Announcement: Co-Hosting Party with the Washington Post, Proper Topper, and Dandies & Quiantrelles Tonight!

Good morning! Summer is here, Seersucker Social is on its way, and hat season is in full swing! To celebrate, get crafty! I'm excited to announce a sweet little party that I'm co-hosting with the Washington Post (FW and Post Express), Proper Topper, and Dandies & Quiantrelles. We're having a DIY hat-decorating party, and the $10 ticket will benefit the DC Public Library system. I will be photographing a stylish reading documentary, we're have cookies, pink bubbly, and hats galore! Come out to Proper Topper in Dupont tonight from 6-9 to celebrate with us! Details HERE.

Fashion District, Spring 2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going to ReadySetDC's Fashion District event, shooting on behalf of Washingtonian Magazine (find my photos and their writeup HERE). Of course, my flash died the instant I walked in the door, leaving me stranded on client assignment to shoot a space FILLED with stylish people. Seriously. Filled. It was like a reunion; almost all of my favorite people were there...and I had no flash. Potential for crisis was high. BUT IT WAS FINE! I actually really like shooting with available light, so I sucked it up, slowed down my shutter, and asked all of my subjects to stand stil please and thank you! And they did! So here are the pictures and I kind of completely love them, because the tone and feel of the evening came through and they show how much fun I had. 

I would label this with pithy and fun captions, but I'm tearing through making a stop motion video and would rather do that, frankly. I'll show you tomorrow, don't worry. 

Extra thanks to the whole Accoutre and Hugh & Crye teams for being complete rockstars, and to Uber for the delightful ride in style. 

Photos of me taken by Philip Soriano.


Jordan Culberson, the mastermind behind the event

The WW Club Lookbook

DC men are great in many ways; their intelligence, motivation, and passion are incredibly stimulating, and when those three elements are directed at style, it's magic. To celebrate that, I'm happy to present a pop-up speakeasy event The WW Club, complete with complimentary whiskey tasting and burlesque performances, which you can get tickets to attend HERE. To offer you some sartorial inspiration, I shot a menswear lookbook sure to challenge your ideas of DC style. These looks are bold; styling duo Peterson and Payne made sure of that. But don't be scared; if these are too much for you, just take one page out of our stylish models' books and try a hat, a pocket square, or a cuffed pant to change up your hum-drum look. Baby steps, right? For more, check out the lovely feature that Washingtonian Magazine ran on us HERE


More fabulous photos after the jump, so click through!

Photos: Kate Warren
Styling: Elise Peterson and Eliot Payne, with support from Quincy Jones
Models: Dan Dzombak, Lamine N'dour, Josh Simon
Clothing courtesy of: Federal, It's Vintage Darling, Ginger Root Design, and Dr. K's Vintage 

Arena Stage: Dress Rehearsal

Don't worry team, the Style Mob photos are coming soon. Thank you for your patience as I took time to pay my respects to my friends who passed away over the weekend. As they proved, style and substance go hand in hand. 

A couple of weeks ago, international creative marketing firm and DCWeek masterminds iStrategyLabs named me one of DC's 25 Creative Innovators. First, this is my formal thank you! I am flattered, and excited to be part of a group of some of my favorite people in Washington. Here's the issue: we never got the full list of recipients, so the full list of awardees remains a mystery. BUT! We'll find out. The awardees and our guests got to attend the dress rehearsal of the new show at Arena Stage, called the Elephant Room. Now, I don't want to ruin it, but there are are a plethora of pornographic mustaches in this completely charming and wildly witty show. There may or may not also be magic. Go see it and find out. But. There are mustaches. And you all know how I feel about mustaches (!!!). 

In addition, there was a veritable cast of DC art and style scene characters that I was just so excited to photograph. Cahoots! I dragged 3 women into the bathroom with me because THE LIGHTING IS INSANE AND THE WALLS ARE RED AND IT WILL LOOK GREAT WITH YOUR COAT YES YOU'RE GORGEOUS OMG COME WITH ME OK FANTASTIC!! So I shot a bit. And it was fantastic. Many thanks to Liz Gorman, Sheldon Scott, Eric Schulze, Andi, Malinda Diachenko, and Shona Fenner for tolerating and encouraging my spontaneous photo shenanigans. You're stunning.  

