Ra Ra Rasputin: Live in the Ladies' Room

If you haven't gathered by now, I love documenting the DC underground scene. I love meeting wildly creative people who have been doing what they're doing for years, deadly in their devotion and sheer talent. Since moving here a year and a half ago, I've set out, camera in hand, to meet other creatives in wide and varied fields and make friends. There's nothing I love more than adventurous, intelligent, banter-filled friends, and I often find myself spending the most time with other artists, musicians, and designers. That's how GoKateShoot was born - my desire to make work with and of my creative friends in the District. 


Months and months ago, I met Patrick Kigongo during a particularly boisterous mid-week evening out. Turns out that we have 56,793 mutual friends and he always has some kind of Proust library book in his bag and has insanely awesome style and is the guitarist for the DC indie dance rock band Ra Ra Rasputin. Patrick and I became fast friends. We kept in contact via email as plans were made for gritty, behind the scenes photo shenanigans, until I was finally able to go to band practice with them last week. Since the epic underground creative haven Gold Leaf Studios shut down earlier this year (RIP), the band has moved out to a practice space in a Takoma warehouse, where I met them for their Wednesday night rehearsal. 

Dude. The Music. Is. Amazing. At once both rock and holy-hell-I-can't-stop-grooving-like-a-trendy-French-punk-scenegirl (yes, that's a thing), I had a blast shooting as the guys tore through their set for their upcoming 5-year anniversary show at the Black Cat. YOU HAVE TO COME! 

SERIOUSLY. COME. Get tickets HERE, put on something bitchin' and let me take your picture while you dance like a crazy person down in front, or cool out propped against the bar. It's going to be epic. 

Anyway, our shoot. So I took a bajillion pictures of the guys rehearsing (sneaky sneak, I'm releasing them tomorrow or Friday, don't fret!), and then we got to talking about the space, and they casually mentioned that the women's room upstairs had epic wallpaper

Of course I insisted upon seeing it. 

So we traipsed upstairs into the ladies room, the entire band and I. Naturally, a photo shoot ensued, and then we went to the bar. 

This is Ra Ra Rasputin, live in the ladies' room. I recommend hitting play on the video above and then checking out the snaps below; Studio Sessions photos to follow in the next day or two. 

GoKate FNO!

Fashion's Night Out. Was. Huge. I shot this shopping night to end all nights for Refinery 29, hitting the streets for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS to capture the best of the best street style DC had to offer. And whoo boy, did they ever have some wild and wonderful style! You can check out Refinery's 28 picks HERE, but there are over 150 in this post. A million thanks to everyone who was so indulgent in my photographic inquiries, you all look incredible! 

I started by attending the VIP media event in the Brightest Young Things lounge, which was beautifully decorated. Then I made my way down to Hu's Wear, took a quick shopping break to buy some perfect Erro leather pants and Jean Paul Gaultier cropped trousers, and then kept on shooting into the wee hours. 

This shot above is one of my very, very favorites, but it's like picking your favorite child so you'll just have to hit up the ENTIRE post after the jump! 

Shauna Alexander of BYT rocking some serious batwing dress action c/o her layered accessories too!

Svetlana Legetic, founder of BYT. 

With her flawless hair and makeup and exposed ink, Amy Vong seriously knows how to work her edge

Washington Post editrix Holley Simmons was wearing a gorgeous vintage frock and the perfect asymmetrical haircut c/o trendy salon mecca Immortal Beloved

Love the graphic mix of this necklace and striped top

Dominique Vu of the Washington Post was looking polished and edgy in floral and booties

Cori Sue Morris of Bitches Who Brunch was doing a serious job with her mixed prints and textures!

Major swoon for this mix of boho sheer

Leopard booties were HAPPENING!

You know I love me some rocker chic, and this is perfectly executed

Morgan of Panda Head Magazine wearing the hell out of that sequined turban and pajama top

Sue Jin Lee of the CW and I lived abroad in Barcelona together...and then ran into each other in the VIP tent! Absolutely, 100% would wear her look. Favorite. 

PJK leather top, 7fam pants, Guiseppe Zanotti heels

Dots on dots, and skinny suspenders on the Pinkline Project's Sef Palermo

Phillipa Hughes, founder of the Pinkline Project, in fun textures galore

I will always love urban turbans. Always.

