Quincy's "Occasion" Party

Happy Friday! I'm blogging live from my Virgin America flight to San Francisco - there's nothing like a little purple mood lighting to get me in the mood to share some style! ;)

Quincy Jones knows how to party, and look damn good doing it. My good friend and DC stylist extraordinaire had an intimate party celebrating an occasion that wasn't not his birthday. ;) Filled with stylish Washingtonians with distinctive taste in the glamorous, unique, and vintage, it was a perfect opportunity to get dressed for some serious Monday shenanigans. Monday's the new Saturday, haven't you heard?!

Above, Michelle German and Kimee Brown of Neon V Magazine, and below, Chloé and Birkin. BAG PORN! More after the jump.  

Quincy Jones, the birthday boy himself

Custom Christian Louboutin wedges, worn by Quincy's sister

Minimal camel and leather sleeveless blazer

Carmella and Michelle of Neon V Magazine

Mesh and studded Christian Louboutins

Songstress Alison Carney

DC menswear icon Lamine, of Rag & Bone

Quincy and Eliot Payne of Accoutre getting a little lush

Dion in perfectly easy smoking loafers, with a Balenciaga woven tote

Michelle's vintage tunic was covered but seductive with her sheer mesh briefs

Stylist Tara Papanicolas

Gentlemen's footwear

My DC Birthday Shenanigans

As many of you know, my birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I did a two city, double birthday trouble tour. I had a wild and fantastic weekend in NYC, where I hung out with my friends who are incredible photographers and their assistants who shoot for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other drool-worthy publications. We went for drinks and then went to an insane warehouse party in BK, and the only cameras present were film. So purist! I love talking to them about the artistic nuances of photography...would you believe me if I told you that one well-known gentleman and I discussed how photography is painting light FOR AN HOUR? It was great! I was in heaven! I always learn so much from these interactions, and am truly blessed to have friends in my life who challenge me artistically. 

For my DC birthday, I wanted to keep it classic GoKateShoot, so I partnered with It's Vintage Darling for a curated cocktail party in the shop with some of my favorite DC fashionistas before we all headed down to Blackbyrd Warehouse to meet up with a larger crowd. The night was filled with rainbow presents, laughs galore, some REAL TALK (ooo and I'm so glad to have friends who can dish it and take it!), and of course, photos of some fabulously dressed DC fashion icons. 

The lovely Shannon Cusello of Immortal Beloved

Art history ace Cat Diesel

This is the night I debuted my fox, pairing it with a bronze wrap top, slim and trim black cigarette pants, and an array of layered arm candy. Of course, the octopus had to be worn; as one of my favorite pieces, it truly makes me feel dressed! Since I do feel like it's an essential part of my look, I'll mention that my haircut is thanks to incredible rockstar stylish Tyler Lee Larish. My incredible necklace is handmade by actress Mundy Spears. There was some serious partner in crime action after we rolled in to Blackbyrd and met up with more friends. It was great timing too; it was our party and a big banger for a member of local DC rock favorites US Royalty, who are also an impossibly stylish crew. Jackpot! We snacked on oysters, sipped cocktails, and danced our dapper booties off. 

Now, let's talk about the gentlemen. Per my request (and frankly, they would all do it anyway), everyone who came out was dressed to the nines. I have to give it to the guys though; their dapper spins and attention to detail were impeccable! Artist Trey Smith paired a double-sided cameo and traditional Brooks Brothers bow tie with perfectly layered scarf and vintage puffer vest. Josh Wu just returned from a trip to Africa, so he is mixing up his [perfectly tailored] traditional pinstripe suit with African accents. Of course, no party of mine would be complete without the dandy dream team of Eric Channing Brewer and Eliot Payne. Eric is dressed above and beyond fantastic, per usual. Eliot is wearing one of his own bow ties for Accoutre, a little number called The Casual Friday (find it here) that is double sided hot pink corduroy and dark denim (isn't that just the wittiest thing you've ever heard?! It kills me. I love it).

These gentlemen had never met, but were oh-so-dapper in their bow ties as they became fast friends. There are very few things I love more than introducing my friends so they become friends!

And who was the most dapper lady of them all? Cat Diesel, of course.

Look at all this stylish glee! I couldn't ask for more. 

Classic E.C.B.

The dandy lineup was KILLER. 

And then, my friends, we danced. Because true style means doing what you love, and damn, we all sure love to boogie! 