I need to photograph in this set. With this lighting. Look at it!! Amazing! Disco chic to the max. And again, mustache. HELLO THERE.

More incredible set. And mustaches. LOVE. 

Blogger's Night Out, DC

Earlier this week, I attended the Blogger's Night Out hosted by Bloomingdale's. The intimate crowd was fun, friendly, and dressed to impress. Here are a few of the looks that inspired me. 

I love the contrast between these encrusted jewels and such a casual sweater

Oh hey color blocking in fall tones! So cool...I love another photo-lady with style.

Holly Thomas, editor of Refinery 29, rocks some serious hand candy from Top Shop

I love these Tangerine Tango pants that are so on-trend for 2012, according to Pantone

The sculptural nature of this chica's hair is so beautiful, and so clearly a work of art

Peacock eye makeup and beautiful natural hair

Pony hair shoes in blue? Yes please!

South Moon Under Blogger Event

Last week I went to an event at local boutique South Moon Under, who graciously hosted some fashion and style bloggers for a little holiday meet-up. The store looked lovely and they provided some really fun eats and treats for us to nibble as we chatted style.

I was pretty tired, but was glad I went as a got a chance to chat with the ladies of Spicy Candy DC. I love Katya's festive use of neon, and the color combination of neon greens and burnt oranges in her lipstick and ring. Such good arm candy! Her blonde hair is so easy as well. 

Here is a look from a local jewelry designer, who I also photographed here. After an updated haircut, she looks really different! I love the symmetry of the lines of her hair with her extreme double color. Really fun!

Plus her extreme shoes have amazing lines as well. Yum!

I opted for a nearly monochromatic look that played with texture, pairing glitter tights with high-waited lacy shorts, velvet, and cashmere. When it's so chilly out, it's nice to be both cozy and fabulous. 

My vintage 1920's camera bag from IVD fits everything I need, and always get a lot of compliments. My stylist lent it to me for an event and then once I got attached to it, I decided I had to make it a permanent part of my wardrobe. I love it, it's so special!

Fly Girls: The Details

As promised, here are some of the detail shots of the Fly Girl five year anniversary party last week. 

Only the fabulous Michelle German (Chic Makeup Geek) can pull off blue lipstick like this; she's so killer! And the vintage Gucci? Yes? Are we seeing this fabulous framed bag? Adore. I'm not a label hound by any means, but this bag fits with her 'you-wish-your-grandma-was-this-fly' look. Her pants are sheer and meant to be worn in the summer, but I love this chic update with tights underneath. 

Can we talk for just a minute about how Kimee Brown (The Model is Wearing) has SEVERAL of my favorite things going on here? As you all know, I love bow ties, turbans, and menswear-inspired anything, and she is completely rocking it. And her LEGO Chanel pin? Fabulous. So much.

As always, my partner in crime and stylist Elise Peterson (IVD) was super fresh; I love the tied up chiffon blouse with the encrusted jeweled skirt. This is a great example of taking a look that is perfect for summer and making it work for colder months. As usual, we both rocked vintage fur. I know, I know...but once you start wearing it when it's super-brr outside, there's nothing warmer! I will choose to be both warm AND fabulous, thank you! Her envelope clutch is killer and I love how she mixes slightly different shades of nude to create a softer, feminine look with a masculine flavor from the buttoned-up top.

Photo of me courtesy of Elise; when we got back to my apartment and figured out we hadn't documented ourselves! My hat and mink are courtesy of IVD, and my fabulous 1940's-inspired silk pants were a sneaky backroom sale from Anthro. I love the classic lines of the hat and veil, and even though it's a little kooky was really excited to wear it. Life is too short not to rock a big hat! Besides, I'd rather be That Girl In the Hat than a lot of other things!

This last photo is not really up to snuff in terms of quality, but I included it anyway for it's energy; the free-spirited fun vibe between Elise and I in the entryway of my building is completely indicative of our style partner in crime relationship. I love how sassy fresh this is!

We then went inside, took our crazy heels off, and ate pasta on the couch. Sometimes the best nights end the most simply. 

