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Thirst for Style: What I Wore

As you may recall, at the end of May I spoke at Thirst DC. I never  ask my subjects (you lovely, stylish people!) to do anything I am not willing to do, so I thought I'd share what I've been spotted wearing recently. Above is my look from Thirst; this vintage 1950's cocktail dress selected by my friend and stylist Elise Peterson was perfect for being on stage. Paired with a bold lip, it made me feel ultra-feminine. 

Film: Strut Into Summer

Happy Saturday! This week has been filled with lots of exciting changes so I'm a little delayed in posting.  Don't worry, I'll share soon. Thank you for understanding! Here are some incredible film photos to get you back into the style swing of things; I got three rolls of film back from the developer, so I'll be sharing those over the course of this weekend. 

This set are filled with strong females and strong colors. Many were taken around town as stylist Elise Peterson and I prepared for the WW Club in late April, and feature other ladies whose styles I admire. Statement sunglasses, vibrant vintage pieces filled with stories, and some abstract shots to add some emotional color. 

The Romantic Movement

As I mentioned, I photographed the Romantic Movement, a style and music event co-hosted by the gentlemen of style blog Street Etiquette and MDLN Ventures. I described the whole event HERE if you're curious, and shared some super-dreamy shots HERE already. These are some of my favorite street snaps. I didn't include any photos of the performers; I got some great ones that will have a post of their own. There was incredible layering, pop-art accessories, and lots of other details that were making me swoon all night long. Enjoy!

Green glasses and earrings in the shape of Africa? Oh yeah. The proportions here are perfect. 

Perfectly architectural platforms

Sheldon Scott of Marvin's rocking a serious kimono with a crisp trouser

DJ Spinser Tracy on the decks

Leggy, lovely, and in the perfect shoes

Model Jackie Akoko of T.H.E. Agency looking gorgeous in frothy layered earth tones and boots to kill

The most stylish crew of girls of the All trends, ever, represented here. Sheers, military, florals, Tangerine Tango, cut-outs, animal prints, and a perfect head wrap. Yes.

This gentleman has a small finger bouquet of flowers in his lapel. Swoon!

This photo. Is. Everything. Love the drama. Miami Vice goes to the disco.


Josh of Street Etiquette with a little Native print and layered necklace action. 

Play with proportions

Oriana and Philippe Go to the Ball

At the Corcoran Ball, I had the pleasure and delight of meeting the lovely Oriana and Philippe. Clad in mint vintage tulle and the perfect suit, this pair blew me away with their chic style and friendliness. We made fast friends and enjoyed much of the Ball together; I took a series of images of them that are my favorites of the whole set. Enjoy!

Opening of the Corcoran's Next Show

Last weekend I photographed the opening of the new show at the Corcoran, Next, which highlights the work of graduating students. I love photographing these kind of events; artists are used to communicating visually, and see their style as an extension of that. So much color, pattern, and edgy styling! I got to shoot the artists all over the museum and with their work. There was excellent representations by both genders, but I think the ladies pulled it out on this one. Cheers!

Check out more after the jump.

Fashion District, Spring 2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going to ReadySetDC's Fashion District event, shooting on behalf of Washingtonian Magazine (find my photos and their writeup HERE). Of course, my flash died the instant I walked in the door, leaving me stranded on client assignment to shoot a space FILLED with stylish people. Seriously. Filled. It was like a reunion; almost all of my favorite people were there...and I had no flash. Potential for crisis was high. BUT IT WAS FINE! I actually really like shooting with available light, so I sucked it up, slowed down my shutter, and asked all of my subjects to stand stil please and thank you! And they did! So here are the pictures and I kind of completely love them, because the tone and feel of the evening came through and they show how much fun I had. 

I would label this with pithy and fun captions, but I'm tearing through making a stop motion video and would rather do that, frankly. I'll show you tomorrow, don't worry. 

Extra thanks to the whole Accoutre and Hugh & Crye teams for being complete rockstars, and to Uber for the delightful ride in style. 

Photos of me taken by Philip Soriano.


