Plum Dana

This is Dana, a DC-based model with whom I am working for an upcoming project for a magazine. We met up earlier this week to chat about her hair, which has plum tones woven throughout. Beautiful, and so dreamy! I wanted to bring those colors out in post-production, and capture her intensely green eyes. I'm really happy with this outtake and excited to share more soon. We've talked about stylish hair here before, so I thought I'd offer some sartorial goodness in that department.  

Shot By: Roberto Schiwon

Frequently I step out from behind the camera and agree to model for artists and photographers. This is a shot by Roberto Schiwon, one of my dear friends here in the Hudson Valley. We traipsed out into the woods one evening after dinner and took a few test shots...a full shoot is coming soon. He wanted something a little intense and creepy - I think he captured that. 

Featured: Silver Needle Fashion Show Look Book

 Despite my staunch background in business, my closest friends (and blog followers, natch) know that I'm an art girl at heart. And going where I go for school, I am blessed with having a dramatic and glitter-incrusted fashion department filled with designers, merchandisers, and fashionistas galore at my fingertips when I need my fashion fix. While my friends at other colleges relish in going to class in sweatpants, every day is an excuse to get dressed up and try something a little wild here. Zebra print heels to the library on a Tuesday afternoon? Yes please! And you know those fashion divas get cranky if you don't show up just so. Pressure's on, biddies! 

Clearly that scene isn't for everyone, but as a girl who grew up loving her special occasion dresses and lamenting that she couldn't wear them every day, this set-up is pretty sweet. And with loads of my fabulous friends working in fashion, I couldn't help but get involved myself (darn!). Over the years I've done a lot of different things, but have modeled for the department's prestigious Silver Needle Fashion Show for several years. The competition to get garments into the show is stiff, with the presentations to the department staff for a panel judging during the harrowing and hellish Runway Ready Weekend. There are photo shoots, professional hair and make-up people, a dress rehearsal, and of course, the Look Book. The Look Book features the top designers and is presented to the front-row ticket holders in their goodie bags. The pair of show always sell out the biggest venue in the region, so those front row seats can go for big bucks. The show is this Thursday, May 5 at 2pm and 8pm and tickets can be bought at You know I'm totally hyper to walk in the show! Plus it's nice to hang out with other tall ladies all day...for once I'm not the tallest in the room.

Here's a proof of me from the Look Book photo shoot with Michael Polito. I'm wearing Elizabeth Ward, whose collection was inspired by the space race of the 1960's and David Bowie. Fabulous, yes? She made all of the fabrics I'm wearing with surface manipulations. Loves it! 

Featured by Armani: Frames of Your Life

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of modeling for Armani's Frames of Your Life campaign in NYC. 
(You should have seen me when I got cast, I frightened half the library!)
Tommy Ton of the acclaimed street style blog Jak & Jil shot the campaign, capturing authentic New York style accented by Armani's new line of eyewear. I had a blast meeting up with Tommy and his team in the West Village...the whole shoot only took about 10 minutes. 

"Hi, hello, nice to meet you, love your Burton laptop bag (of all things)! Put on these sunglasses, OK great, looking fantastic, pretend to hail a cab." snap snap snap snap snap, "OK got it, oh yes sign that release yep right there, perfect. OK put on these eyeglasses and walk down those stairs of that stoop. Yep that one right there." snap snap snap "Go back up and come down one more time" snap snap snap snap. "OK perfect, got it. We're done." 

That was it.  

And then Armani threw us a party in SOHO, which I missed (by two hours, gahhh!) because I was out of town for job interviews. Boo.

But it was fun! And I figured out that there really is very little magic that goes into street blogs, just being in the right place and finding the right people to shoot. 

So here are screenshots of the photos, and you can check the whole campaign out and vote for your favorite look (perhaps one little vote for me, eh?) here. Thanks, cheers!


After a weekend of photography, I'd say I'm burned out, except this time I was modeling. The talented Jesse Hawk came up for a couple of days, and we did an outdoor shoot at the Vanderbilt, a studio shoot, and then he came and assisted at yesterday's Steampunk shoot. I had a blast shooting with the group at the Haunted shoot (which you can see in a variety of previous posts from last month), but this time I wanted to be in front of the camera. Here is a preliminary shot from Roberto Schiwon, my wild German photo companion. I had a great time rocking the hair and goggles and generally making a scene. We got some fabulous pictures and then ate German food, drank German beers, and relaxed to plan an upcoming event on December 11th that promises to be the party to be at. Secretive, yes, for now...