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Ginger Moxie

I've always had an appreciation for red hair. When I was young, I dreamed of having long, luxurious gingery locks reflective of my love for fellow independent ladies Pippi Longstocking and Anne of Green Gables. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the ideas of wildness and independence...and developed friendships with redheads both natural and adopted who embodied that devil-may-care attitude, eyebrows cocked and flaming manes flying. Yesterday after our shoot for Washingtonian Magazine, my friend Shannon Cusello indulged my request to take some photos fully celebrating her hair. The following series is just that; a joyous expression of drama and moxie. 

Hair by Immortal Beloved

Street Peep: Get Arty

Happy Wednesday! Here are some street snaps I've been collecting...summer is definitely in full swing. 

I photographed these ladies at the Meridian Hill drum circle. It was 90 degrees and pretty toasty, so their looks are weather appropriate. Aside from that, they are also incredibly on-trend. Vintage super-crop bra tops walked runways like Prada, challenging women to become a bit more comfortable with a little stomach action. The turban on the right as well; this is a perfect way to rock summer hair. Plus, the pattern trends of print-mixing and polka dots continue at full tilt here. So much amazing personal style!

I photographed this gentleman while walking around Dupont. While you wouldn't necessarily give him a passing glance for his overall look, upon further inspection the detail of his boat shoes makes him very modern. Neon soles! Awesome! 

This is my friend Whitney, who I have photographed before (here and here) for her unique approaches to workwear. Here, she is sporting a floral dress and necklace that are the right balance of stylish and work-appropriate. 

Have a great day!

Thirst for Style: What I Wore

As you may recall, at the end of May I spoke at Thirst DC. I never  ask my subjects (you lovely, stylish people!) to do anything I am not willing to do, so I thought I'd share what I've been spotted wearing recently. Above is my look from Thirst; this vintage 1950's cocktail dress selected by my friend and stylist Elise Peterson was perfect for being on stage. Paired with a bold lip, it made me feel ultra-feminine. 

Disco Roofdeck

Actress Mundy Spears is utterly committed to a lot of things...she is an endlessly loyal friend, a talented artist, and neuvo-disco punk style icon. She was one of my first friends in DC! Last weekend we were at a lovely rooftop barbeque hosted by Eric Schulze of Thirst and I couldn't resist taking some snaps...of course, Eric stole the camera and took one of she and I as well. Why the high vantage point on that picture? He's 6'6"! It's a great photo angle, I'll give him that. 

Can't wait for summer...I hope you all have fun weekend plans for the holiday!

Henna Traditions

I have lots of awesome work coming out soon, but while we wait, I wanted to share this beautiful photo of the henna my officemate was sporting last week. She got the designs for a wedding she attended; I love the collision of ancient cultural traditions with contemporary style. The designs are so delicate and feminine, a perfect start to warmer weather. 

Romantic Glow

On Sunday I got to shoot the incredibly stylish Romantic Movement music and style event. You can see my whole description of it HERE, but I am SO HYPER to share the photos with you! I was making so many excited exclamations while editing these last night that we had to pause Mad Men so I could have a moment. It was serious. There are a lot of photos, so I will ease you into things with a little set of some of my favorite natural hair ladies, who rock their coifs proudly while going all in on style. Exceptional layering, iconic styling, and that gorgeous late day light. Swoon.

Featuring Elise Peterson, Imani, and Tamika

The WW Club: The Photos

You asked, so here they are; I'm happy to present a few photos I took at the smash hit WW Club speakeasy style event we threw last week. I restrained myself from sharing most of the burlesque photos in order to keep things family-friendly around here (Hi Dad!), but I know all of you have appropriately vivid imaginations and elephantine memories. ;) You came, you drank, you impressed the hell out of us; well done, Washington! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again; many thanks to...
Style goddess Elise Peterson for being an excellent partner-in-crime
Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne
Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective

Our star performers...
Burlesque queen Cherrie Sweetbottom
Songstress Alison Carney
DJ Spinser Tracy
Style collective Prepster Punk
Fidgety Feet dance troupe extraordinaire

And our lovely partners in style, for the event and look books...
Jack Spade
Alton Lane
Hugh &Crye
Ginger Root Design
The Good Kin
Streets of Georgetown 
It's Vintage Darling
Dr. K's Vintage

Also, I think you'd like to know that WE DRANK 29 BOTTLES OF WHISKEY. Rock star studs, all of you (ladies included, I know you know how to knock 'em back too)! Looking forward to raising the bar (and a glass) again next time. Cheers!