Jordan Culberson, the mastermind behind the event

GoKateStreet: Get Inspired!

Happy Friday! In an effort to publish the gads of one-off photos I have, this is a little super post filled with photos I captured in the course of my day-to-day life. WARNING: This is a really, really random post. I mean, it's really more like six posts in one. sort of. But I want to share these photos with you, because I think the people in them are inspiring! I most always have my camera with me, poised and ready to document the many, many people that inspire me. In restaurants, on the street, at events, and hither and thither I go taking photo after photo of people who chose to make a distinctive style choice when they got out of bed. People give me strange looks initially sometimes, but are happy to oblige almost all of the time. I am proud of how open people are; a genuine smile and detail-oriented complement are my secrets to facilitating super-friendly exchange and a photo or two. 

The first photo was of my waitress when I was out to dinner on Sunday...her leather knotted and feathered earrings are by a local designer. I love them!

Stylist Kimee Brown came to our editorial pitch meeting wearing, what else, vintage Chanel. I love the turned up cuffs and button detail!

This is my coworker Whitnet Hubbard. She has been inspiring my day job style since we started working together a month ago, and I FINALLY convinced her to shoot! I love her color blocking and graphic look here, very neuvo-office attire. She's a perfect example of how DC can be both stylish and work appropriate.  I loved that while we were shooting, she made sure that I noticed the seam down the back of her stockings. Such a great throw-back! 

I am going to be shooting Whitney much more often, so keep an eye out for more workplace sartorial inspiration. 

Sarah Zlotnick! While on my way to a shoot for Washingtonian, I ran into my editor on the street. Annnd she was on her way to get coffee with another stylista we know in DC. It is such a small city, and I love that I can pop out and see five people I know before getting to my destination. Amazing! I included these because I love her mix of textures through her sheer shirt, and on-trend color combination of neon and fushcia. Very pow pow! 

This is Olive, the office dog at iStrategyLabs. I went to photograph a someone for Washingtonian (those photos are coming soon, don't worry!), and was charmed by this little lady! 

This is Dioni Rey, one of my first friends in DC. She's an amazing architect, but I loved her take on masculine-influenced work wear. We were hanging out at the BlackCat earlier this week and I convinced her to hop up on the bowling table. You know, really normal place to drink a beer casually. ;)

This pair of photos is of a couple I met while at coffee. They are both wearing impossibly chic statement glasses, and I love her fingerless leather gloves. We had a great conversation about style; she believes that personal style develops and changes over time, and that pieces are acquired and loved along the way. Her "look" developed through years of finding favorite pieces here and there, layering on new staples that came to exemplify her personal style. 

I love the detail of these rings; the first is worn by style videographer Caroline Lacey, and the second by the aforementioned stylish waitress. The second is a rad little finch ring! Yay!

Thank You, Stylish DCers!

Hey team! Well, I don't know about you, but I am just a pooped pup after the fantastic style come out last night at Smith Commons. I'm going to do a whole fun photo round up and write up, but wanted to thank everyone for coming, looking incredible, and being so friendly! Everywhere I looked, I saw intelligent, smart people meeting one another and connecting through their sartorial choices. You rock! I'll say this again, but special thanks to Thirst DC and Smith Commons for rolling with my wild, spontaneous plan to get everyone together. 

I know we planned on going to the Fatback Anniversary (whoooo!), but with the weather being all alternative, and the fireplace all cheery, I think I'm staying in to edit up the photos and plan some wild new projects I'm working on. BUT YOU SHOULD GO, IT'LL BE GREAT!!

Maybe take some pictures? Kthanks. 


Hey stylish friends! 

As you may or may not have heard already, some sartorially-inclined friends will be getting together to drink up and get down this weekend. Put on your wildest finest and come out to meet some fellow dapper dudes and gals. And obviously, I'll take your picture. As always, we will have gin, whiskey, and more sartorially gushing ("OMG I LOVE YOUR BANGS!!") than you can intelligently handle. So let's drink, make merry, and take photos that will inevitably be uber-fabulous and end up on websites where people will question whether ALL OF THIS lives in DC. Bring whoever you like (the hotness), your love for booze (gin, whiskey, tequila, whatever blows your skirt up), and your best Blue Steel (just kidding, you know I hate that shit) so I can take photos. This, my dears, is an occasion to get dressed.

