Know Fashion: Behind the Scenes

As I mentioned, I made a short fashion film for the Know Fashion event and did a large-scale video installation (check it out HERE), so of course I had to attend in full GoKate flair. I wore a men's white button shirt as a minidress, leopard-print tights, and some killer 6" heels (seriously still feeling them!). It was a blast, but of course I couldn't resist take some snaps of the party and backstage with all the models as well. ;) Enjoy...there may even be a little video soon as well. Maybe. 

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Eliot Payne, designer at Accoutre

Freddy Reyes

The Stussy/Commonwealth team looked streetwear fresh, as usual

Stylist Quincy Jones getting styled by Eliot Payne for the Accoutre runway

Usual silliness.

Victor Zapanta, original badass

Dioni Rey, who brought the house down with her swag and walk

Eric Schulze, co-founder of Thirst DC

Perfect layering. Seriously. 

Songstress Deena Odelle Hyatt, effortless

Sequins on fur on natural hair and great attitude? Sold.

So many people dress for others, or dress to impress, but Natalie just has an excellent sense of effortless style in how she carries herself.


Actresses Catalina Lavalle and Melinda Diachenko

The perfectly glamourous, effervescent smile.

Runway from the Kolton J. presentation

Getting up close and personal with Tabi Bonney for his performance


Lisa Markuson channeling a modern swing on French style

I love Ashley's studded jacket (who, me? Loving studs? WHAT?!) ;) 

Best menswear look of the evening? Yes.

Best duo of the evening, form the print to the headwear and hair - excellent

Saved one of my favorite's for last - Stef's smile and "bows on bows on bows" for Accoutre are so much fun!

Suit Supply Opening Party

My love for (shooting) men(swear) is well-documented, so when I was invited to the opening of the new Suit Supply store here in DC of course I went. One of my good stylish guy friends is helping to run it, so I was more than happy to find out that the Dutch retailer was arriving in DC. Of course, the party attendees were lovely and stylish and I was excited to see so many friends in one room. 

Snaps abound, of course! Check them out, and enjoy. 

Quick Kate updates before the jump: 

I'm shooting for Refinery 29 for Fashion's Night Out, and am looking forward to documenting all of the wild shopping style. Come out and find me to have me take your picture.

After a night filled with leather, sequins, and my favorite subjects, I'm dashing onto a flight to San Francisco for another West Coast adventure. Hurray! This time, it'll be a couple of days in SF then off to Lake Tahoe for some serious end-of-summer fun with the Uber team. 

Then it's back to DC in time for Washingtonian's Style Setters party and loads of other fun things.

Also in there are an adorable pair of foster kittens named CUBBY and GIBS (baby kittens!), new sets of photos, and some completely killer new additions to my wardrobe for fall. You can follow it all here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with different stuff on each. 
Phew! Can't wait...hold onto your hats. 

Dries Van Noten shorts? Oh yes.

Dwayne Brice is always impeccable.

Freddy Reyes' post-post-collegiate look was a rock and roll take on classics, and his Mickey Mouse watch pretty much made my night.

Quincy Jones, of course!

A little yummy Celine

High end boutique owner Marlene  Hu Aldaba had my favorite look of the evening...and I really enjoy her asymmetrical haircut. 

Freddy chatting with my style partner-in-crime Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre

The WW Club: The Photos

You asked, so here they are; I'm happy to present a few photos I took at the smash hit WW Club speakeasy style event we threw last week. I restrained myself from sharing most of the burlesque photos in order to keep things family-friendly around here (Hi Dad!), but I know all of you have appropriately vivid imaginations and elephantine memories. ;) You came, you drank, you impressed the hell out of us; well done, Washington! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again; many thanks to...
Style goddess Elise Peterson for being an excellent partner-in-crime
Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne
Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective

Our star performers...
Burlesque queen Cherrie Sweetbottom
Songstress Alison Carney
DJ Spinser Tracy
Style collective Prepster Punk
Fidgety Feet dance troupe extraordinaire

And our lovely partners in style, for the event and look books...
Jack Spade
Alton Lane
Hugh &Crye
Ginger Root Design
The Good Kin
Streets of Georgetown 
It's Vintage Darling
Dr. K's Vintage

Also, I think you'd like to know that WE DRANK 29 BOTTLES OF WHISKEY. Rock star studs, all of you (ladies included, I know you know how to knock 'em back too)! Looking forward to raising the bar (and a glass) again next time. Cheers!

Fashion District, Spring 2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going to ReadySetDC's Fashion District event, shooting on behalf of Washingtonian Magazine (find my photos and their writeup HERE). Of course, my flash died the instant I walked in the door, leaving me stranded on client assignment to shoot a space FILLED with stylish people. Seriously. Filled. It was like a reunion; almost all of my favorite people were there...and I had no flash. Potential for crisis was high. BUT IT WAS FINE! I actually really like shooting with available light, so I sucked it up, slowed down my shutter, and asked all of my subjects to stand stil please and thank you! And they did! So here are the pictures and I kind of completely love them, because the tone and feel of the evening came through and they show how much fun I had. 

I would label this with pithy and fun captions, but I'm tearing through making a stop motion video and would rather do that, frankly. I'll show you tomorrow, don't worry. 

Extra thanks to the whole Accoutre and Hugh & Crye teams for being complete rockstars, and to Uber for the delightful ride in style. 

Photos of me taken by Philip Soriano.


