Worn Magazine Issue 4 Party

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing the Worn Magazine Issue 4 launch party at Capitol Skyline Hotel. The space was fantastically mid-century mod feel, the crowd was stylish, and the weather behaved itself, mostly. I went shooting on assignment for Washingtonian Magazine, which you can check out HERE.

The Worn team of Nicole Aguirre and Eric Brewer did a great host as graceful hostess and host; thank you for having me! Enjoy the passel of photos below, being sure to go all the way to the end for a truly WILD portrait of Eliot Payne. 

What I wore - gold brocade crop tuxedo pants (Anthropologie), leather bomber (Zara), silk ruffled shirt (BCBG), olive green booties (Modern Vintage, from Gilt), handmade leather tassel earrings (Butler + Claypool), vintage 1940s Swedish military bag (Foundry). Love that she and I match with the gold!

Bespoke menswear designer Sim Khan

Holley Simmons, Washington Post

Haya Tetroashvili

Freddy Reyes

Martin Swift, painter

Deena Odelle Hyatt

Erin Derge, Ginger Root Designs

Victory Zapanta, designer

Eric Channing Brewer, founder of Dandies & Quaintrelles, Creative Director of Worn Magazine and Worn Abroad

Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre (being typically whimsical haha)

Beth Rogers, the Daily Rider

This is my favorite portrait in the set. Beautiful.

Manly men, in skirts

Martin has a delightful man van, perfect for packing in artist friends to hit the town!

Martin, in his element. Perfect placement of this car, yes? Love it.

GoKate Fall Into My Style

Happy Tuesday! I'm buried in work but happily clocking insane hours doing things I love. Isn't that the best? That doesn't mean that there won't be style here! I've had the pleasure of doing lots of stylish things recently, meeting lots of new people, and have gotten my own picture taken a new times, so I thought I'd share. 

The first photo is from Washingtonian Magazine's Style Setters party, where I bumped into a passel of stylish friends and photo subjects. I wore my new buttery-soft Erro leather and suede leather pants that are tight tight tight but fabulously comfortable, a paper-thin classic white tee, a studded vest from my stint living in Barcelona, handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, Dita glasses (I'm not-so-secretly a nerd girl), a lip (per usual), and some insane stilettos - I had just hopped off the plane from a week on the West coast and just couldn't do anything more involved. I was glad to do the whole model-off-duty relaxed thing though, and was impossibly comfortable for what ended up being a wild night at Que Sera for the after after party.

The second photo is from the Washington Post - they snapped me when I was out and about shooting in Georgetown for Fashion's Night Out (check out my feature in Refinery 29 HERE and all the other shots HERE) and included me as the header photo of their write-up, HERE. So sweet! I'm pretty tall, so when I saw a shorter girl with this sumptuous silk slitted skirt at the Gilt City warehouse sale, I followed her around for the better part of an hour until she realized it was too long for her. Score! I paired it with a classic white tank (trend?), a vintage Hermes scarf, and a vintage bangle from New York. There were also some serious red platforms here - so much fun!

More soon - I have wild photos to share, so stay tuned! In Uber news, I'm proud to announce this series of driver profile films that I produced to share the intimate insights of the drivers. Check it out, there will be a new one up each day this week. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Rikka Johnson

This week for What I Wear to Work, I photographed the lovely Rikka Johnson, manager of Wolfgang Puck's The Source. We had a whirlwind shoot where we raved about designer shoes, wearing family heirloom rings, and mutual appreciation for a robust drink at the end of a long day. I loved her clean-meets-edgy style, particularly her silk cut dress in red and newsprint print; luckily, we got to shoot at the Newseum, so it was perfect! Enjoy the full feature HERE and outtakes here on the blog. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Shannon Cusello

Photo has introduced me to many people, including my close friend, the adorable and fiesty Shannon Cusello, manager at trendy salon mecca Immortal Beloved. I met Shannon at the Refinery 29 launch last fall (a moment documented HERE), and we've worked on several projects together since then. Her style is very Brigitte Bardot goes to Austin, all voluptuous flaming hair, French silhouettes, and rockstar girlfriend details. 