YES YOU SHOULD WEAR THAT. Whatever it is, YES. Heels? Yes. Tie clip? Yes. Fascinator (Ciao Nina)? Obviously. You're sexy and you know it and I know and want to document it. Members of our party will be anywhere between 4'10" and 6'6" so you should get dressed and step out. Per usual I will be wearing my ADULT BEVERAGES 6" heels and probably a fur. Maybe some little dress thing in there too, although you never know.

Here's the ish:

To start the weekend off right and in style, I’m hosting a pop-up photo shoot out on H St. Despite it being in Siberia, I am getting out of my U St. rut and visiting my numerous friends who live over on that side of town.  We're going to bar hop starting at SmithCommons at 10:30 and ending at Rock N Roll Hotel, at which point I will probably only be wearing my ADULT BEVERAGES heels and fur. There will be TaylorGourmet if Eliot Payne has anything to do with it, and we will end the night in a flurry of food orgasm-related tweets, glitter, and revelry. 

IS FATBACK'S ANNIVERSARY!! For the uninitiated, Fatback is a retro funk and soul dance party at Bohemian Caverns on U St. that is voted the best place to boogie. HANDS. DOWN. EVER. I am more hyper for this sweaty disco-fabulous party than a man with a mustache on a Saturday night. You may actually get both out of this. Put on your disco hotpants and come out for round two. 

Feel free to respond with RSVPs, questions, style/booze/shenanigans-related thoughts, or to find us tomorrow night email at or via tweet @GoKateShoot. I love you all.


Brunch Jumping at Busboys

I meet a lot of people, or rather, my camera allows me to meet a lot of people. As many of my closest friends (who I met because I photographed them) know, I can and will talk to anyone who is dressed. While I was at a brunch with some fellow fashionistas last weekend during my double brunch Sunday funday extravaganza adventure, I saw a little crew come into Busboys and Poets as they walked past my table. They were dressed. Not loudly, since this was clearly some hangover fashion, but dressed nonetheless. I approached their table, introduced myself, and asked if I could photograph them. 

Oh. Boy. STORIES. Yep. 

This first gentleman is, among many other things, the founder of Thirst DC. Eric Schulze is also a leading stem cell researcher, genetic engineer, linguist, vintage car (Mustang) builder, tie pin collector, and style connoisseur, to name a few. Or a spectacularly good liar, but that I highly doubt. There will be many more stories to come about this dapper gentleman and his vintage Tarts specs (I think they're divine, for the record), but I'll foster a sense of mystery around him for now. 

Instead, I'll talk really briefly about Thirst, which is an event sort of like TED, except with booze. Big ideas, interesting people, and whiskey? I'M IN. Eric approached me about giving a talk for Thirst and after a grueling battle of wits and wills, I gave in with little/no fight, because really I was insanely excited at the prospect. Me, loving talking?!?! WHAT? Yes. So I'll be giving a talk for Thirst DC, whoo!! That is, if Eric and I don't banter and brawl our way into oblivion or a brutal fight first. We'll see. The man collects tie clips, I think I'll be fine. 

So anyway, meet Eric. 

Admire the glasses, have a moment with them. 

Tie clips come later, YOU HAVE TO WAIT. 

Next comes Lori! Lori and her insanely amazing denim jacket is actually the reason I approached the group in the first place. You see, I have been arguing about the style (or lack thereof, depending) of denim jackets with some seriously fresh DC designers recently. Battle Royale over denim jackets, the real deal. So anyway, Lori walked into Busboys and I had to eat my words; this denim jacket is nothing short of GLORIOUS and badass. Yep. LOOK AT IT. Stunning. Haha. So the story is that Lori was traveling and went to an antique warehouse. She shopped for 3 hours and toward the end found this jacket. WITH HER NAME ON IT. Yep. Many of the patches are vintage military and have significance; Lori is so rad that she went and found out what they all mean! That's awesome! 