Jordan Culberson, the mastermind behind the event

Behind the Scenes of Eric Schulze for DC Modern Luxury

Here were some of my favorite photos that did not make it into my feature in DC Modern Luxury Magazine (which you can see on page 60 HERE). Part of what I love to do on this little blog is share some behind-the-scenes secrets of the shoots I go on, and there are two I'd like to share here. The first is about the styling; my subject Eric Schulze has brilliant taste in clothes, but even those with a trained eye need an expert opinion now and then...which is where Eliot Payne of Accoutre comes in. With an impeccable attention to detail and ease with clients, Eliot is my go-to menswear stylist. He's also good friends with Eric now, so he was a natural choice to help him get his looks together for our shoot. Eliot and I talk about styling and sartorial choice all the time (and send each other outfits for approval), so I know that we are on the same page while constantly challenging one another. 

In the first look above, he layered a colorful button-up with a denim shirt, tweed blazer, and bow tie to create a high-low, work wear meets rugged urban man look that we're going crazy for right now. 

In the second look seen below, they guys kept it a little more dressy with a wool vest and blazer...but mixed with a springtime lavender shirt and bow tie become undeniably cool. 

The second tidbit I'd like to share is about the location. I'm a shoot from the hip, spontaneous photographer, but I did want to plan a location for the magazine shoot that would give us some space to work with. The morning of the shoot around 8am, I called up the Tabard Inn in Dupont and asked if they had any spaces we could use for the the morning. They were more than happy to oblige, and gave us this gorgeous banquet room with colors that matched our styled looks perfectly! And the light was life altering (a sentiment only felt by true photographers...I had a photo nerd moment for sure, lol). So exciting!

Many thanks to Eliot Payne, Tabard Inn, and my assistant Craig Hudson for all of their help. 
Enjoy these stylish snaps of Eric!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Eric Schulze's Grand Style Luncheon

For my column for Washingtonian's What I Wear to Work, this week features brilliant FDA biologist  and Thirst co-founder Eric Schulze. I met Eric when I approached him at Busboys and Poets HERE, and we've been friends ever since. I'm giving a talk for Thirst next month, so we started hanging out to discuss my talk and never stopped. When I told him that Washingtonian wanted to run an article on him and that I would need to come to his house to do the shoot, he went big. Instead of just quietly going through his closet and meeting up, Eric threw an impromptu Grand Southern Luncheon at his apartment in honor of the shoot. Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne joined me to help Eric with styling, and several other Thirst team members came to sample Eric's INCREDIBLE Southern cooking. The man approaches the kitchen the way he does a lab (brilliantly), but with delicious results. He also invited DJ Jelani of U Street Music Hall to spin, and an incredible mixologist who created FOUR custom cocktails for the event. 

Seriously. Four. What the what. AH-MAH-ZING. 

Enjoy these fun photos that did not make it into the Washingtonian article, which you can check out HERE

The custom cocktails were absolutely to die for. Also, one was named after a llama, which is always hilarious. 


The first round...

Eliot helping Eric choose a bow tie. Eliot is average height, but Eric is 6'6", in case you couldn't tell from the article photos. The man is TALL. 

Jelani was spinning it!

Annnnnd this is the segment in which Eliot puts a bow tie on the cat. Who is named Honey Bear. OBVIOUSLY. Hilarity ensues. 

On to the pocket sqaures...and the next round.

Eric was just such a good sport about me photographing him in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic! I love this...about to get hit by a bus but still fixing his bow tie! 

Those are pills on his socks. Yes, because he works for the FDA. GET IT?! Who says scientists don't have senses of humor?! Hehe. 

Eliot Payne: Bow Ties Gone Wild

It's official; Accoutre bow tie designer Eliot Payne is OUT OF CONTROL about bow ties! I love it! No one gets me quite as excited about menswear as he does; so excited, in fact, that when Eliot asked me to be Creative Director of Accoutre, I happily accepted. 

Eliot makes me excited about bow ties for several reasons:

1. He approaches bow ties, men's styling in general, and life with a sense of humor that is unmatched in DC. These photos illustrate that; he completely changed his outfit FOUR TIMES in under ten minutes at It's Vintage Darling out of sheer excitement. Would YOU pair a bow tie with a gas mask, or velvet riding helmet? Nope. Me neither, but Eliot makes it make perfect sense while maintaining his impeccable eye for trends. Chambray shirt? Colorful pants? Letterman jacket? All solid menswear trends that are exploding right now. Add a gas mask and it becomes humorous, stylish gold. 

2. Eliot works Twitter like no other. His sense of humor and distinctive personality makes his Twitter well worth following. His interactions with well-known menswear brands like Bonobos are legendary, and does a great job keeping the creep-factor low and friendly-factor high. 

How did Eliot and I meet and become friends? Twitter. Yep! He tweeted me during the Tweed Ride photo shoot, I saw he was wearing a dapper bow tie, invited him to come, and multiple slices of pie and some photos later a friendship was made. #bowtiesmakeusfrisky indeed. 

3. Eliot and I are both exuberant over-communicators. We email, chat, tweet, text, and carrier pigeon about style, bow ties, and life constantly, always offering a pearl of wisdom, gentle judgment, or ALSKDFJKDJF!!!! of excitement. You know the friends that are just as excited for you as you are for you? Eliot is one of those. And so at the end of the day when I delete emails, more often than not my trash is filled with photo attachments of style inspirations, new bow tie fabrics, and other sundry Accoutre-related paraphernalia. 

4. The man looks damn good in a beard. And that is not a small feat. But I applaud, sir. 

I hope you are as inspired by my sartorial friend as I am!