Detailing on the back of her shirt - so lovely. And perfect earrings to boot

Collar love

Tribal print perfection...with pockets! 

Interesting proportions, and I love that South American take on a backpack

Oxblood patent sneakers are a sweet take on one of fall's hottest trends

The Miu Miu shoes. SWOON. 

And the eyes and the necklace. Gorgeous. 

Sweet babydoll dress with a Peter Pan collar is made edgier with lace-up booties

Vintage sequined minidress with a cigar box-turned bag and a hat? So much of this is perfect. 

Easy breezy

Oxblood hair and jacket? Oh yes. 

Boho hair and some DC-made menswear-for-women with that top

Hurrrray! Sarah Zlotnick, my editor from Washingtonian Magazine. Love love love her and that collar. 

My editors: Sarah Zlotnick of Washingtonian, and Holly Thomas of Refinery 29. Love working with these stylish chicas!

The Hu's Wear team always bring Dwayne Brices' FNO take on a bowtie!

Meredith Fineman had some seriously lust-worthy shoes

Marty of Hu's Shoes working hard and keeping things fresh in a classic white tee and oxblood pants. Seeing a trend, anyone?

Oh menswear. I love you.

Model Katherine kept things classic with a high-neck blouse

The bang. The denim. The babydoll dress. Such cool personal vibe - well done!

These girls MADE MY NIGHT. Look at it all. Yes. Just, yes.

Platforms to kill, and cutouts

Aqua hair, for the floral-wearing and adventurous only.

Easy style and fringed bag on a fellow tall gal...and the best laugh in the next shot

Fluffy bowtie? Yes. 

What, you don't casually wear a feathered fez?

My love for gold pants is well-documented

Black lipstick isn't easy to pull off, but paired with a floral bow tie becomes even more fem

Metal fringed ring? Want.

All of this. And she knows it. Werk.

The ink, the close-pin in her nose, the sheer, the collar. the makeup. And a great story to boot - this fashionista has a serious story behind her neuvo-gothic style. 

The Gingers of Ginger Root Design!

Jewelry designer Jennifer Jeremias wearing a PandaHead-made tiara

One of my menswear favorites, Kevin

Freddy Reyes is one of my new favorite menswear amigos, and absolutely down for basically any adventure. We get along fantastic!

The perfect menswear arm-party

Pocket square, bow tie, diamond pin. Swoon for menswear accessories. 

Dots and leather and vintage bags on Miss Audrey, oh my!

Going tribal and French Riveria with the zip Breton-stripe top

Shannon Cusello and Andrew Bucket show off the floral arrangements

And finally, a quality shot of my editor and friend Sarah Zlotnick and myself. Big smiles!

Suit Supply Opening Party

My love for (shooting) men(swear) is well-documented, so when I was invited to the opening of the new Suit Supply store here in DC of course I went. One of my good stylish guy friends is helping to run it, so I was more than happy to find out that the Dutch retailer was arriving in DC. Of course, the party attendees were lovely and stylish and I was excited to see so many friends in one room. 

Snaps abound, of course! Check them out, and enjoy. 

Quick Kate updates before the jump: 

I'm shooting for Refinery 29 for Fashion's Night Out, and am looking forward to documenting all of the wild shopping style. Come out and find me to have me take your picture.

After a night filled with leather, sequins, and my favorite subjects, I'm dashing onto a flight to San Francisco for another West Coast adventure. Hurray! This time, it'll be a couple of days in SF then off to Lake Tahoe for some serious end-of-summer fun with the Uber team. 

Then it's back to DC in time for Washingtonian's Style Setters party and loads of other fun things.

Also in there are an adorable pair of foster kittens named CUBBY and GIBS (baby kittens!), new sets of photos, and some completely killer new additions to my wardrobe for fall. You can follow it all here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with different stuff on each. 
Phew! Can't wait...hold onto your hats. 

Dries Van Noten shorts? Oh yes.

Dwayne Brice is always impeccable.

Freddy Reyes' post-post-collegiate look was a rock and roll take on classics, and his Mickey Mouse watch pretty much made my night.

Quincy Jones, of course!