Demigods Helping the Homeless Party

Several weeks ago, I shot a series of documentary photos for the Real Demigods to raise awareness of homelessness in DC. In addition, there was a campaign launch event at Smith Commons, where professional street artist Gregg Deal turned several of my photos into insanely gorgeous, enormous pieces of art live. You can view his stuff (mine is the last one at the bottom of the page) HERE. Here are a few images that I captured during the event.

 This photo of me was snapped by my stylist and friend Elise Peterson.  I really don’t think there is anything more chic than a sensual black cashmere turtleneck. I’m pretty tall (5’9”) to begin with, so those killer platforms give me an even more extreme height advantage.  

Local stylist Quincy Jones came out to chill with us; I always love shooting and chatting with him! 

Quincy and my stylist Elise, who is wearing vintage Versace and fur (per usual).

Local artist Trey Smith introduced me to Allagash; my loves for whiskey and good beer finally unite!

I have gads of photos backlogged that I am excited to share with you, from my trip to NYC and otherwise. I’m inundated with parties this week and will be traveling back to NYC again this coming weekend, so I’m a little slow in churning those out but will do the best I can. Cheers!

Classic Graphic

Here are some shots from my event marathon last Thursday. I love the classic vibe of all of these shots, and the major role the light plays in setting the tone. 

As promised, here's a photo of my new haircut. Many thanks to superstar hair stylist Tyler Larish for having me over for beers while he cut my hair at his house; it's so much more fun to pow wow with your stylist when you're friends to boot! I love the Joan Jett/Bettie Page love-child vibe; I had really rock and roll hair for years and am happy to get back to something more rough and tumble. Plus I'm always a fan of looks that look better on day two!

Sneak Preview: Tweed Ride Photo Shoot

Hey team. As I mentioned before, I partnered with Dandies and Quaintrelles to produce and photograph the promotional photo shoot for the upcoming Tweed Ride. In a day and a half, I gathered an amazing team and gorgeous vintage from It's Vintage Darling, Pretty People Vintage, and the private collections of the stylists on the shoot (myself, Kimee, and Elise) that made the photo shoot go flawlessly on Sunday. The clothes were such an important part of the shoot, so thank you to the local vintage shops who so generously lent us pieces from their incredible collection. The ladies looked amazing and did a great job!

I'm excited to bring you the photos, full details, and the low-down on who was involved later tonight, but in the meantime here are two photos to get you in a tweedy mood. Don't forget to RSVP for the Tweed Ride and after party here. The party always sells out and will be absolutely fabulous. More details after the jump.

PS - My leather pants are vintage Max Mara. This buttery soft hotness was $34. YES. 

Shannon Cusello of Immortal Beloved, wearing a vintage Miss Dior hat

The fabulous creative team: Kimee Brown (assistant stylist), Michelle German (makeup), Elise Peterson (head stylist), and myself. 

Behind the Scenes: Vintage Photo Shoot {Styling}

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been prepping like mad for a photo shoot. I am partnering with Dandies and Quaintrelles to produce and shoot their promotional campaign for this year's Tweed Ride. We will be shooting at Smith Commons in the H St. corridor, where the after-ride party will also occur. I spent several hours last night and today working with my fabulous stylist Elise Peterson, who is the buyer for It's Vintage Darling. We had an absolute blast going through several vintage shops, their back rooms, and secret stashes to find the most tweed-tastic fashions for the shoot. 

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots to whet your appetite for the shoot and the ride, which is next Sunday, November 13. I'll be posting for D&Q all week on top of my regular posts here, so be sure to check them out. 

Register for the ride here, and get your tickets to the sure-to-sell-out after ride party here. Hope to see you there in all your dapper duds!

All photos of me by Elise Peterson. 

Fashion District Meet and Greet

A couple weeks ago I went to the ReadySetDC Fashion:District Meet and Greet. It was a night filled with fabulous friends dressed to the nines...and my camera died after three photos. Eep! Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry; that'll teach me to get too excited about velvet pants and not enough about charging my camera! Haha. 

I love this sheer houndstooth with vintage necklace and harder leather to anchor it; she has a great balance of textures! You know I love a fellow lady in a red lip too. 

