Hirshhorn Hang Out

In my first day off in a long time, Martin Swift and I went to the Hirshhorn to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. Everyone's raving about it, and with good reason - while controversial, the work is incredibly beautiful and artisanal. Here are a few quiet photos of Martin and I dressed casually to bop around the gallery. I'm wearing a vintage mink hat, scarf by local knitwear designer Denada Design, leopard coat from a boutique in Vermont, and Frye booties. The light dusting of snow was perfect! 

Hot Toddies with Worn Abroad

With the weather all blustery, I can't help but hibernate a bit - so when I received an invitation for hot toddies and editorial chats in the Worn Abroad studio, I was glad for the chance to be cozy and social at the same time! Of course, the ladies in attendance were stylish, and couldn't help but document. 

Haya Tetroashvili of GoodGoodGorgeous and Melanie from La Belle Mel were there all kitted out in stripes and accessory-laden tweed. After the party, I stayed on for some music and laid back chats with Worn founder Nicole Aguirre and her assistant Anastasia - there's nothing more stylish than music while sipping a hot drink on a cold evening! Many thanks to the Worn team for hosting - now that I'm settled in my new apartment I hope to return the favor!  

Get Down for Inauguration

As I discovered last weekend, DC gets down for inauguration. This is the first time I've lived in the District for an election, and anyone who has a pulse, even the old and totally square, goes out to celebrate the swearing in of the president. Since it was hosted by my friends of No Kings Collective, I opted to stop by the Millennial Ball at the very cool converted warehouse space, M Central. Of course, I couldn't resist taking some snaps of the stylish attendees, including GoKateShoot regulars Martin Swift and Eliot Payne (with the victorious return of his mustache!), two of my favorites! There's a particularly hilarious set of the two of them toward the end, plus a couple of me all dolled up for the festivities. 

Happy Sunday!

Submerge 2012 Opening Weekend

This weekend, I showed my work for the first time, at Submerge DC. So many things happened this weekend, I just thought I'd do a SUPER POST and tell the whole story. Enjoy!

Entitled Vitalitat, my show told a complex visual narrative of my dear friends Eva and Kerry, who passed away this past January in a tragic house fire. You can read about what happened and see more of the original images here

It took me two weeks of difficulty sleeping and several very insightful creative friends' input (infinite thanks to Michelle Ferng, Eliot Payne, Martin Swift, and Eric Schulze for being so wonderful) to narrow down 40 images to the 8 that I printed and framed to show; the process was emotionally and artistically draining since the work is so personal. I added the hand-written prose piece on the left for the public opening after struggling to tell the story behind the images to people who went through the work the evening before; I didn't want to run the risk of the context being lost, and loved the idea of putting my own physical mark ont he space itself. 

My work is accompanied by a piece by my artist and dear friend, Brandon Hill. Below is what the final installation looks like. 

I met them on the hill overlooking the river, 
the Hudson. 
They knew to dance in the sun, all 
sinew and limbs. 
They were best friends and we became friends.

In January 2012, 9 months after these photos, 
Eva and Kerry passed away in a tragic house fire. 
They Vitalitat lives on. 

Martin Swift saved the day week, helping me run all over town, keeping me caffeinated, chilled, and helping me install the work the evening before the show. I took this short series of portraits of him one afternoon during a quick coffee meetup, because the light was incredible, and sort of completely adore them in their magical everyday-ness. 

2000 people came to the soft opening of the show, since it was the DCWEEK Closing Party, and boy, was it one hell of a party! Friend and exceptional DJ Jerome Baker III (the "DJ's DJ" someone said) was on the decks, and the space was packed to the nines with techies, creatives, scenesters, and Washingtonians looking for good art and a good time. 

I was exhausted after installing my show, creating a short film for the Ford Artist Grant that was screened at the party (no worries, I'm releasing this week!), and putting together another short film that I'll put out soon. Two fims and a show, all put together in 4 days? Phew! Despite all that, I had a great time at the party!

A hand-made journal, for writers or artists who need to roll a cigarette while they get their creative on...brilliant little thing. 