I had the pleasure of shooting Miss Shannon for Washingtonian Magazine. I'm slightly behind releasing the outtakes, but here they are! Check them out below, and then bop over to the full post HERE. She's also rocking new accessories from DC accessory designer Ciao Nina...who doesn't love beautiful hair flowers, studs, and bows? 

I'm still in SF working and tearing all over town finding little coffee shop nooks, the best giant avocados I've ever had (35 cents for one?!), and swooning over the street style. Though I was warned by friends near and far that I'd love the city, I've been swept off my feet. I'm falling hard for San Francisco... ;)

GoKate Update

Photos taken by Shannon Cusello during this shoot.

I've been brief recently, so let's do a quick GoKate update. I've been shooting more than ever, with intensely interesting projects with my main clients, my fashion section of Washingtonian Magazine and the Corcoran Gallery and School of Art. I am in the midst of shooting a style feature for the September issue of Washingtonian that promises to be inspiring to a wide array of people, and I continue to photograph behind the scenes and student life at the Corcoran as we re-imagine their brand images together. I've been getting a lot of great press, and am excited to have started shooting for the Washington Post and Pinkline Project. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Additionally, I am transitioning to an exciting new job as the co-Community Manager of Uber, a rocking tech start-up that delivers on-demand private drivers via an app on your phone. Why yes, I'd love to arrive in a town car! The company is creative, dynamic, and will capitalize on my love for all things social media, communications, and marketing. They were in Time! Washington Post! NY Times! TechCrunch! On and on...and I can't wait to work for a company that did on-demand BBQ at SXSW last year. Cool? Abso-freaking-lutely. The job will have me working closely with Alex Priest, who may be the only other person in DC who is more hyper than me, and who I'm good friends with...can't wait to get started! 

And finally, I want to thank all of you for following and being so supportive. I am grateful for the opportunity to make work for love and great clients, and adore our dialogue here, on social media, and in person. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Kassie Rempel

Kassie Rempel is on her game. This stylish Washingtonian is the founder of Simply Soles, a shoe company receiving rave reviews for their exceptional selection and exemplary customer service. She also started her own styling business called Kassie's Closet, and is raising a family. Shazam! As a fellow independent woman focused on her career, I found Kassie to be absolutely inspiring, and enjoyed our talk. I had the pleasure of photographing her for the What I Wear to Work column in Washingtonian this week. Check out the whole feature HERE, and outtakes below.

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Hon Fest 2012

HONFEST. I'd never heard of this Baltimore tradition before in my entire, New England-originated life. A "Hon", short for the term of endearment "honey", refers to particularly sassy blue-collar women from the Baltimore neighborhood Hampden. A Hon rocks her beehive high, cat eye glasses, and relishes all things fabulously tacky. Hon Fest celebrates the local "Bawlmer" culture in a weekend-long festival filled with ladies and gentleman alike rocking the essential Hon look. 

I went on assignment for Washingtonian Magazine to document all of the wildness. I may or may not have really, really enjoyed dressing the part. Who says going under cover can't be fabulous? There was high-top hair, cheetah print, and enough hairspray to choke a drag queen...naturally, I loved it. You can find the feature HERE, but I have some of my favorite outtakes below. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Elaine

I photographed the lovely Miss Elaine for my column What I Wear to Work in her gorgeous, completely to-die-for house in the H St corridor...major interior decorator swag on top of great personal style. Look at that color blocking! And the wall paper! So much chic inspiration all the way around. We had a blast shooting on Memorial day, and I'm excited to share a few of the outtakes with you! You can find the whole article HERE

Silver Louboutins. That's really all I need to say. 

Dots add such a whimsical touch to these blood orange pants.

