Fruit Salad

When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I met up for a lovely lunch and shop with sweet photographer Caroline Lacey of The Concubines, who so happened to be in the city at the same time as I was. We were chatting most of the day away, but here are some little photos I took of her eating the most lovely little fruit salad. Delicious! 

I just got the new Nikon D600 and two new lenses (swoon) so I'm off to play, maybe make a little movie, and do some work in this gorgeous weather. Have a wonderful Saturday! 

Eliot Payne: Bow Ties Gone Wild

It's official; Accoutre bow tie designer Eliot Payne is OUT OF CONTROL about bow ties! I love it! No one gets me quite as excited about menswear as he does; so excited, in fact, that when Eliot asked me to be Creative Director of Accoutre, I happily accepted. 

Eliot makes me excited about bow ties for several reasons:

1. He approaches bow ties, men's styling in general, and life with a sense of humor that is unmatched in DC. These photos illustrate that; he completely changed his outfit FOUR TIMES in under ten minutes at It's Vintage Darling out of sheer excitement. Would YOU pair a bow tie with a gas mask, or velvet riding helmet? Nope. Me neither, but Eliot makes it make perfect sense while maintaining his impeccable eye for trends. Chambray shirt? Colorful pants? Letterman jacket? All solid menswear trends that are exploding right now. Add a gas mask and it becomes humorous, stylish gold. 

2. Eliot works Twitter like no other. His sense of humor and distinctive personality makes his Twitter well worth following. His interactions with well-known menswear brands like Bonobos are legendary, and does a great job keeping the creep-factor low and friendly-factor high. 

How did Eliot and I meet and become friends? Twitter. Yep! He tweeted me during the Tweed Ride photo shoot, I saw he was wearing a dapper bow tie, invited him to come, and multiple slices of pie and some photos later a friendship was made. #bowtiesmakeusfrisky indeed. 

3. Eliot and I are both exuberant over-communicators. We email, chat, tweet, text, and carrier pigeon about style, bow ties, and life constantly, always offering a pearl of wisdom, gentle judgment, or ALSKDFJKDJF!!!! of excitement. You know the friends that are just as excited for you as you are for you? Eliot is one of those. And so at the end of the day when I delete emails, more often than not my trash is filled with photo attachments of style inspirations, new bow tie fabrics, and other sundry Accoutre-related paraphernalia. 

4. The man looks damn good in a beard. And that is not a small feat. But I applaud, sir. 

I hope you are as inspired by my sartorial friend as I am! 

Introductions: Oliver

I am completely allergic to cats. I love animals, but I turn into the sneeziest, saddest little thing when they're around. So obviously, I have two of them. I would like to introduce to one of them, Oliver. Now, I am not one to take pictures of my cats, but this shot of Oliver on my vintage 1950s pink velvet chair is just too much fun not to share. 

Today is certainly one of those oh-so most lazy of Saturdays. I will edit some photos, look at some art, and chat serious bow tie business with Eliot Payne. To be honest, I'm still on the couch, sipping some fruity breakfast booze as I attempt (and fail) to motivate. 

Happy weekend, all! 

My DC Birthday Shenanigans

As many of you know, my birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I did a two city, double birthday trouble tour. I had a wild and fantastic weekend in NYC, where I hung out with my friends who are incredible photographers and their assistants who shoot for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other drool-worthy publications. We went for drinks and then went to an insane warehouse party in BK, and the only cameras present were film. So purist! I love talking to them about the artistic nuances of photography...would you believe me if I told you that one well-known gentleman and I discussed how photography is painting light FOR AN HOUR? It was great! I was in heaven! I always learn so much from these interactions, and am truly blessed to have friends in my life who challenge me artistically. 

For my DC birthday, I wanted to keep it classic GoKateShoot, so I partnered with It's Vintage Darling for a curated cocktail party in the shop with some of my favorite DC fashionistas before we all headed down to Blackbyrd Warehouse to meet up with a larger crowd. The night was filled with rainbow presents, laughs galore, some REAL TALK (ooo and I'm so glad to have friends who can dish it and take it!), and of course, photos of some fabulously dressed DC fashion icons. 

