Inauguration 2013

This was the first year I was in DC for Inauguration, and to celebrate I went down to watch the parade from the balcony of the American Lung Association, whose offices are right on Pennsylvania Ave. It was amazing to see the parade participants from all 50 states and watch the POTUS and FLOTUS go by...and neat to see the Secret Service agents on the roofs of the buildings, which you can see in the photo above. We had a nice moment zoom lens to binoculars and waves at one another. ;) Enjoy the rest of the photos below. 

The President and First Lady had to ride through our portion of the block since it wasn't secure.

A quick sun-drench portrait of painter Martin Swift.

The sunset was gorgeous, albeit a little chilly! 

Recap: Get Your Brand On

In case you missed it, I wanted to do a recap of the panel I hosted on Tuesday for Social Media Week, "Get Your Brand On". With the help of moderator Eric Schulze of Thirst DC (who did an incredible job) and my fellow panelists, we got a full house all riled up and nerdy about personal branding! Read on for the hilarious oath our moderator asked us all to take, some hot tweets, and of course, photos.

With nerdo-fab flair at the beginning of the evening, Eric asked everyone in attendance to raise their smart phone and repeat an oath of branding and boozy participation: 

"I do solemnly swear
To tweet with purpose,
Even if it means I must drink,
For Awesomeness and Social for All
So help my personal brand."

With that, we were off to the races and began a series of questions about how each of us panelists use social media to develop our brands. Within the first few minutes, audience members were energetically  lobbing questions verbally and through Twitter, which we fielded on the fly. It was a blast, and really interesting to see how more liberal organizations use social media similarly or differently from large institutions like the federal government. 

With questions ranging from how to measure and monetize social media development to what Twitter account we'd like to get our hands on to re-brand, the questions were varied and answers informative. Most interestingly, the audience shifted the focus from personal branding to branding in general - they didn't differentiate between personal and professional branding as distinctively as we thought they would. 

Here are some of my favorite Tweets and photos from the event: 

For the afterparty, DJ Jerome Baker III streamed his set live so anyone following the event on social media could get down too! The panelists mixed and mingled with attendees, cocktails in hand and branding still on the brain long into the night. 

It's the ultimate challenge to get dressed for something where you're going to be discussing personal branding and visual identity! No pressure! ;) I opted to strike a balance between business and art, as I often do - I paired a simple BCBG pencil skirt and stilettos with a Prabal Gurung for Target sheath (digitally printed since it's Social Media Week!) and chevron silk kimono. Simple, fresh hair and makeup with a little raspberry lip polished things off. 

The attendees were utterly engaged, intelligent, and charming - thanks so much to everyone who came!

Panelist Tre was striking in a vintage kelly green kimono style pantsuit. 

Since we were getting as nerdy as we were branding savvy and stylish, I'll leave you with some parting wisdom and takeaways from our charming moderator, Eric Schulze. Even the panel isn't exempt, so you can see where we did well, where we were surprised, and where we were stumped! ;) 

"The panel demonstrated a wide breadth of experience in personal branding, but one aspect became very clear: When we talk about being "social," the built in presumption is Twitter is the default social network. And that personal branding is infinitely more useful given the time needed to establish and maintain one. From scientists to fashionistas, personal branding is a useful way of amplifying your effect on the world.

Monetizing a personal brand is harder than one might realize, and that knowing your message defines your audience. This point split the panel and audience. Some felt defining your audience was staying true to yourself, while I countered with knowing your message is more powerful in defining a brand. 
The panel wasn't sure how to answer the question, "When do you know it's time to re-brand?" And the fact that the panel was stuck on this was fascinating. This may have been more of a consequence of the lack of a need for a re-brand by anyone on the panel. Every panelist was successful in their current incarnation, and that in itself shows the burgeoning nature of the personal branding scene in the District."

Thanks again to everyone who came, and hope to see you all at the Closing Party at Malmaison this evening - it's being co-hosted by my friends at No Kings Collective and I'm looking forward to stopped by!

Worn Magazine Issue 4 Party

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing the Worn Magazine Issue 4 launch party at Capitol Skyline Hotel. The space was fantastically mid-century mod feel, the crowd was stylish, and the weather behaved itself, mostly. I went shooting on assignment for Washingtonian Magazine, which you can check out HERE.

The Worn team of Nicole Aguirre and Eric Brewer did a great host as graceful hostess and host; thank you for having me! Enjoy the passel of photos below, being sure to go all the way to the end for a truly WILD portrait of Eliot Payne. 

What I wore - gold brocade crop tuxedo pants (Anthropologie), leather bomber (Zara), silk ruffled shirt (BCBG), olive green booties (Modern Vintage, from Gilt), handmade leather tassel earrings (Butler + Claypool), vintage 1940s Swedish military bag (Foundry). Love that she and I match with the gold!

Bespoke menswear designer Sim Khan

Holley Simmons, Washington Post

Haya Tetroashvili

Freddy Reyes

Martin Swift, painter

Deena Odelle Hyatt

Erin Derge, Ginger Root Designs

Victory Zapanta, designer

Eric Channing Brewer, founder of Dandies & Quaintrelles, Creative Director of Worn Magazine and Worn Abroad

Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre (being typically whimsical haha)

Beth Rogers, the Daily Rider

This is my favorite portrait in the set. Beautiful.

Manly men, in skirts

Martin has a delightful man van, perfect for packing in artist friends to hit the town!