First of all, look at her bedroom. Gorgeous. I'm totally swooning over those pillows, and I love the combination of her peplum skirt color with the teal walls. Yum!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Dwayne Brice

Hey! I'm sorry for the radio silence; I took a much-needed break from blogging for a few days so that I could get some other projects in order. I have some exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share! 

But first, and most importantly, here are some new photos! These images are of Dwayne of Hu's Wear, one of my favorite designer boutiques in the city. I photographed him for Washingtonian Magazine; you can check out those photos HERE. His own style is very inspiring; soft layers with pops of color make him a shoe in for one of DC's most stylish men. He also lives with my good friend Quincy, so they are quite the sartorial roommates. I love his edgy take on neuvo-nerd with pieces by Dries Van Noten, Helmut Lang, and Jil Sander coupled with vintage. 

Looks from the Corcoran Ball

Two weeks ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of photographing the Corcoran Ball, the high-end benefit gala the museum uses to honor their top patrons. This year's guest of honor was His Excellency the Ambassador of France (pictured below), so the entire affair was themed France-meets-America. From the food to the decorations to the music, all of the details focused on developing the fusion of the two cultures. With just a day's notice, I donned a black BCBG runway silk crepe jumpsuit that I've been saving for just such an occasion, and paired it with my signature fushcia lipstick for an elegant, understated look. It was perfect; I was happy that many of the guests complemented me on my look. Success! As my first formal black tie gala, this was one hell of a way to kick things off. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event; if you are looking for a photo and don't see it here, or are curious, you can find my entire set of photos HERE on the Corcoran's Flickr. My favorite trend of the evening was the proliferation of jeweled animal clutches...the leopard was my personal favorite. Enjoy!

My flash mis-fired on this shot, overexposing the subjects...but to great cinematic effect, I think! I love this happy accident, and have a whole series that look just oh so old school Washington DC. 

Bubbly was abound!

A fantastic use of sheers, and an excellent jeweled owl bag

Clutches, abandoned to dance

The ever-lovely Kristin Guiter and Melanie Kimmelman of the Corcoran

In my usual style, I wanted to capture the details and nuances of the attendees looks while showing off their personalities. This stylish attendee was so excited when I asked her to show me her bag!

Our lovely hostess with the French Ambassador

All of the table settings were gorgeous and ornate...and themed to coordinate the art in the rooms. Divine!

A fellow photographer's accessories

Oh Fendi. Yes please. 

Great specs!

The Moulin Rouge room was festooned with feathers and other decorations that lent a slightly elicit feel to the space...perfect.

A little post-work champagne? Don't mind if I do!

Of course, I ran into my old housemate Sara Axelrod and her boyfriend Colin. DC is seriously small. 

Me, in a BCBG runway jumpsuit, with the lovely Oriana in vintage (more on her, I promise!)

The Corcoran PR ladies dancing it out in Club Corcoran!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that of course, I bumped into my lovely editor from Washingtonian Magazine immediately upon arrival...and the team popped me into their photo studio to be photographed while photographing them! Their photo hasn't emerged online, so we'll see where it ends up...print perhaps?

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Jason Edward Tucker

The WW Club menswear speakeasy is tomorrow, so in this week's theme of getting you in the mood, here are some outtakes from my shoot with artist and gallerist Jason Edward Tucker for my column with Sarah Zlotnick in Washingtonian Magazine. You can see the whole thing HERE, but I've also shared photos of Jason HERE and HERE. Jason and I met when I first began photographing for the Corcoran Gallery + School of Art, and we became fast friends through our mutual loves for conceptual art, fur, and a roof deck margarita. Meant to be, clearly. I brought him on board for Thirst ROMP! to do a performance art piece, and we have more plotting projects in the works. I love visiting him at Morton Fine Art, where he works, and am constantly inspired by his deconstructed look.  