Fashion District, Spring 2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going to ReadySetDC's Fashion District event, shooting on behalf of Washingtonian Magazine (find my photos and their writeup HERE). Of course, my flash died the instant I walked in the door, leaving me stranded on client assignment to shoot a space FILLED with stylish people. Seriously. Filled. It was like a reunion; almost all of my favorite people were there...and I had no flash. Potential for crisis was high. BUT IT WAS FINE! I actually really like shooting with available light, so I sucked it up, slowed down my shutter, and asked all of my subjects to stand stil please and thank you! And they did! So here are the pictures and I kind of completely love them, because the tone and feel of the evening came through and they show how much fun I had. 

I would label this with pithy and fun captions, but I'm tearing through making a stop motion video and would rather do that, frankly. I'll show you tomorrow, don't worry. 

Extra thanks to the whole Accoutre and Hugh & Crye teams for being complete rockstars, and to Uber for the delightful ride in style. 

Photos of me taken by Philip Soriano.


Jordan Culberson, the mastermind behind the event

Film: Miss Laura

This is the lovely Miss Laura, who I have the pleasure of working with.  On one of the first summer-warm days last week, she floated into my office in this sunny yellow little number and I took some snaps when we went for froyo (Yes, I can take photos and eat froyo at the same time. Priorities, man!). It wasn't so much that this showcases a really loud style, per se, but rather how one piece can so nicely express an ease and personal comfort. No matter what your style, I think we all have clothes that make us feel completely ourselves, stripping us of the need to play a role. Do you know what I mean? I'm talking about those clothes you wear wear you're not even playing dress-up anymore, the things that are just for you. 

It's different for everyone...mine is a flannel shirt. I have many layers of wonderful memories wearing flannel shirts, mostly wrapped up in great memories of winter Sunday afternoons in front of the fireplace at my parent's house in Vermont. Flannel shirts are a weekend uniform, reserved only for those social engagements with people I'm just being completely laid back with. 

This dress has that same ease, I think. One piece slipped over the head, breezy walking to work through the city. Perfect for froyo afternoons on the Dupont Circle fountains, and the color I think of when I think of the wearer. So nice! 

These are a few film photos I took of Laura with my vintage camera while we were taking a quick break from the office. Enjoy! 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Meredith Carter

Here are the digital outtakes from my shoot with Meredith Carter of The Shirt, for Washingtonian Magazine. You can see the full article HERE and some fully awesome film shots of here HERE. Enjoy these whimsical photos of her apartment, stylish pooch Henry, and work space. Adore! I'm particularly obsessed with her neon-soled brogues...helllllllo sexy fem take on menswear!



Film: Meredith Carter

Here are some film images I took during the shoot with the lovely Meredith Carter, Creative Director of The Shirt for Washingtonian Magazine (read the whole article HERE). There was a mild snafu with my old and beastly camera pulling the film off the spool, causing it to ruin the last several frames and add light spills (read: crazy colors) to several others. I love them! The lack of control leads to wonderful surprises; my favorite is this portrait.  

Meredith and I had a delightful shoot despite my own rocky start to the day (alarm clock fail, traffic, no cabs, double coffee spill), and hit it off right away. We have a few mutual friends, similar perspectives on life and hard work, and both have backgrounds in dance, so we had a LOT to talk about! 

I'll have all of the digital outtakes coming up soon too, so check back for photos of Meredith's space, inspiration boards, and more outfits. 

Friend Time, and Seasonal Inappropriateness

Happy spring everyone! I had some lovely "quality friend time" with my business partner, Eliot Payne last night on H St. We got pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies (where our friendship originally began), and had lots of real talk. We are involved in several very LARGE and EXCITING projects coming up, so it was good to get down and hash out some details. I'm so grateful for being part of a creative team that's so rad!