A little yummy Celine

High end boutique owner Marlene  Hu Aldaba had my favorite look of the evening...and I really enjoy her asymmetrical haircut. 

Freddy chatting with my style partner-in-crime Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre

Ink and Moonshine

The lovely lady DJ from ESL at the FNO Media Soiree with the most perfect makeup

Summer is waning, the press are asking for my trend picks for fall, Fashion's Night Out (FNO) VIP party and shooting plans are being made (or broken, if I jet to Tahoe a bit earlier than anticipated...), and I can't seem to stop buying booties (no but seriously, I need them). And while I'm ready for fall, I'm still having a blast celebrating the end of summer, and have style photos to prove it. From the FNO Media Soiree to a moonshine-fueled, ultra-late night at the Passenger, I'm loving the edgy city style that seems to get better by the day. 

Photos below. 

And, for those of you who have been asking every day, Trillectro photos are done. They're coming. I promise. Getting #trill in honor of the weekend in a super-ultra-mega post tomorrow, so get hype!!

Matt, at Rue 14, fresh white T and ink

Insanely beautiful color at the Dupont Farmer's Market

Mixed prints and chilling with Holly Thomas, editor of Refinery 29 for DC

Thirst DC co-founder Eric Schulze, with moonshine he brought to an intimate cocktail party I hosted

Shannon Cusello, Manager of salon mecca Immortal Beloved and her hilarious reaction to moonshine

Mick Perrigo, bartender and booze guru at the Passenger, with his ink and trusty scooter

Straight skateboard chillin' outside the Passenger, late night

Mick's style...we met when I photographed him for a Washingtonian Magazine style feature

Tom the chef, in a great summer shirt and porkpie hat outside the Passenger

Dog Days: Andrew Nguyen

Here's some menswear inspiration for your Wednesday. Andrew Nguyen, owner of Rue 14, was rocking some serious urban cowboy aesthetic on a recent boiling Saturday afternoon. I love how modern he makes his Stetson feel with the bandana underneath and the ultra-now printed shirt. Who says men can't mix prints? Enjoy this trio of portraits. 

Dog Days: Armando

For the second installment of the Dog Days style series (check out the first one featuring me HERE), I'm excited to highlight my friend and artist Armando López Bircann. I've photographed him several times for both his personal style and his moving art performances at the Corcoran, but his gallery chic pastels are perfect for summer. His light blood orange sorbet shirt paired with faded denim and mustard shoes are a color palate worth swooning over, for sure! I love the proportions of the shirt and how the sleeves are the same length as the shirt! Add some perfect accessories (hellllllllo purple cocktail ring! Silver bracelet!) and a top knot and he's ready for the summer heat. 

This look is on-trend without being painfully so; it's delightfully laid-back and effortless. Major swoon. Armando's strong sense of personal style is inspiring, so I hope you enjoy!


I'm remiss! But alas, a new job that I love and lots of travel make me a busy GoKateShoot...but never fear, I'm shooting all the way and wracking up lots of adventures to share! 

So here, finally, even though they've been done for ages and ages, are the photos from Seersucker Social. I know that I usually curate my photo sets to be just exactly the right number, but instead I'm giving you anything worth sharing. Oh yes, gratuitous style photo love! It was a glistening 100 degrees but lots of Washingtonians came out to this summer event that promises style eye candy galore.

I went very neuvo-vintage with floral hot pants, a fringed tank, fuschia brogues, and piles of my favorite accessories. Photo courtesy of the talented Julian Gwyer.

Check out the dozens of photos below, and enjoy! Happy Saturday everyone!

Summer Guy Style

Last week, I was back in DC for 48 hours in between jetting from Vermont to San Francisco. I was working like a maniac, but managed one evening to be social and out on the town. I was invited to attend a small party celebrating InStyle Fashion Director Hal Rubenstein's new book at the menswear shop Alton Lane. Stylish Washingtonians were about and dressed in their summer finest; at a balmy 105 degrees, even the most fresh fashion fans have to get creative on ways to stay cool. Luckily I had just been shopping in Vermont, which is home to a myriad of intimate boutiques that are a mix of high end and quirky smaller designers. Major swoon every time I go north! I'd picked up a few new pieces (and more than a few new pairs of shoes) that were perfect for the InStyle party! Two snaps of my kelly green dress and studded shoulder bag are over at My Designer Dreams if you'd like to check it out (thank you darling). 

