large, could not compete with GOLD PANTS.  These are a new acquisition and I just love the Art Deco feel.  I bought them on a shopping excursion with Eliot Payne of Accoutre when I was on an explicit mission for only a white button-up shirt seriously nothing else, so OF COURSE I walked away with metallic pants instead of demure basics.  Ha!  I wouldn't have it any other way! I felt bad for the beautiful blooms left at the end, so I adopted them.  I love how they add a gentle, feminine feel to my outfit. Add a houndstooth rock and roll bomber from Barcelona, vintage mink, and my signature octopus necklace and I was good to go. 

Here is a photo booth I did with fellow photographer Denisio of The Ravenous Creator.

Fashion Nerd Nite Speech Outfit

On Sunday night, I gave a talk entitled "Reasons to Bother Putting on Pants" at the very first Fashion Nerd Nite. Photographer Vincent Gallegos of the Happiness Project got this fun photo of my speech. I wore a drop shoulder neon pink tee, a vintage silk chartreuse graphic scarf, tan pencil skirt, black tights and heels. You know, just a little bit of casual color blocking. And a pink lip. You must have the pink lip! Thank you again to everyone who came out, it was great to engage in the DC style dialogue in a new way.

Late Night at IVD: Rodarte

Per usual, I was up at IVD until the wee hours of the night last night planning some fantastically twisted editorial shoots with my creative genius stylist Elise Peterson. After discussing for hours and landing on our plans, she lightly mentioned that she had some new goodies in the back the she had pulled for an upcoming music video shoot that she was styling in a Japanese motorcycle bondage gang look. Of course. She brought the looks out, and I had a minute when I saw this insanely gorgeous woven leather Rodarte crop bolero. You know that detailing makes me swoon, so the intricate detailing in the various leather treatments gets me just right. This was another one of those nights where I'm exceptionally glad to be hanging out in a vintage store way, way after hours. 

Oh yes, and the Bergdorf's tags were still on. Trust me, you don't even want to know how much. 

Brunch Jumping at Busboys

I meet a lot of people, or rather, my camera allows me to meet a lot of people. As many of my closest friends (who I met because I photographed them) know, I can and will talk to anyone who is dressed. While I was at a brunch with some fellow fashionistas last weekend during my double brunch Sunday funday extravaganza adventure, I saw a little crew come into Busboys and Poets as they walked past my table. They were dressed. Not loudly, since this was clearly some hangover fashion, but dressed nonetheless. I approached their table, introduced myself, and asked if I could photograph them. 

Oh. Boy. STORIES. Yep. 

This first gentleman is, among many other things, the founder of Thirst DC. Eric Schulze is also a leading stem cell researcher, genetic engineer, linguist, vintage car (Mustang) builder, tie pin collector, and style connoisseur, to name a few. Or a spectacularly good liar, but that I highly doubt. There will be many more stories to come about this dapper gentleman and his vintage Tarts specs (I think they're divine, for the record), but I'll foster a sense of mystery around him for now. 

Instead, I'll talk really briefly about Thirst, which is an event sort of like TED, except with booze. Big ideas, interesting people, and whiskey? I'M IN. Eric approached me about giving a talk for Thirst and after a grueling battle of wits and wills, I gave in with little/no fight, because really I was insanely excited at the prospect. Me, loving talking?!?! WHAT? Yes. So I'll be giving a talk for Thirst DC, whoo!! That is, if Eric and I don't banter and brawl our way into oblivion or a brutal fight first. We'll see. The man collects tie clips, I think I'll be fine. 

So anyway, meet Eric. 

Admire the glasses, have a moment with them. 

Tie clips come later, YOU HAVE TO WAIT. 

Next comes Lori! Lori and her insanely amazing denim jacket is actually the reason I approached the group in the first place. You see, I have been arguing about the style (or lack thereof, depending) of denim jackets with some seriously fresh DC designers recently. Battle Royale over denim jackets, the real deal. So anyway, Lori walked into Busboys and I had to eat my words; this denim jacket is nothing short of GLORIOUS and badass. Yep. LOOK AT IT. Stunning. Haha. So the story is that Lori was traveling and went to an antique warehouse. She shopped for 3 hours and toward the end found this jacket. WITH HER NAME ON IT. Yep. Many of the patches are vintage military and have significance; Lori is so rad that she went and found out what they all mean! That's awesome! 

Have a moment with this jacket. 

And finally, some classic brunch attire: the stunnas. I'm going to let these speak for themselves. Awesome  amount of swag. I love it.

Late Night at IVD

As happens more than I care to recount, last night I ended up hanging out at It's Vintage Darling talking big plans, personal style, and creative brainstorming until the wee hours of the morning. Buyer and manager Elise Peterson (who I've photographed so frequently, you can't go through this blog without getting hit in the head with a post featuring her modern-infused, disco fabulous style), Eliot Payne and I are involved in numerous yet-to-be-announced projects that demanded some serious hang time. So in typical stylista fashion, we ended up having a photo shoot with all of the new goodies IVD has. Official photos are forthcoming, but I was so enthralled with the stylish bits that I had to snap some photos with my trusty phone. Don't judge the photos, but focus on how super-swoon to-die-for the clothes are. 

This first look is very ethereal; I adore this high neck hand-beaded sheer top. With endless styling options from the most exposed to subtle, the potential of this impeccably cut piece sent me swooning. For our shoot, we paired it with a green khaki leather pencil skirt to get a mix of soft and feminine with a harder edge. We then added peep-toe Fendi sandals in greens and blues to give the look a subtle pop of color. 

I just had to document this impeccably-styled mannequin; the Native American printed coat is complimented with a 1950's feel classic button-up and squared tie. 

These ties are so colorful, they just made me smile. So dapper!

Annnnnnd vintage YSL heels. In my size. SWOON.