I'd like to pause. These next photos of 9 To Fly blogger Sade (pictured here as well) and Eric Channing Brewer dancing are classic. This is what style is about; you look at these two perfectly modern, individualistic people and their outfits would fit in 1940. Or 1960. Or 1970. But it is 2012, and damn, isn't it just inspiring that these two can at once reference the great looks of the last 70 years and still manage to look perfectly now? Plus they put the rest of us to shame dancing, I'll have you know. These photos are my favorite of all of my birthday shots and could not be more spontaneous and lovely. 

I’d also like to give a special thanks and shout out to the fine gentlemen from Dr. K’s Vintage who came out to help me celebrate. It was such a special treat and was fantastic to kick it with you, as always. 

So thank you, my dear friends and followers, for an incredible birthday and year. I'm not one for nostalgia, but I do love to give credit where credit is due. You all rock, and I love that you continue to inspire me day in and day out. 

Photos taken by me, and several others at the party. I love a communal shoot!

Birthday Attire: Halston + Fox

I love birthdays, I always have. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll never see me trounce into a club wearing a birthday tiara demanding free bottle service, presents from everyone, and an all-access pass to Disney World. Perks are fine, but I love my birthday because it is an opportunity for me to see all of my favorite people all at once and watch them all enjoy each other. I love. I get so much pleasure from my personal relationships, it’s a delight to see them delight one another as well. That is why I attended, and then threw easy-as-pie parties at bars this year; no muss, no fuss, just seriously deep, seriously stylish crews. Party 1 was in NYC, where I still maintain many friends. I was excited to spend both evenings helping two good friends also celebrate their birthdays, and celebrate we did! Then back here in DC, I invited my best and closest for a stylish evening of vintage, whiskey, and oysters. Delightful! I am to edit up all of the photos from the DC party, but here are some snaps of what I wore for birthday this year…more to come soon.

Both were major deals found while sourcing vintage in the back neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Here are some cell phone snaps to tide you over while I work on the real photos. Enjoy!

The dress. I died a little bit inside when I found it in the back of a really bootleg vintage record store surrounded by a few other no-name, poor-quality pieces. This dress found me. It is vintage 1970’s Halston (!!!!!), bias cut patterned silk. So comfortable and slinky; I love how it draws attention to form in an understated way. 

You don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy, and I’d much rather be a little more mysterious and leave something to the imagination! And that pattern! So killer. I may or may not have worn it twice in one week (I KNOW) out of sheer excitement.

Worn with my red leather trench with the fox fur collar, and sky-high platform heels, I was super 70s to the max and loving that disco diva style.

The fur. Serious swoon. The fur I found in a charity consignment shop, where I noticed it poking out of a pile of stuff on a chair. I begged to see it, tried it on and fell in love. I asked how much and when the shop owner started with, “It’s the most expensive item in the store…” my heart sank. Until, that is, he finished with, “…it’s six dollars.” SIX. DOLLARS. As in, single dollar bills. As in, my cab to get late night food last night cost more. I DIED. I seriously died of glee right there on the spot. So I scooped it and carried it away in a flurry of gorgeous, completely real vintage fox fur.

 I continued in my elevated state of bliss until I realized that it was shedding. Everywhere. I looked like a white cat exploded on my lap. My black pants developed a think fluffy white coat, a look that was less than cute, let me assure you. So what’s a girl to do, with a six dollar, rapidly molting fox fur? Why, take it to her stylist, of course! When I returned to DC, I hopped over to IVD to get Elise’s advice. As usual she took care of it, sending it to her furrier in Baltimore to fix. And so for the low, low complete and total final price of $45, I came to own the most mind-altering, gorgeous, divine fox fur coat known to modern disco woman. 

And you KNOW I wore that out for my birthday last night…and to work today…and I’m wearing it for the next week while I’m in Vermont…and will wear it for the NYE party I’m hosting. Because it’s warm and soft and glamourous and matches EVERYTHING.

OK. I’m done raving about the Halston and the fur. But seriously. Epic. Happy birthday indeed.

And for those of you who know me, this last shot of the inside of my camera bag will not be surprising in the slightest. A camera and a little nip of whiskey, what else does a girl need for a little birthday fun?

Winter Flannel is my birthday. Shhh....I had to work, but swathed myself in soft flannel pants and my favorite kimono jacket to combat the cold, and will don sky-high platforms to go get drinks later tonight. The Vermont cold is getting to me worse than usual, so here are a couple of cozy flannel photos to keep you warm. The last one is of me, and one of the few of me taken on my camera at last weekend's party. If anyone knows who took it, please let me know so I can give credit! I love how grainy it is; that is very indicative of the nature of that point in the night (sometime around 3am?). 

Stay warm friends.