Have a moment with this jacket. 

And finally, some classic brunch attire: the stunnas. I'm going to let these speak for themselves. Awesome  amount of swag. I love it.

An Afternoon At the Freemasonry

As part of the aforementioned super Sunday adventure that Miss Cheralee and I had, we chose the  Freemason Temple near my apartment for a sunset locale for some photos as we chased the end of the light. I was once introduced to a photographer who referred to photographers as "painters of light", and that is the perfect description. As a result, I am always acutely aware of where the light is, where it is coming from, and the tone it is setting. As you'll see from the photos below, the late afternoon light was delightfully soft for our little shoot. This massive building was a perfect setting for some grandiose snaps of our brunching styles. 

I love this fantastically layered shot we captured in the glass of the pre-war building next door. From the wrought iron detailing to the leather couch and stark tree branches, this photo is a perfect reflection of the nuances of these beautiful old buildings in Dupont.  

I am wearing a bow tie that Eliot Payne and I made for our bow tie company, Accoutre. It's a very dastardly quilted leopard print that matches absolutely nothing I own. Obviously I'll be wearing it all the time. Like it? You can find it and other wildly whimsical bowies here. Yum! I paired it with a comfortable striped turtleneck and some serious 1920's jodhpurs from Dr. K's Vintage, which I also wore for the Tweed Ride. At first glance you'd think, sweet Lord, those pants will make my butt look enormous! but then it's OK and somehow they magically don't. More or less, haha. 

Delightfully, Cheralee is wearing a men's Brooks Brothers classic white shirt styled with a classic black dress. She borrowed the shirt from her boyfriend when her own did not have a strong enough collar. I love the high-low mix of masculine and feminine energies, plus it's really special that she is mixing pieces meant for both genders as well. 

I love love love a fuschia lip. Also, I went out wearing it the night before and it wouldn't come off so I embraced it. Ah well! Photos of me nicely taken by the talented Cheralee Lyle. 

Carpetbaggers: Cheralee

Last Sunday, I had a marathon of intimate stylish events. My good friend Cheralee and I attended not one but two brunches, a DIY event, and then had a photo shoot, but it was so relaxing! She and I are starting several very exciting creative projects together, so last weekend was a fantastic opportunity to build on our lovely creative-focused friendship that we started during a night on the town, and NYE.  I’m releasing photos kind of pell-mell and out of sequence, but this first set of her were taken between brunches one (Busboys and Poets), and two (bottomless mimosas at Mad Hatter). 

I love the lush mix of prints between her brocade coat and the oriental carpets that we used as our setting! The early afternoon light was perfectly soft and her play with proportions is impeccable.

We have lots more photos coming all this week from our wild stylish jaunt around the city, so keep an eye out! I hope you DCers enjoyed that super-fluffy and lovely snow yesterday; even though it didn’t stick, the Vermonter in me is happy that we finally got a proper dusting. 

Brunch at the Holstee House

The last time I went to NYC, I had the amazing opportunity to stay at the Holstee house. For those of you who are not familiar, Holstee is a brand of environmentally conscious clothing and accessories made of recycled materials. While the products look amazing (and they really do!), it is their manifesto that has made them famous; the Holstee manifesto is the perfect embodiment of how a brand's personality and point of view can add  value to their business. What began as a simple mission statement about what they wanted to accomplish and how they viewed the world became an internationally-acclaimed approach to life for hundreds of thousands. They began selling their statement in print, and have expanded their business ever since. 

Through a mutual friend, my good friend Michelle Ferng and I stayed with the founders of Holstee in their apartment in the Village and had an amazing time. The house was filled with a constant flow of new friends, open-minded individuals that the Holstee guys seemed to have known for years while still keeping an exciting freshness to the relationship. Doors were always open, with people moving through their home with smiles, a bottle of wine, and an interesting point of view to share. We all bopped around and did our thing throughout the weekend, but Sunday morning they hosted a family-style brunch to put all other brunches to shame. Fresh bagels appeared, coffee was made, and each new person who entered the house brought something to contribute. In the end, the result was a group of  eight motivated, like-minded twenty-somethings discussing world issues, learning about one another, and passing the day as only Sundays can be passed in that slow, luxurious and meandering appreciation for being young and having endless opportunity. 