I love Eliot's use of a handkerchief in place of a bow tie. Hilariously, he was asked about his lack of bow tie no fewer than 5 times when we were out and about last night. Ah well, at least people know what his style is all about! The above photo is hilarious for several reasons:
1. Eliot is dressed for spring and I'm wearing a fur. Typical.
2. Growls. Also typical.

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Necessary & Proper Editorial

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the stylish founders of Necessary & Proper, a DC style blog devoted to what I'm roundly enjoying calling high-prep with a twist. Van and Lauren and I had a blast photographing their color-infused wardrobes. So much fun! Though I am very much the opposite of preppy (I own 3 pairs of motorcycle/combat boots), I appreciate their attention to detail, impeccable eye for color, and sense of whimsy. Van used to work for Ralph Lauren corporate and Hermes, which influenced the evolution of his style. Lauren tends to go for classic, chic pieces that she styles in a fresh, modern way. 

Anyway, less talking more photos. Don't worry, there are LOADS of them here, I just couldn't pick so I posted them all. ENJOY!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Eric Schulze's Grand Style Luncheon

For my column for Washingtonian's What I Wear to Work, this week features brilliant FDA biologist  and Thirst co-founder Eric Schulze. I met Eric when I approached him at Busboys and Poets HERE, and we've been friends ever since. I'm giving a talk for Thirst next month, so we started hanging out to discuss my talk and never stopped. When I told him that Washingtonian wanted to run an article on him and that I would need to come to his house to do the shoot, he went big. Instead of just quietly going through his closet and meeting up, Eric threw an impromptu Grand Southern Luncheon at his apartment in honor of the shoot. Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne joined me to help Eric with styling, and several other Thirst team members came to sample Eric's INCREDIBLE Southern cooking. The man approaches the kitchen the way he does a lab (brilliantly), but with delicious results. He also invited DJ Jelani of U Street Music Hall to spin, and an incredible mixologist who created FOUR custom cocktails for the event. 

Seriously. Four. What the what. AH-MAH-ZING. 

Enjoy these fun photos that did not make it into the Washingtonian article, which you can check out HERE

The custom cocktails were absolutely to die for. Also, one was named after a llama, which is always hilarious. 


The first round...

Eliot helping Eric choose a bow tie. Eliot is average height, but Eric is 6'6", in case you couldn't tell from the article photos. The man is TALL. 

Jelani was spinning it!

Annnnnd this is the segment in which Eliot puts a bow tie on the cat. Who is named Honey Bear. OBVIOUSLY. Hilarity ensues. 

On to the pocket sqaures...and the next round.

Eric was just such a good sport about me photographing him in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic! I love this...about to get hit by a bus but still fixing his bow tie! 

Those are pills on his socks. Yes, because he works for the FDA. GET IT?! Who says scientists don't have senses of humor?! Hehe. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian Magazine: Maggie Hoak

GREAT NEWS! Today is the launch of the new column I'm shooting for Washingtonian magazine that profiles what stylish DCers are wearing to work to get their sartorial flair on in the board room. I love the process of shooting these; I get to meet intelligent, stylish people, so to their homes, and hang out as long as it takes to photograph them. You know I love talking to any and everyone, so this is a very apt assignment for me. 

The first post is on Maggie Hoak, who works for DC culture mecca the Kennedy Center. Though her office attire is filled with twisted basics by Rag & Bone and apt pattern mixes (not unlike her apartment, as you'll see), it is the need for her to own an extensive black tie wardrobe for work that had me all jealous. Here are some of my favorite shots that didn't make it into the column, but check out the whole post with an interview by the unmatched editorial whirlwind Sarah Zlotnick HERE

I loved Maggie's apartment as much as I did her wardrobe, and was particularly jealous of her amazing octopus triptych. You know how I love a good octopus

The What I Wear to Work column will be running every Wednesday, so keep checking back here for my favorite outtakes. 

