Hirshhorn Hang Out

In my first day off in a long time, Martin Swift and I went to the Hirshhorn to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. Everyone's raving about it, and with good reason - while controversial, the work is incredibly beautiful and artisanal. Here are a few quiet photos of Martin and I dressed casually to bop around the gallery. I'm wearing a vintage mink hat, scarf by local knitwear designer Denada Design, leopard coat from a boutique in Vermont, and Frye booties. The light dusting of snow was perfect! 

Submerge 2012 Opening Weekend

This weekend, I showed my work for the first time, at Submerge DC. So many things happened this weekend, I just thought I'd do a SUPER POST and tell the whole story. Enjoy!

Entitled Vitalitat, my show told a complex visual narrative of my dear friends Eva and Kerry, who passed away this past January in a tragic house fire. You can read about what happened and see more of the original images here

It took me two weeks of difficulty sleeping and several very insightful creative friends' input (infinite thanks to Michelle Ferng, Eliot Payne, Martin Swift, and Eric Schulze for being so wonderful) to narrow down 40 images to the 8 that I printed and framed to show; the process was emotionally and artistically draining since the work is so personal. I added the hand-written prose piece on the left for the public opening after struggling to tell the story behind the images to people who went through the work the evening before; I didn't want to run the risk of the context being lost, and loved the idea of putting my own physical mark ont he space itself. 

My work is accompanied by a piece by my artist and dear friend, Brandon Hill. Below is what the final installation looks like. 

I met them on the hill overlooking the river, 
the Hudson. 
They knew to dance in the sun, all 
sinew and limbs. 
They were best friends and we became friends.

In January 2012, 9 months after these photos, 
Eva and Kerry passed away in a tragic house fire. 
They Vitalitat lives on. 

Martin Swift saved the day week, helping me run all over town, keeping me caffeinated, chilled, and helping me install the work the evening before the show. I took this short series of portraits of him one afternoon during a quick coffee meetup, because the light was incredible, and sort of completely adore them in their magical everyday-ness. 

2000 people came to the soft opening of the show, since it was the DCWEEK Closing Party, and boy, was it one hell of a party! Friend and exceptional DJ Jerome Baker III (the "DJ's DJ" someone said) was on the decks, and the space was packed to the nines with techies, creatives, scenesters, and Washingtonians looking for good art and a good time. 

I was exhausted after installing my show, creating a short film for the Ford Artist Grant that was screened at the party (no worries, I'm releasing this week!), and putting together another short film that I'll put out soon. Two fims and a show, all put together in 4 days? Phew! Despite all that, I had a great time at the party!

A hand-made journal, for writers or artists who need to roll a cigarette while they get their creative on...brilliant little thing. 

The organizers and other artists showing and attending Submerge are among my close friends here in DC, and after the public leaves, everyone just kicks back to relax. These are my favorite moments to photograph; everyone has incredible personal style (I met many of them by photographing them), but it's effortless, and the clothes never wear them. This kind of style isn't playing dress-up, or putting on a costume. It's narrative.

Benevolent Media founder Erika and Peter Chang of No Kings Collective share a rare moment of quiet.

It was a pleasure running into DC fashion icon Anchyi Wei both Friday and Saturday and chatting about how we met - I took her photo, of course! 

Shoe swoon.

Fellow photog and general creative Jill-of-all-trades Tré came out!

Josef Palermo celebrates Rah-Jah Kelly's birthday with him!

Add Micah Greenberg to the mix and things always get colorful...and infinitely stylish!

Best. Birthday. Picture. Ever.

And then occasionally, I'll end up in front of the camera, like the old days, with some of my favorites. Silliness with Eliot Payne, Tré, and actress Catalina Lavalle, ahoy! 

I'm wearing handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, a necklace from my travels in Istanbul, a Zara top, lace shorts and lace stockings. 

Ziggy Stardust and BIG NEWS

I love Halloween, and always have. What?! It is now socially acceptable for me to wear this insane hat/facial glitter/period-era Civil War ball gown?! I'm in. 

Being the rock and roll-loving girl that I am, this year I opted for a fem take on David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, complete with face makeup, slick-back, and silver bodysuit. A little much? Of course, that's how you know my love is reeeeeal! You can find my full look (complete with dragstar Vogueing) in this set of pictures HERE, but these are two multiple exposure self portraits I created to document the look. Enjoy!

I'm showing my work twice in the next two weeks or so! 
I was selected by Ford (yes, the car company) and DC Week creators iStrategyLabs to receive their Ford Artist Grant and create an installation for the upcoming DC Week Closing Party. That will be November 7th, here in DC, and you can find details and tickets to the party at the DC Week website.

I'm also going to be one of the featured artists showing as part of No Kings Collective's Submerge 2012 art festival, the highly-anticipated return of their smash success pop-up gallery. I'll be showing a robust collection of large-scale prints of some of my most personal work. Aside from being some of my closest friends here in Washington, Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings got rave reviews in the Washington Post about how they're changing the model for the art industry in DC with Submerge and other pop-up events they build out an curate with international artists. After working on several events together, I'm more than a little proud of them, and would love to have you come out for the show. It opens November 10-18th, and you can get all the details HERE.  

Opening of the Corcoran's Next Show

Last weekend I photographed the opening of the new show at the Corcoran, Next, which highlights the work of graduating students. I love photographing these kind of events; artists are used to communicating visually, and see their style as an extension of that. So much color, pattern, and edgy styling! I got to shoot the artists all over the museum and with their work. There was excellent representations by both genders, but I think the ladies pulled it out on this one. Cheers!

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