Here are some snaps from the party featuring GoKateShoot favorites (and friends) Quincy Jones, Robert Sacheli, Eliot Payne, and Tara Papanicolas...enjoy, and check out the photos below.

Film Style: Men and Art

You know I love to shoot film, as it is one of those throwback activities that I truly do for love. The lack of control is liberating, and the need to get the shot in one go is empowering. Thus, here are some style film shots to ease you into the weekend; a set of menswear style and a set of the late LATE night set-up of the warehouse art pop-up I collaborated on, the Water Street Project. 

Above is the ever-dapper Grant Harris, menswear aficionado and founder of Image Granted. More snaps below, with even more film photos later this week...enjoy!  

Antonio, of Jack Spade

Eliot Payne and the gentleman of Jack Spade

Georgetown afternoon with Eliot Payne of Accoutre and cocktails at Martin's...old school DC at its finest.

Street artist Billy Mode, hard at work, and other photos from the set-up of the Water Street Project

Neuvo-Vintage Biker

I'm going to be rocking and rolling out lots of new photos this week. To start, here is a series I shot featuring some seriously inspiring menswear on Scotty from GoodWood. There is an incredible mix of vintage and modern, mixing old school elements, impeccable grooming, and a perfect attention to detail to make everything just so. You know?  The neck tie did it for me, frankly. So top notch. 

This bracelet is a great example of masculine accessories...this particular piece is from local DC secret Legendary Beast. 

GoKateShoot for Rock Creek Social Club: American Craft Beer Week

To kick off summer, I partnered with DC scene kings Rock Creek Social Club to shoot some photos of their American Craft Beer Week party at Smith Commons. Keep an eye out on their platforms for the whole set, but here are some of my favorite style snaps. 

Perfect clean cut menswear at its summer finest, courtesy of the RCSC crew.

Jerome Baker III

Lamine, caught in a rare moment of candor (I love this photo). I also photographed him for the WW Club HERE and HERE

DJ Spinser Tracy is alllll about the nerdo street chic...and is the master of mugging for the camera. 

Stylist Kimee Brown and makeup artist Michelle German have incredible senses of personal style; we've worked on multiple projects together and I'm always inspired by these ladies!

Moss necklace on architect Dioni Rey.

High-button collar with an alterna- clean coif. 

Easy summer menswear; hat, colorful shoes, custom pants. Yes. And the ever-iconic Elise Peterson, of course.

The obligatory arm party; this one is particularly well-executed though. 

Gigi is a vintage stylist based on Virginia...girl knows how to work color, that's for sure!

The hair. The  plugs. The errant lipstick by her ear. I love it.

Stylist Quincy Jones of Prepster Punk, and the littlest punk, Baby Lee. Like a boss. 

Annnnnd more fun from the party itself:

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Dwayne Brice

Hey! I'm sorry for the radio silence; I took a much-needed break from blogging for a few days so that I could get some other projects in order. I have some exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share! 

But first, and most importantly, here are some new photos! These images are of Dwayne of Hu's Wear, one of my favorite designer boutiques in the city. I photographed him for Washingtonian Magazine; you can check out those photos HERE. His own style is very inspiring; soft layers with pops of color make him a shoe in for one of DC's most stylish men. He also lives with my good friend Quincy, so they are quite the sartorial roommates. I love his edgy take on neuvo-nerd with pieces by Dries Van Noten, Helmut Lang, and Jil Sander coupled with vintage. 

The WW Club: The Photos

You asked, so here they are; I'm happy to present a few photos I took at the smash hit WW Club speakeasy style event we threw last week. I restrained myself from sharing most of the burlesque photos in order to keep things family-friendly around here (Hi Dad!), but I know all of you have appropriately vivid imaginations and elephantine memories. ;) You came, you drank, you impressed the hell out of us; well done, Washington! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again; many thanks to...
Style goddess Elise Peterson for being an excellent partner-in-crime
Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne
Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective

Our star performers...
Burlesque queen Cherrie Sweetbottom
Songstress Alison Carney
DJ Spinser Tracy
Style collective Prepster Punk
Fidgety Feet dance troupe extraordinaire