The organizers and other artists showing and attending Submerge are among my close friends here in DC, and after the public leaves, everyone just kicks back to relax. These are my favorite moments to photograph; everyone has incredible personal style (I met many of them by photographing them), but it's effortless, and the clothes never wear them. This kind of style isn't playing dress-up, or putting on a costume. It's narrative.

Benevolent Media founder Erika and Peter Chang of No Kings Collective share a rare moment of quiet.

It was a pleasure running into DC fashion icon Anchyi Wei both Friday and Saturday and chatting about how we met - I took her photo, of course! 

Shoe swoon.

Fellow photog and general creative Jill-of-all-trades Tré came out!

Josef Palermo celebrates Rah-Jah Kelly's birthday with him!

Add Micah Greenberg to the mix and things always get colorful...and infinitely stylish!

Best. Birthday. Picture. Ever.

And then occasionally, I'll end up in front of the camera, like the old days, with some of my favorites. Silliness with Eliot Payne, Tré, and actress Catalina Lavalle, ahoy! 

I'm wearing handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, a necklace from my travels in Istanbul, a Zara top, lace shorts and lace stockings. 

TransFusion Stills

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing and making several short films with the talented and stylish Deena Odelle Hyatt. Here are some stills of her looks; you can see the rest by attending the DCWEEK Closing Party (tickets HERE), where my short film TransFusion will be debuted (as part of the Ford Artist Grant I received), and Submerge DC, where I will share our collaborative video installation and am one of the featured artists for my still photography work as well. Be sure to register for the Submerge opening on the website above; it's free to get in, but you do have to register. 

Happy Monday, all! 

And what am I wearing for all of this artistic galavanting? Why, layered vintage graphic prints, of course! A little bit tribal and a little bit down home, I can't get enough of layering these pieces as the days get cooler and I have a grower desire for coziness. 

Know Fashion: Behind the Scenes

As I mentioned, I made a short fashion film for the Know Fashion event and did a large-scale video installation (check it out HERE), so of course I had to attend in full GoKate flair. I wore a men's white button shirt as a minidress, leopard-print tights, and some killer 6" heels (seriously still feeling them!). It was a blast, but of course I couldn't resist take some snaps of the party and backstage with all the models as well. ;) Enjoy...there may even be a little video soon as well. Maybe. 

Get tons more after the jump!

Eliot Payne, designer at Accoutre

Freddy Reyes

The Stussy/Commonwealth team looked streetwear fresh, as usual

Stylist Quincy Jones getting styled by Eliot Payne for the Accoutre runway

Usual silliness.

Victor Zapanta, original badass

Dioni Rey, who brought the house down with her swag and walk

Eric Schulze, co-founder of Thirst DC

Perfect layering. Seriously. 

Songstress Deena Odelle Hyatt, effortless

Sequins on fur on natural hair and great attitude? Sold.

So many people dress for others, or dress to impress, but Natalie just has an excellent sense of effortless style in how she carries herself.


Actresses Catalina Lavalle and Melinda Diachenko

The perfectly glamourous, effervescent smile.

Runway from the Kolton J. presentation

Getting up close and personal with Tabi Bonney for his performance


Lisa Markuson channeling a modern swing on French style

I love Ashley's studded jacket (who, me? Loving studs? WHAT?!) ;) 

Best menswear look of the evening? Yes.

Best duo of the evening, form the print to the headwear and hair - excellent

Saved one of my favorite's for last - Stef's smile and "bows on bows on bows" for Accoutre are so much fun!

A Private {Art} Affair

Painter Martin Swift, in his signature glasses and vintage sweater, worn as a scarf

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the private opening of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. First, it's a complete dream to be in the museum with only a handful of other people in the middle of the night; the atrium (one of my favorite places in the city) is even more breathtaking. More importantly, the exhibition, entitled "Poetic Likeness," was wonderful. I studied (and wrote) poetry extensively while living in New York and Barcelona, so it was really nostalgic for me to see portraits of my favorites poets. 