When we arrived in NYC around midnight on Friday, we followed instructions to make our way to a local deli, where we had to put $1 in the tip jar and utter a secret phrase to get the key to the Holstee house. We did so (much to the amusement of the gentleman at the counter), and then made our way to the house. We were greeted by Holstee founder Dave, who offered us drinks before we went out for the evening. We spent more and more time at the house getting to know the guys, culminating in the aforementioned brunch. Amazing!

The light in the clean, modern apartment was beautiful; all of these shots by Michelle and I were taken only with natural light. After we finished eating, people continued their discussions and she and I slowly milled around, shooting the scene and drinking coffee. Some of the shots are grainy; that is on purpose. We wanted to capture the soft natural light without spoiling it with flashes.

So what does all of this have to do with style? As you can see from the photos, everyone was dressed in their Sunday relaxed attire. The clothing facilitated everyone's comfort, and nothing more. What struck me as truly stylish about our brunching experience at the Holstee house was twofold. Aesthetically, the space was beautiful. Simple furnishings, many handmade, leave a cleanness that makes talking and clearing the mind for stimulating conversation easy. The food we had, as I'm sure you can see, was divine. Bagels were fluffy, spreads diverse in selection and fresh, and vegetables made everyone feel full but not lethargic. The ever-important orange juice and coffee was present, making waking up very easy. But on top of all of that aesthetic style, the personalities of the people present were glowing. Their approaches to life were refreshing and made our time there unforgettable.  A beautiful personality and outlook on life is worth more than anything you wear. This was an example of a stylish life. 

I would like to thank the Dave and Mike for hosting us, introducing us to their awesome friends, and making us feel truly at home. My experience at the Holstee house reaffirmed my faith in my generation; there are brilliant, passionate, amazing people out there who want nothing more than to love another another and leave the world a better place. Thank you! 

My DC Birthday Shenanigans

As many of you know, my birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I did a two city, double birthday trouble tour. I had a wild and fantastic weekend in NYC, where I hung out with my friends who are incredible photographers and their assistants who shoot for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other drool-worthy publications. We went for drinks and then went to an insane warehouse party in BK, and the only cameras present were film. So purist! I love talking to them about the artistic nuances of photography...would you believe me if I told you that one well-known gentleman and I discussed how photography is painting light FOR AN HOUR? It was great! I was in heaven! I always learn so much from these interactions, and am truly blessed to have friends in my life who challenge me artistically. 

For my DC birthday, I wanted to keep it classic GoKateShoot, so I partnered with It's Vintage Darling for a curated cocktail party in the shop with some of my favorite DC fashionistas before we all headed down to Blackbyrd Warehouse to meet up with a larger crowd. The night was filled with rainbow presents, laughs galore, some REAL TALK (ooo and I'm so glad to have friends who can dish it and take it!), and of course, photos of some fabulously dressed DC fashion icons. 

The lovely Shannon Cusello of Immortal Beloved

Art history ace Cat Diesel

This is the night I debuted my fox, pairing it with a bronze wrap top, slim and trim black cigarette pants, and an array of layered arm candy. Of course, the octopus had to be worn; as one of my favorite pieces, it truly makes me feel dressed! Since I do feel like it's an essential part of my look, I'll mention that my haircut is thanks to incredible rockstar stylish Tyler Lee Larish. My incredible necklace is handmade by actress Mundy Spears. There was some serious partner in crime action after we rolled in to Blackbyrd and met up with more friends. It was great timing too; it was our party and a big banger for a member of local DC rock favorites US Royalty, who are also an impossibly stylish crew. Jackpot! We snacked on oysters, sipped cocktails, and danced our dapper booties off. 