And our lovely partners in style, for the event and look books...
Jack Spade
Alton Lane
Hugh &Crye
Ginger Root Design
The Good Kin
Streets of Georgetown 
It's Vintage Darling
Dr. K's Vintage

Also, I think you'd like to know that WE DRANK 29 BOTTLES OF WHISKEY. Rock star studs, all of you (ladies included, I know you know how to knock 'em back too)! Looking forward to raising the bar (and a glass) again next time. Cheers!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Jason Edward Tucker

The WW Club menswear speakeasy is tomorrow, so in this week's theme of getting you in the mood, here are some outtakes from my shoot with artist and gallerist Jason Edward Tucker for my column with Sarah Zlotnick in Washingtonian Magazine. You can see the whole thing HERE, but I've also shared photos of Jason HERE and HERE. Jason and I met when I first began photographing for the Corcoran Gallery + School of Art, and we became fast friends through our mutual loves for conceptual art, fur, and a roof deck margarita. Meant to be, clearly. I brought him on board for Thirst ROMP! to do a performance art piece, and we have more plotting projects in the works. I love visiting him at Morton Fine Art, where he works, and am constantly inspired by his deconstructed look.  

This is the second time this week that I've posted about white men's shoes, but seriously, how inspiring and fresh are they? Now ladies, don't get all miffed that I haven't included you; you know as well as I do that there is plenty of outfit inspiration here, particularly with menswear-inspired flats for women (hello, Prada, Phillip Lim). Obsessed. 

More after the jump.

And yes, those are orange socks. Adore.

Film: Two Dapper Georgetown Gents

As I prepare for the WW Club and talk to attendees, many people are curious as to what to wear. We've given you a look book to start you off on the right path, but here are some wonderful film photos I took last weekend in Georgetown. These are two gentlemen from two of our menswear partners who I think exemplify the range of style we're open to. I love photographing these dapper gentlemen...I dare you to check out these photos and not think, damn, that is one good looking man. 

The first photos feature Leo from Jack Spade, the clean-cut, personality-filled mens version of Kate Spade. While his check shirt and well-fitting pants are classic and on point, his hair and grooming change things up and make the look modern. Leo's easy-going personality comes out while remaining ever stylish. 

The second photos feature Grant of Streets of Georgetown rocking a much more conservative look. While his pieces are fairly standard (linen pant, double-breasted jacket), the success in this look lies in the fit. Streets offers alterations and custom suiting, which makes all the difference. Grant's pants are the perfect width, and a slightly shorter cuff shows off his white shoes (a piece that I'm fully obsessed with for men right now). The crisp white shirt shows off the jacket that Grant designed through Streets, and the accessories are amazing. Grant always rocks it, hands down. 

The WW Club Lookbook

DC men are great in many ways; their intelligence, motivation, and passion are incredibly stimulating, and when those three elements are directed at style, it's magic. To celebrate that, I'm happy to present a pop-up speakeasy event The WW Club, complete with complimentary whiskey tasting and burlesque performances, which you can get tickets to attend HERE. To offer you some sartorial inspiration, I shot a menswear lookbook sure to challenge your ideas of DC style. These looks are bold; styling duo Peterson and Payne made sure of that. But don't be scared; if these are too much for you, just take one page out of our stylish models' books and try a hat, a pocket square, or a cuffed pant to change up your hum-drum look. Baby steps, right? For more, check out the lovely feature that Washingtonian Magazine ran on us HERE


More fabulous photos after the jump, so click through!

Photos: Kate Warren
Styling: Elise Peterson and Eliot Payne, with support from Quincy Jones
Models: Dan Dzombak, Lamine N'dour, Josh Simon
Clothing courtesy of: Federal, It's Vintage Darling, Ginger Root Design, and Dr. K's Vintage 

Surprise Incoming...

I'm making an announcement this afternoon that will involve men, whiskey, and debauchery...all wrapped in a stylish, creative package, of course!

Stay tuned, or follow me to Twitter @GoKateShoot if you MUST know RIGHT NOW. 

This photo has nothing to do with anything except being neat. Taken during one of my shoots for Washingtonian Magazine. I ruin film like it's my job, and then it turns out awesome. Don't worry there will be ah-mazing photos that come with this announcement!!