I was beside myself with excitement when I bumped into Cat Dawson, who was one of my first friends here in DC (please, ask either of us for the story of how we met, it's priceless), who is off getting her PhD in Visual Studies and generally being brilliant about art and 23,496 other things. After a little meet and greet and wine and dine among the art, our stylish group dashed out for a night at the French Embassy, where Brightest Young Things were throwing their French Underground party. Zut alors, we had a blast! Here are some simple snaps from the night...

Micah Greenberg, looking completely dashing in his pea coat

Cat Diesel Dawson just killing it in leather trousers, Ralph Lauren dress shoes, and the most perfect blazer/shirt combo I've seen, well, ever. The blazer is short-sleeved and the shirt sleeves are black on the botton half for mix-match perfection.

Joseph Palermo in some serious 3-piece tweed

Bonjour, Maison de Francaise!

Morgan West of Panda Head Magazine in a modern take on suede/lace prairie chic. She put together the beautiful feathered teepees and headdresses...trés chic.

The ever-stylish Amy Vong - creative, model, wild woman extraordinaire. Letterman jacket? Oh yes please.

My FreeFest Style

Happy Friday!  I got VIP access to shoot style for Refinery29 at Virgin Mobile FreeFest (check their picks HERE, more coming from me this weekend!), and this is a peek at what I wore to shoot. My typical purple/fushcia lip, handmade leather earrings from friends at Butler + Claypool, a silk scarf from a trip to India, and my new fall my favorite fall boots, which are perfect for getting wild shots down in front in the pit during the shows. It gets rough in there!

 You can see my full look below - I was snagged by the 7 For All Mankind team while shooting around in VIP for their Instagram. 

915 F Street: Fashion Film

Long time no...well, anything. I'm working like a maniac, so thanks for your patience! That being said, I'm so excited to share my newest project with you! My friends over at No Kings Collective commissioned me to put together a video in advance of the Know Fashion event, which is an art/runway show/music exhibition that you can't miss - it's the perfect fusion of edgy street and high end fashion. 

I tapped model/muse KC Ellis Sledd for this dark, romantic art film, which will be a large scale video installation on site tonight. We shot everything in 1 hour on Tuesday night (two days ago, so reasonable...), and used an incredible sheer vintage nightgown I snagged from my friends over at Butler + Claypool. I didn't have this project on my plate when I bought it, but oh my, I'm glad I did! Then I edited until the wee hours Tuesday and last night, when I wrapped around 1:30am and then went straight back to the space to coordinate the video installation. Phew! I wanted to give you an advanced preview of the video here, and would love if you could get tickets and come out tonight. You can get tickets through ScoutMob, HERE.

My installation is part of the newest pop-up exhibition space by No Kings Collective, called the Pallet Project. This show is incredible - a grand, million dollar space in the heart of Chinatown that has been gutted and abandoned, and now filled with art made entirely of pallets. Fashion runway made of a vintage bowling alley? Check. VIP seating made of rehabilitated church pews? Double check.  Get ready to get rocked by this incredible space - my video, and these gorgeous stills I shot offer a sneak peek. 

Doo Wop Beauty Shop

I recently went to the "Doo Wop Beauty Shop" party at DC hair mecca Urban Style Lab, and bumped into some seriously stylish Washingtonians. Enjoy, and have a great day!

Coming up...
Photos from the Ra Ra Rasputin 5-Year Anniversary
Photos from the Worn Magazine Issue 4 party, for Washingtonian Magazine
Photos from the (e)merge Art Fair VIP party, shot for 
Washingtonian Magazine
Photos from VIP, All-Access at Virgin Mobile FreeFest, for Refinery 29
...and other crazy things I can't share just yet, but I promise they're awesome!

My hair stylist and guru Tyler Larish

GoKate Fall Into My Style

Happy Tuesday! I'm buried in work but happily clocking insane hours doing things I love. Isn't that the best? That doesn't mean that there won't be style here! I've had the pleasure of doing lots of stylish things recently, meeting lots of new people, and have gotten my own picture taken a new times, so I thought I'd share. 