Ginger Root Party Party

That was how the night this post is about ended, with Eliot Payne tickling another stylish man's beard. Take a moment and really look at what is happening. AMAZING. Of course. Rewind to the beginning of the night, in which Eliot Payne, myself, and a few friends traipsed around the city on a warmish Friday evening, with wildness ensuing at every turn. Beginning at an intimate party at Ginger Root Design and ending, of course, at my favorite indie dive dance bar Velvet, much style love was abound.

Speaking of love, I want to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of you! Much like Eliot tickled this man's beard, I too have unbridled appreciation for the many, many wonderful people in my life. Romance or no (and you know I never kiss and tell), I've always loved Valentine's Day and embraced it as an opportunity to tell the amazing people in my life how much I adore them. I'm completely, 100% head over heels for all of you, you beautiful, intelligent, stylish individuals! Thank you for being supportive, loving me back, and giving me innumerable reasons to adore you. 

Amazing amazing baked goodies by local bake mistress Black Strap Baking were served at Ginger Root. 

Local writer and urban guru Alias Tagami is wearing a blazer altered by the Gingers to be RGB-themed. Brilliant. 

Eliot Payne's signature Florsheim by Duckie Brown canary yellow brogues. The photo above is one of the photos on my new business cards.

Ken is one of the most stylish gentlemen at Dr. K's back room after hours parties. 

DC artist Mark Harris hand drew these pieces on a vintage Levi's canvas jacket for Dr. K. Obsessed. 

Knee highs and Louboutins, late night at Darnell's. Yes. 

Classic Cary Grant with a twist. 

Velvet. Obviously, by this point. 

This pair were SUCH a pair. The gentleman is wearing head to toe black with impeccably glossy hair and leather gloves, and she is doing good hair gone bad with moto boots. I'd do it, so I love. 

GLEEFUL BEARDED GINGER!! YES!! Get ready for a seriously beardy photo set. I couldn't choose, so I included them all. 

Obsessed with this photo. Seriously. 

And yours truly. 

You don't want to know how late I stayed out. Yikes. 

Featured: New York Times Style Section

I completely forgot to mention that I was featured in the New York Times Style Section two weeks ago. I was really excited and am happy to share it with you. I'm wearing an Accoutre bow tie, a Gap cotton stretch turtleneck, vintage 1920's jodphurs from Dr. K's Vintage, and booties from TopShop. Here's a little snapshot of my snapshot. :) 

Corcoran, Student Exhibition

As many of you may know, I am excited to be photographing a long-term project with the Corcoran College of Art + Design, helping them completely re imagine their website and print materials. The students and artists that compose the community of this hallowed institution are themselves completely inspiring; their art, personal style, and ways of addressing the world are diverse and unique. In addition, I have the chance to create evocative imagery around the gallery spaces there as well, meeting, photographing, and being inspired by many greats. GoKateShoot is so much about how people choose to communicate visually, and where better to go to do so then one of the best art galleries and schools in the city. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in an artistic dialogue once more. While I look shooting street style, it is my larger, more creative projects that get me inspired and excited. I come from a studio art background and miss the lively intellectual rigor of critiques, hours spent intensely crouched over a canvas, and the free-wheeling, intuitive, and emotional thought process behind developing a communal body of work. DC has been incredible for this, and I have found artistic souls with whom I am blessed to create work (much of which is yet to be realized, as we continue to plan, but you'll LOVE IT, I promise). My own work has shifted and evolved, and I am looking forward to seeing how those changes meet the challenge of communicating what is incredible about the Corcoran. 

A local jewelry designer pears through the case holding her work, above. I adore the strong, intricate details. 

This young artist is wearing 4 different prints, has half his head shaved, and has a strong visual sense of self. The last statement is the most important. 

Artist Nick Cave spoke to an attentive packed house about his work, the incredible sound suits. 

I love this woman's beautifully thick belted coat. This is just the right kind of bulk. 

GOLD SHOES. !!!!! Enough said.

Mother daughter duo, with matching tights. Trend. 

This artist covered her nails in stickers because she was inspired by the colors. That's reason enough for me!

A jewelry students work speaks to an industrial marriage of organic forms and a modernist mentality. I love it!