Now, let's talk about the gentlemen. Per my request (and frankly, they would all do it anyway), everyone who came out was dressed to the nines. I have to give it to the guys though; their dapper spins and attention to detail were impeccable! Artist Trey Smith paired a double-sided cameo and traditional Brooks Brothers bow tie with perfectly layered scarf and vintage puffer vest. Josh Wu just returned from a trip to Africa, so he is mixing up his [perfectly tailored] traditional pinstripe suit with African accents. Of course, no party of mine would be complete without the dandy dream team of Eric Channing Brewer and Eliot Payne. Eric is dressed above and beyond fantastic, per usual. Eliot is wearing one of his own bow ties for Accoutre, a little number called The Casual Friday (find it here) that is double sided hot pink corduroy and dark denim (isn't that just the wittiest thing you've ever heard?! It kills me. I love it).

These gentlemen had never met, but were oh-so-dapper in their bow ties as they became fast friends. There are very few things I love more than introducing my friends so they become friends!

And who was the most dapper lady of them all? Cat Diesel, of course.

Look at all this stylish glee! I couldn't ask for more. 

Classic E.C.B.

The dandy lineup was KILLER. 

And then, my friends, we danced. Because true style means doing what you love, and damn, we all sure love to boogie! 

I'd like to pause. These next photos of 9 To Fly blogger Sade (pictured here as well) and Eric Channing Brewer dancing are classic. This is what style is about; you look at these two perfectly modern, individualistic people and their outfits would fit in 1940. Or 1960. Or 1970. But it is 2012, and damn, isn't it just inspiring that these two can at once reference the great looks of the last 70 years and still manage to look perfectly now? Plus they put the rest of us to shame dancing, I'll have you know. These photos are my favorite of all of my birthday shots and could not be more spontaneous and lovely. 

I’d also like to give a special thanks and shout out to the fine gentlemen from Dr. K’s Vintage who came out to help me celebrate. It was such a special treat and was fantastic to kick it with you, as always. 

So thank you, my dear friends and followers, for an incredible birthday and year. I'm not one for nostalgia, but I do love to give credit where credit is due. You all rock, and I love that you continue to inspire me day in and day out. 

Photos taken by me, and several others at the party. I love a communal shoot!

NYE and Monsieur DJ

In honors of the impending NYE shenanigans, here are photos I took of DJ Allen Clive Patrick Duval of Paris, France during one of his sets in Istanbul. If anyone knows how to get down, it's this guy. We had a great time at an experimental art festival we both participated in and I'm so happy to have met him. Check out my NYE plans below... 

I'm currently in the process of firming up my NYE plans, but they will undoubtedly involve the following DISCO SHIT in varying combinations:

A curated cocktail affair at my new Dupont townhouse
Afros (not on me, but my fabulous girls for suuuure)
More sequins
Vintage fur (duh)
Gin, whiskey, and more gin
Glitter (not the same as sequins)
Pallazo pants
Snakeskin platforms
A signature cocktail of some sort (see above booze list)
Makeup a la Bowie
A high concentration of fashionistas and dandies of various genders
Laughs and shenanigans
A little disco funk and electro womp womp
"Ohhhh, whaaaaaaaat?!" moments

And more. 

Oh yes. There will be more. 

It's about to get queeny up in here. 

Coffee with Quincy


My most fabulous friends are sometimes my most elusive ones because we're oh-so-busy, and stylist Quincy Jones is one of those. We always enjoy one another immensely when we get together, and enjoy basking in one another's stylishness. I have photographed him on numerous occasions and always love how he communicates himself visually; you can check out his style here and here as well. The other day we met up for a late lunch and coffee date, motivated by the fact that both of us were dolled up in fur in the middle of the week. Why not be, I say!

Before we ran off to talk projects and chat it up, I snapped some photos of his fabulous outfit in Dupont Circle. We love the full fur and dapper layers; his gray vest is from Dr. K's, my favorite men's vintage guru in DC. His smoking shoes are killer (you know I love my gold glitter pair!), and please don't even get me started on bow ties. Love. 