The lovely Shannon Cusello of Immortal Beloved

Art history ace Cat Diesel

This is the night I debuted my fox, pairing it with a bronze wrap top, slim and trim black cigarette pants, and an array of layered arm candy. Of course, the octopus had to be worn; as one of my favorite pieces, it truly makes me feel dressed! Since I do feel like it's an essential part of my look, I'll mention that my haircut is thanks to incredible rockstar stylish Tyler Lee Larish. My incredible necklace is handmade by actress Mundy Spears. There was some serious partner in crime action after we rolled in to Blackbyrd and met up with more friends. It was great timing too; it was our party and a big banger for a member of local DC rock favorites US Royalty, who are also an impossibly stylish crew. Jackpot! We snacked on oysters, sipped cocktails, and danced our dapper booties off. 

Now, let's talk about the gentlemen. Per my request (and frankly, they would all do it anyway), everyone who came out was dressed to the nines. I have to give it to the guys though; their dapper spins and attention to detail were impeccable! Artist Trey Smith paired a double-sided cameo and traditional Brooks Brothers bow tie with perfectly layered scarf and vintage puffer vest. Josh Wu just returned from a trip to Africa, so he is mixing up his [perfectly tailored] traditional pinstripe suit with African accents. Of course, no party of mine would be complete without the dandy dream team of Eric Channing Brewer and Eliot Payne. Eric is dressed above and beyond fantastic, per usual. Eliot is wearing one of his own bow ties for Accoutre, a little number called The Casual Friday (find it here) that is double sided hot pink corduroy and dark denim (isn't that just the wittiest thing you've ever heard?! It kills me. I love it).

These gentlemen had never met, but were oh-so-dapper in their bow ties as they became fast friends. There are very few things I love more than introducing my friends so they become friends!

And who was the most dapper lady of them all? Cat Diesel, of course.

Look at all this stylish glee! I couldn't ask for more. 

Classic E.C.B.

The dandy lineup was KILLER. 

And then, my friends, we danced. Because true style means doing what you love, and damn, we all sure love to boogie! 

I'd like to pause. These next photos of 9 To Fly blogger Sade (pictured here as well) and Eric Channing Brewer dancing are classic. This is what style is about; you look at these two perfectly modern, individualistic people and their outfits would fit in 1940. Or 1960. Or 1970. But it is 2012, and damn, isn't it just inspiring that these two can at once reference the great looks of the last 70 years and still manage to look perfectly now? Plus they put the rest of us to shame dancing, I'll have you know. These photos are my favorite of all of my birthday shots and could not be more spontaneous and lovely. 

I’d also like to give a special thanks and shout out to the fine gentlemen from Dr. K’s Vintage who came out to help me celebrate. It was such a special treat and was fantastic to kick it with you, as always. 

So thank you, my dear friends and followers, for an incredible birthday and year. I'm not one for nostalgia, but I do love to give credit where credit is due. You all rock, and I love that you continue to inspire me day in and day out. 

Photos taken by me, and several others at the party. I love a communal shoot!

NYE 2012: Sequins, Snakeskin, and Silk

For New Years' Eve, my cousin and I threw an intimate cocktail party before we all went out for some late night adventures out on the town. As I guessed here, our  party was filled with all manner of stylish wildness, including massive quantities of sequins, glitter, fur, Hendrick's, champagne, and quality terrace time.  I had a blast with lots of friends, including GoKateShoot regulars Cheralee Lyle, Elise Peterson, Cat Diesel, Mundy Spears, and Michelle Ferng. 

Elise is rocking a vintage hand-beaded shawl worn backwards as a scarf, paired with a velvet minidress and super-vamp lips. 

Yes, that cigarette matches my dress. I don't smoke but couldn't resist snagging one for coordination's sake!