Spotted Out: Fashion District Meet/Greet

Here are a pair of photos of me from ReadySetDC's Fashion District, courtesy of Spicy Candy DC and ReadySetDC's own Steve VanSickle. You KNOW I love those velvet pants! I'm chatting with one half of the stylish gentlemen behind Derringer Friday. These boys from Athens, GA love vintage cars, whiskey, and a handcrafted, quirky tie, so obviously we get along swimmingly. Thank you to Jordan Culberson and ReadySetDC for hosting, it was a blast to meet the designers and bop around with some of the style set. 

Spotted: Out at DC Here Now Party

I was spotted by ReadySetDC photographer Jordan Culberson at last night's party for area street fashion photographer Emily of DC Here Now. Hosted by The Dunes, the event was an intimate, lighthearted gathering of friends, family, photographic subjects, and fans. The mix proved to be breezy and fabulous; there were plenty of people to meet, cameras to pose for, and fashion to be admired ("Ah! Darling! Fabulous! It's all happening for me, I'm loving it! Turn your chin to the left, yes, catch the light...perfect! You're killing it!" Yes, my fashion side is 70% drag queen). 

Vintage blouse and shoes (permanently borrowed from my mother's collection), BCBG skirt, raw silk and filigree necklace from Istanbul, lost-without-it leather satchel from Florence, Italy.

My fabulous friend is rocking through with vintage and Missoni for that mix! 

I took some snaps at the party as well, and will share them ASAP.

Spotted: Out at Mighty Aphrodite

So this past weekend, I went to the Mighty Aphrodite performance art fashion installation. Held at the Wonderbox! warehouse, the event was put on by DemiGods, stylist Quincy Jones (whose bowtie and fingerwaves were FABULOUS!), and Khalil Muhsin. It was 105 degrees, but the crowd was looking hot in other ways too. Everyone was dressed to the 9's...I've never failed so horribly at not having my camera. 

Luckily, ReadySetDC covered the event and captured myself and two friends lounging before the event started! Check out their coverage for the details, but here's the photo they snapped of us. 

Apartment Therapy Meet-up, CB2 Style

As I mentioned before in this post that was nicely featured here by the wonderful Desiré  at Sukio Design, this past week I attended the Apartment Therapy DC Meet-up at CB2 in Georgetown. Now let me say that while I love old charm and original detailing, it takes something truly special for me to trek all the way out to Georgetown, particularly on a day with sizzling three-digit temperatures. 

Hot mess. 

But! Away I went in my favorite vintage Diane von Furstenberg dress, determined to spend some quality (air conditioned) time with some of the design trend setters of DC. 

CB2 graciously hosted a pre-party event for the style and design bloggers to allow us first-look at the store. I had a blast photographing the space and connecting with other bloggers; it's always such a treat to spend time with the stylish ladies that I'm friends with in the group! 

Pictured below is Andrew Pippins, designer and blogger extraordinaire on the site Fly Girls. Her site is a carefully curated design blog that pulls inspiration from a myriad of sources in a way that speaks to her impeccable style (just LOOK at her outfit below! The jewelry! The jumper! How cute, yes?).

Also below are Kia from Determined Design (check out her shoes), Jake from CB2 with his delish mixed prints, and Jeanna Grimes, whose vintage style I have blogged about before. From the interior design set are the stylish Ms. V Carr of Idra the Agency and Desiré of Sukio Design. 

Enjoy the photos below! Andrea and I are going to the Butler + Claypool fashion mixer today...and you know I'll have my camera to document all the vintage. It's in my neighborhood, so you know I'm going to struggle city back through the heat with loads of new goodies!

Event: Apartment Therapy Meet-up {Sukio Design}

Hi, my name is Katie and I am addicted to Apartment Therapy

(all together now...)

Hi Katie!

The first step of addiction is admitting you have a problem, but I was proud to admit my love of the renowned interior design website at a recent Apartment Therapy meet-up at Sukio Design here in the art district of The District. The attendees were fashionable and friendly, the decor divine, and speakers gracious and eloquent. With some wine and finger foods, we had a fabulous time listening to speaker Jill Sorenson, interior designer and founder of Live Like You, talk about her design process and inspirations. If you are into design, this website is pure catnip. 

Photos from the soirée below...enjoy! I'll certainly be attending and blogging about future Apartment Therapy parties in the future, so keep an eye out. ;)