The first photo is from Washingtonian Magazine's Style Setters party, where I bumped into a passel of stylish friends and photo subjects. I wore my new buttery-soft Erro leather and suede leather pants that are tight tight tight but fabulously comfortable, a paper-thin classic white tee, a studded vest from my stint living in Barcelona, handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, Dita glasses (I'm not-so-secretly a nerd girl), a lip (per usual), and some insane stilettos - I had just hopped off the plane from a week on the West coast and just couldn't do anything more involved. I was glad to do the whole model-off-duty relaxed thing though, and was impossibly comfortable for what ended up being a wild night at Que Sera for the after after party.

The second photo is from the Washington Post - they snapped me when I was out and about shooting in Georgetown for Fashion's Night Out (check out my feature in Refinery 29 HERE and all the other shots HERE) and included me as the header photo of their write-up, HERE. So sweet! I'm pretty tall, so when I saw a shorter girl with this sumptuous silk slitted skirt at the Gilt City warehouse sale, I followed her around for the better part of an hour until she realized it was too long for her. Score! I paired it with a classic white tank (trend?), a vintage Hermes scarf, and a vintage bangle from New York. There were also some serious red platforms here - so much fun!

More soon - I have wild photos to share, so stay tuned! In Uber news, I'm proud to announce this series of driver profile films that I produced to share the intimate insights of the drivers. Check it out, there will be a new one up each day this week. 

Ink and Moonshine

The lovely lady DJ from ESL at the FNO Media Soiree with the most perfect makeup

Summer is waning, the press are asking for my trend picks for fall, Fashion's Night Out (FNO) VIP party and shooting plans are being made (or broken, if I jet to Tahoe a bit earlier than anticipated...), and I can't seem to stop buying booties (no but seriously, I need them). And while I'm ready for fall, I'm still having a blast celebrating the end of summer, and have style photos to prove it. From the FNO Media Soiree to a moonshine-fueled, ultra-late night at the Passenger, I'm loving the edgy city style that seems to get better by the day. 

Photos below. 

And, for those of you who have been asking every day, Trillectro photos are done. They're coming. I promise. Getting #trill in honor of the weekend in a super-ultra-mega post tomorrow, so get hype!!

Matt, at Rue 14, fresh white T and ink

Insanely beautiful color at the Dupont Farmer's Market

Mixed prints and chilling with Holly Thomas, editor of Refinery 29 for DC

Thirst DC co-founder Eric Schulze, with moonshine he brought to an intimate cocktail party I hosted

Shannon Cusello, Manager of salon mecca Immortal Beloved and her hilarious reaction to moonshine

Mick Perrigo, bartender and booze guru at the Passenger, with his ink and trusty scooter

Straight skateboard chillin' outside the Passenger, late night

Mick's style...we met when I photographed him for a Washingtonian Magazine style feature

Tom the chef, in a great summer shirt and porkpie hat outside the Passenger

Dog Days: Andrew Nguyen

Here's some menswear inspiration for your Wednesday. Andrew Nguyen, owner of Rue 14, was rocking some serious urban cowboy aesthetic on a recent boiling Saturday afternoon. I love how modern he makes his Stetson feel with the bandana underneath and the ultra-now printed shirt. Who says men can't mix prints? Enjoy this trio of portraits. 

Dog Days: Kate (Me!)

All this week, I'm going to run a little style series I'm calling Dog Days. Since it's been so oppressively hot here in the District, I'm always amazed by how people use fashion to escape the heat. But since I'm never one to ask my subjects to do something I wouldn't do myself, I'm going to start the series off with myself. 

I often have to dress to be able to go from day to night in one look, so my wardrobe is a often a challenge of mixing relaxed and formal pieces. To keep cool in the summer, I love statement-making pieces that also move well and keep a breeze going, so this look is a perfect example. 