This is the second time this week that I've posted about white men's shoes, but seriously, how inspiring and fresh are they? Now ladies, don't get all miffed that I haven't included you; you know as well as I do that there is plenty of outfit inspiration here, particularly with menswear-inspired flats for women (hello, Prada, Phillip Lim). Obsessed. 

More after the jump.

And yes, those are orange socks. Adore.

Fashion District, Spring 2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going to ReadySetDC's Fashion District event, shooting on behalf of Washingtonian Magazine (find my photos and their writeup HERE). Of course, my flash died the instant I walked in the door, leaving me stranded on client assignment to shoot a space FILLED with stylish people. Seriously. Filled. It was like a reunion; almost all of my favorite people were there...and I had no flash. Potential for crisis was high. BUT IT WAS FINE! I actually really like shooting with available light, so I sucked it up, slowed down my shutter, and asked all of my subjects to stand stil please and thank you! And they did! So here are the pictures and I kind of completely love them, because the tone and feel of the evening came through and they show how much fun I had. 

I would label this with pithy and fun captions, but I'm tearing through making a stop motion video and would rather do that, frankly. I'll show you tomorrow, don't worry. 

Extra thanks to the whole Accoutre and Hugh & Crye teams for being complete rockstars, and to Uber for the delightful ride in style. 

Photos of me taken by Philip Soriano.


Jordan Culberson, the mastermind behind the event

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Erika Sanchez

Erika Sanchez is the most laid back glamour girl you've ever met. Despite the 6" leopard heels (swoon!) and seriously va-va-voom hair, this media strategist doesn't let her style go to her head. I photographed her in her office at one of the adversity juggernauts of DC on Sunday afternoon, and we just had a ball bopping around, styling her outfits, and taking photos for my column in Washingtonian Magazine (HERE).  She has a really neat perspective on style and makes affordable pieces look high-end, which I love! 

These tights are killer. Adore.

Her color palette is so much fun! Coral, and turquoise, and chartreuse, oh my!

Jaguar ring? Meow.

As a fellow wearer of metallic pants, I definitely cosign this look.

There is SO MUCH YES with all of these graphic prints and neon! Whee!

Many thanks again to the lovely Erika Sanchez for her impeccable style and hospitality, and to Sarah Zlotnick of Washingtonian. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Meredith Carter

Here are the digital outtakes from my shoot with Meredith Carter of The Shirt, for Washingtonian Magazine. You can see the full article HERE and some fully awesome film shots of here HERE. Enjoy these whimsical photos of her apartment, stylish pooch Henry, and work space. Adore! I'm particularly obsessed with her neon-soled brogues...helllllllo sexy fem take on menswear!



Film: Meredith Carter

Here are some film images I took during the shoot with the lovely Meredith Carter, Creative Director of The Shirt for Washingtonian Magazine (read the whole article HERE). There was a mild snafu with my old and beastly camera pulling the film off the spool, causing it to ruin the last several frames and add light spills (read: crazy colors) to several others. I love them! The lack of control leads to wonderful surprises; my favorite is this portrait.  

Meredith and I had a delightful shoot despite my own rocky start to the day (alarm clock fail, traffic, no cabs, double coffee spill), and hit it off right away. We have a few mutual friends, similar perspectives on life and hard work, and both have backgrounds in dance, so we had a LOT to talk about! 

I'll have all of the digital outtakes coming up soon too, so check back for photos of Meredith's space, inspiration boards, and more outfits. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Zoe Pollock


Several weeks ago, I photographed Zoe Pollock for my column in Washingtonian Magazine. The lovely Miss Z is an intense thrift addict who is one of the style minds behind Trash Cat Collective, which recently had a wildly successful pop-up and Fashion/Design Nerd Nite (at which I spoke). I loved shooting with Zoe though, and we had THE BEST time working together! I arrived at her apartment half an hour early (entirely by accident...those of you who know me know that I am always a slightly flustered, "fashionable" 10 minutes late for everything!). She brought a bottle of champagne and a friend and then suddenly we had a  tiny festive party! We had a ball photographing her unique vintage pieces that are all filled with wonderful stories that she is more than happy to tell. 