In other news, it's freezing. That won't stop me from dressing up (I am from Vermont after all!) but get ready for some serious layers, fur, and cashmere. Yum!

Fly Girls: The Details

As promised, here are some of the detail shots of the Fly Girl five year anniversary party last week. 

Only the fabulous Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek) can pull off blue lipstick like this; she's so killer! And the vintage Gucci? Yes? Are we seeing this fabulous framed bag? Adore. I'm not a label hound by any means, but this bag fits with her 'you-wish-your-grandma-was-this-fly' look. Her pants are sheer and meant to be worn in the summer, but I love this chic update with tights underneath. 

Can we talk for just a minute about how Kimee Brown (The Model is Wearing) has SEVERAL of my favorite things going on here? As you all know, I love bow ties, turbans, and menswear-inspired anything, and she is completely rocking it. And her LEGO Chanel pin? Fabulous. So much.

As always, my partner in crime and stylist Elise Peterson (IVD) was super fresh; I love the tied up chiffon blouse with the encrusted jeweled skirt. This is a great example of taking a look that is perfect for summer and making it work for colder months. As usual, we both rocked vintage fur. I know, I know...but once you start wearing it when it's super-brr outside, there's nothing warmer! I will choose to be both warm AND fabulous, thank you! Her envelope clutch is killer and I love how she mixes slightly different shades of nude to create a softer, feminine look with a masculine flavor from the buttoned-up top.

Photo of me courtesy of Elise; when we got back to my apartment and figured out we hadn't documented ourselves! My hat and mink are courtesy of IVD, and my fabulous 1940's-inspired silk pants were a sneaky backroom sale from Anthro. I love the classic lines of the hat and veil, and even though it's a little kooky was really excited to wear it. Life is too short not to rock a big hat! Besides, I'd rather be That Girl In the Hat than a lot of other things!

This last photo is not really up to snuff in terms of quality, but I included it anyway for it's energy; the free-spirited fun vibe between Elise and I in the entryway of my building is completely indicative of our style partner in crime relationship. I love how sassy fresh this is!

We then went inside, took our crazy heels off, and ate pasta on the couch. Sometimes the best nights end the most simply. 

Fly Girls

This morning on Twitter, this photo emerged of myself and some of my favorite DC style setters. I didn't take it (mad props to DFinney Photography!), but I love it and wanted to share these fun looks with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such stylish friends! Almost all of us also worked on the Tweed Ride photo shoot together, so I have a special place in my heart for these ladies. I took some photos of each of our looks, but for now here's a little group shot at the Fly Girls five year anniversary party last week. Catch the full recap after the jump. Enjoy!

Kimee Brown (The Model Is Wearing), Elise Peterson (IVD), Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek), Kate Warren (Go Kate Shoot), and Tamika Wilkins (My Designer Dreams)

My fabulous hat and mink courtesy of It's Vintage Darling.

Demigods Helping the Homeless Party

Several weeks ago, I shot a series of documentary photos for the Real Demigods to raise awareness of homelessness in DC. In addition, there was a campaign launch event at Smith Commons, where professional street artist Gregg Deal turned several of my photos into insanely gorgeous, enormous pieces of art live. You can view his stuff (mine is the last one at the bottom of the page) HERE. Here are a few images that I captured during the event.

 This photo of me was snapped by my stylist and friend Elise Peterson.  I really don’t think there is anything more chic than a sensual black cashmere turtleneck. I’m pretty tall (5’9”) to begin with, so those killer platforms give me an even more extreme height advantage.  

Local stylist Quincy Jones came out to chill with us; I always love shooting and chatting with him! 

Quincy and my stylist Elise, who is wearing vintage Versace and fur (per usual).

Local artist Trey Smith introduced me to Allagash; my loves for whiskey and good beer finally unite!

I have gads of photos backlogged that I am excited to share with you, from my trip to NYC and otherwise. I’m inundated with parties this week and will be traveling back to NYC again this coming weekend, so I’m a little slow in churning those out but will do the best I can. Cheers!