Here, I'm rocking a fresh white tank top (from Target or some such) with a silk Rachel Zoe slitted maxi skirt I got a wicked deal on at the Gilt warehouse sale (I followed the girl holding it around for almost an hour and waited until she realized she was too short to wear it, and then offered to take it off her hands lol). I tossed on a vintage handkerchief scarf, some red platform sandals (that are actually life-alteringly comfortable), and my favorite fuchsia lipstick. For jewelry I added my handmade leather tassel earrings, courtesy of my lovely friends over at Butler + Claypool.  I'm fully addicted to them and basically haven't stopped wearing them since I got them earlier in the summer - I love that they add an rugged edge to everything. 

Enjoy the photos and keep an eye out for new posts daily this week! 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Rikka Johnson

This week for What I Wear to Work, I photographed the lovely Rikka Johnson, manager of Wolfgang Puck's The Source. We had a whirlwind shoot where we raved about designer shoes, wearing family heirloom rings, and mutual appreciation for a robust drink at the end of a long day. I loved her clean-meets-edgy style, particularly her silk cut dress in red and newsprint print; luckily, we got to shoot at the Newseum, so it was perfect! Enjoy the full feature HERE and outtakes here on the blog. 


I'm remiss! But alas, a new job that I love and lots of travel make me a busy GoKateShoot...but never fear, I'm shooting all the way and wracking up lots of adventures to share! 

So here, finally, even though they've been done for ages and ages, are the photos from Seersucker Social. I know that I usually curate my photo sets to be just exactly the right number, but instead I'm giving you anything worth sharing. Oh yes, gratuitous style photo love! It was a glistening 100 degrees but lots of Washingtonians came out to this summer event that promises style eye candy galore.

I went very neuvo-vintage with floral hot pants, a fringed tank, fuschia brogues, and piles of my favorite accessories. Photo courtesy of the talented Julian Gwyer.

Check out the dozens of photos below, and enjoy! Happy Saturday everyone!

Summer Guy Style

Last week, I was back in DC for 48 hours in between jetting from Vermont to San Francisco. I was working like a maniac, but managed one evening to be social and out on the town. I was invited to attend a small party celebrating InStyle Fashion Director Hal Rubenstein's new book at the menswear shop Alton Lane. Stylish Washingtonians were about and dressed in their summer finest; at a balmy 105 degrees, even the most fresh fashion fans have to get creative on ways to stay cool. Luckily I had just been shopping in Vermont, which is home to a myriad of intimate boutiques that are a mix of high end and quirky smaller designers. Major swoon every time I go north! I'd picked up a few new pieces (and more than a few new pairs of shoes) that were perfect for the InStyle party! Two snaps of my kelly green dress and studded shoulder bag are over at My Designer Dreams if you'd like to check it out (thank you darling). 

Here are some snaps from the party featuring GoKateShoot favorites (and friends) Quincy Jones, Robert Sacheli, Eliot Payne, and Tara Papanicolas...enjoy, and check out the photos below.

Film Style: Men and Art

You know I love to shoot film, as it is one of those throwback activities that I truly do for love. The lack of control is liberating, and the need to get the shot in one go is empowering. Thus, here are some style film shots to ease you into the weekend; a set of menswear style and a set of the late LATE night set-up of the warehouse art pop-up I collaborated on, the Water Street Project. 

Above is the ever-dapper Grant Harris, menswear aficionado and founder of Image Granted. More snaps below, with even more film photos later this week...enjoy!  

Antonio, of Jack Spade

Eliot Payne and the gentleman of Jack Spade

Georgetown afternoon with Eliot Payne of Accoutre and cocktails at Martin's...old school DC at its finest.

Street artist Billy Mode, hard at work, and other photos from the set-up of the Water Street Project

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Kassie Rempel

Kassie Rempel is on her game. This stylish Washingtonian is the founder of Simply Soles, a shoe company receiving rave reviews for their exceptional selection and exemplary customer service. She also started her own styling business called Kassie's Closet, and is raising a family. Shazam! As a fellow independent woman focused on her career, I found Kassie to be absolutely inspiring, and enjoyed our talk. I had the pleasure of photographing her for the What I Wear to Work column in Washingtonian this week. Check out the whole feature HERE, and outtakes below.