I love when old becomes new again; her pajama top-turned blouse is completely on trend with the full pajama suits that brave fashionistas in Paris have been rocking for a couple of seasons now. Plus her apartment is DIVINE!





And she collects really cool antique industrial metal. Neat!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Necessary & Proper Editorial

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the stylish founders of Necessary & Proper, a DC style blog devoted to what I'm roundly enjoying calling high-prep with a twist. Van and Lauren and I had a blast photographing their color-infused wardrobes. So much fun! Though I am very much the opposite of preppy (I own 3 pairs of motorcycle/combat boots), I appreciate their attention to detail, impeccable eye for color, and sense of whimsy. Van used to work for Ralph Lauren corporate and Hermes, which influenced the evolution of his style. Lauren tends to go for classic, chic pieces that she styles in a fresh, modern way. 

Anyway, less talking more photos. Don't worry, there are LOADS of them here, I just couldn't pick so I posted them all. ENJOY!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Eric Schulze's Grand Style Luncheon

For my column for Washingtonian's What I Wear to Work, this week features brilliant FDA biologist  and Thirst co-founder Eric Schulze. I met Eric when I approached him at Busboys and Poets HERE, and we've been friends ever since. I'm giving a talk for Thirst next month, so we started hanging out to discuss my talk and never stopped. When I told him that Washingtonian wanted to run an article on him and that I would need to come to his house to do the shoot, he went big. Instead of just quietly going through his closet and meeting up, Eric threw an impromptu Grand Southern Luncheon at his apartment in honor of the shoot. Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne joined me to help Eric with styling, and several other Thirst team members came to sample Eric's INCREDIBLE Southern cooking. The man approaches the kitchen the way he does a lab (brilliantly), but with delicious results. He also invited DJ Jelani of U Street Music Hall to spin, and an incredible mixologist who created FOUR custom cocktails for the event. 

Seriously. Four. What the what. AH-MAH-ZING. 

Enjoy these fun photos that did not make it into the Washingtonian article, which you can check out HERE

The custom cocktails were absolutely to die for. Also, one was named after a llama, which is always hilarious. 


The first round...

Eliot helping Eric choose a bow tie. Eliot is average height, but Eric is 6'6", in case you couldn't tell from the article photos. The man is TALL. 

Jelani was spinning it!

Annnnnd this is the segment in which Eliot puts a bow tie on the cat. Who is named Honey Bear. OBVIOUSLY. Hilarity ensues. 

On to the pocket sqaures...and the next round.

Eric was just such a good sport about me photographing him in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic! I love this...about to get hit by a bus but still fixing his bow tie! 

Those are pills on his socks. Yes, because he works for the FDA. GET IT?! Who says scientists don't have senses of humor?! Hehe. 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian Magazine: Maggie Hoak

GREAT NEWS! Today is the launch of the new column I'm shooting for Washingtonian magazine that profiles what stylish DCers are wearing to work to get their sartorial flair on in the board room. I love the process of shooting these; I get to meet intelligent, stylish people, so to their homes, and hang out as long as it takes to photograph them. You know I love talking to any and everyone, so this is a very apt assignment for me. 

The first post is on Maggie Hoak, who works for DC culture mecca the Kennedy Center. Though her office attire is filled with twisted basics by Rag & Bone and apt pattern mixes (not unlike her apartment, as you'll see), it is the need for her to own an extensive black tie wardrobe for work that had me all jealous. Here are some of my favorite shots that didn't make it into the column, but check out the whole post with an interview by the unmatched editorial whirlwind Sarah Zlotnick HERE

I loved Maggie's apartment as much as I did her wardrobe, and was particularly jealous of her amazing octopus triptych. You know how I love a good octopus

The What I Wear to Work column will be running every Wednesday, so keep checking back here for my favorite outtakes.