Elise and Mundy sampled our fabulous Ghirardelli's chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Miss Lyle and I rocked dueling vintage sequin dresses. Mine is courtesy of It's Vintage Darling, of course.  Peep the detailing below. 

Actress Mundy Spears and her super-glam makeup. 

I love the tile in our entryway; it is complimented with 20' ceilings and triple crown molding that carries into our apartment and is just to die for. 

Smoking is bad. These rainbow-colored cigarettes look really, really good. Can I just carry them around and not smoke them? 

I love how soft-focused these shots of Cheralee and Oliver came out

Drink it, Mundy. No confusion. 

There is an INSANE floor-to-ceiling mirror in our entryway that is perfect for checking outfits before going out, or for big ol' group shots that include the photographer!

Cheralee rocking her vintage sequins with Oliver's jacket on top. Love that masculine/feminine mix.

Cat Diesel and I get our hair cut by the same wild-and-out stylist, Tyler Larish. 

Photos courtesy of a team-team photo attack by myself and photojournalist Michelle Ferng. Happy New Year, all!

Fly Girls

This morning on Twitter, this photo emerged of myself and some of my favorite DC style setters. I didn't take it (mad props to DFinney Photography!), but I love it and wanted to share these fun looks with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such stylish friends! Almost all of us also worked on the Tweed Ride photo shoot together, so I have a special place in my heart for these ladies. I took some photos of each of our looks, but for now here's a little group shot at the Fly Girls five year anniversary party last week. Catch the full recap after the jump. Enjoy!

Kimee Brown (The Model Is Wearing), Elise Peterson (IVD), Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek), Kate Warren (Go Kate Shoot), and Tamika Wilkins (My Designer Dreams)

My fabulous hat and mink courtesy of It's Vintage Darling.


Meet Brodie. He belongs to Kari. 

I'm going on a road trip this afternoon to photograph in several locations throughout the Hudson Valley. I love a good Saturday adventure! Good new places, people, food, photos. The photos will show up here, so keep on checking back. 

Shelburne, Vermont


Ok I am back. I finally got around to editing some photos last night, and took a few more today so I'm good to resume regular posting. 

To start you off, here is Adria Pawlikowski rocking a fantastic sheepskin vest. She's one of my oldest friends and certainly one of the steaziest ski girls out there. Despite severing her ACL and MCL after landing a jump wrong two years ago, she moved to Utah and has been back on the mountain. Motivated, courageous, sassy, fresh. Etc. Nickname: Kiki. Curious? 

Menu del Dia

Tomorrow my friend Tyler is driving through the treacherous blizzard from PA with three brave friends to come to visit me in Vermont. I am so excited, I love having visitors. Especially ones I haven't seen in a long time, or met yet at all! You know I'm a sucker for meeting new people, it's completely my favorite. We will eat home cooked food and drink local beer and wine to show them how the locals do things, which means we'll be sampling a bunch of The Shed. The Shed is the microbrew of the season, taking anyone with a keg tap for miles around by storm. Amazing, delicious, incredible beer. Go! Drink it! At the very least, do so to keep warm! I do love to show off our rugged tundra up here, and I'm lucky that these guys will be the first of several guests over the next couple of weeks. 

Even though we're going to be shooting some wild-air skiing in the next couple of days, I thought I'd post a photo from an afternoon in Barcelona, where Tyler and I met. This is a typical trendy cafe in El Born serving lunch, where you order from the  delicious menu del dia. He and I spent a hunk of time wandering around the city shooting and exploring while we lived there. 

I miss the Spanish rhythm of life most during dark, cold days like these, so I'm hoping Tyler and his friend bring me a little zing! 

Menu del dia gently guides you right into the obligatory afternoon siesta. This guy has it down rocking the stoop outside a gallery. 

Typical plaza decoration, El Born. 

When Tyler and I see each other tomorrow, we will do this. I'll be the one in the Euro-mullet and he'll be the one making the awkward bunny-face.