Martin, in his element. Perfect placement of this car, yes? Love it.

In the Studio with Ra Ra Rasputin

There are few challenges I love more than trying to document other artists and creatives at work. There's something about trying to capture that passion, the lust for expression and creation that is so dynamic! So I headed into the studio with local indie dance rockers Ra Ra Rasputin for one of their final rehearsals before their 5-year anniversary show (which is tonight!) to document behind the scenes.  There was dance-inducing rock music! Leather jackets! A few too many beers after! Lively discussions about the nature of communism, the DC creative class, and how Brock shouldn't wear jorts for photos! Generally top notch all the way around.

So, I'm happy to introduce Brock, Patrick, Josh, and Ken of Ra Ra Rasputin. Also, come to the show at the Black Cat tonight (tickets HERE), where I'll be hanging out and shooting for the band some more. Everyone and their mom seems to be coming, so you should too! Click through for some awesome rock 'n roll style and vibes.

Ra Ra Rasputin: Live in the Ladies' Room

If you haven't gathered by now, I love documenting the DC underground scene. I love meeting wildly creative people who have been doing what they're doing for years, deadly in their devotion and sheer talent. Since moving here a year and a half ago, I've set out, camera in hand, to meet other creatives in wide and varied fields and make friends. There's nothing I love more than adventurous, intelligent, banter-filled friends, and I often find myself spending the most time with other artists, musicians, and designers. That's how GoKateShoot was born - my desire to make work with and of my creative friends in the District. 


Months and months ago, I met Patrick Kigongo during a particularly boisterous mid-week evening out. Turns out that we have 56,793 mutual friends and he always has some kind of Proust library book in his bag and has insanely awesome style and is the guitarist for the DC indie dance rock band Ra Ra Rasputin. Patrick and I became fast friends. We kept in contact via email as plans were made for gritty, behind the scenes photo shenanigans, until I was finally able to go to band practice with them last week. Since the epic underground creative haven Gold Leaf Studios shut down earlier this year (RIP), the band has moved out to a practice space in a Takoma warehouse, where I met them for their Wednesday night rehearsal. 

Dude. The Music. Is. Amazing. At once both rock and holy-hell-I-can't-stop-grooving-like-a-trendy-French-punk-scenegirl (yes, that's a thing), I had a blast shooting as the guys tore through their set for their upcoming 5-year anniversary show at the Black Cat. YOU HAVE TO COME! 

SERIOUSLY. COME. Get tickets HERE, put on something bitchin' and let me take your picture while you dance like a crazy person down in front, or cool out propped against the bar. It's going to be epic. 

Anyway, our shoot. So I took a bajillion pictures of the guys rehearsing (sneaky sneak, I'm releasing them tomorrow or Friday, don't fret!), and then we got to talking about the space, and they casually mentioned that the women's room upstairs had epic wallpaper

Of course I insisted upon seeing it. 

So we traipsed upstairs into the ladies room, the entire band and I. Naturally, a photo shoot ensued, and then we went to the bar. 

This is Ra Ra Rasputin, live in the ladies' room. I recommend hitting play on the video above and then checking out the snaps below; Studio Sessions photos to follow in the next day or two. 

Trillectro 2012

I'm a complete music junkie, so when my friends over at DC promo powerhouse DC to BC offered me an all-access media pass to shoot the first Trillectro, a new DC music festival that marries electronic dance music with hip hop, I was in. Stay-in-the-night-before-to-rest-up kind of in, so you know it's serious! With Flosstradamus, Schoolboy Q, Casey Veggies, and Body Language headlining, I was fully hype. I got interested in live electronic music while living in Barcelona in 2009, and just jump at the chance to see anyone major now...my super dancey self loves it! 

The guys were good enough to let me skip the 10am media call (Ha! That was never going to happen.), so I sailed in around 4 and started started chatting with and shooting the talent all hanging out in VIP. Sound check and interviews were long over but the crowd was still reasonable, so I was able to get some awesome shots of what they were wearing to be stage-ready. 

The street style was RIDICULOUS. Potentially the best I've seen since moving to DC. That good. I was having a moment for approximately 6 continuous hours. It. was. AWESOME. Refinery 29 featured some of my style shots, which you can check out HERE.

There are 111 photos. ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN. Check it!

What does one wear to shoot a music festival? This!

An ultra-fem croquet crop top, denim cutoffs that I studded by hand (I think I'm adding more, actually), a silk fringe necklace, leather fringe earrings by Krista of Butler + Claypool, my 1930's Swedish military bag that I can't stop carrying around (it fits my camera perfectly!), signature purple/fuschia lip, and my ultra favorite rugged gal combat boots. A gal's gotta stay safe when she's elbowing her way through the pit!  

People were dancing like mad, EVERYWHERE!

I had access to the main festival, VIP, backstage, and on stage...all of which you'll see in the photos below! Enjoy! 

Printed pants are going to be huge for fall, but lots of people are getting a jump on this trend already!

So many prints! And the little tat...so cute!

Intense nail art is widely becoming the norm, but this chica was rocking some seriously next-level nails

Floral hat, some serious accessories, and a not-so-serious attitude

More printed pants...I love them with the scarf on her bag below

Graphic tribal print mixing

Me! Getting a little sassy, of course.

Mundy Spears, actress and 80s style queen extraordinaire on the left, with a friend rocking local lifestyle brand Goodkin's t-shirt 

Guys from local lifestyle brand The Goodkin

The hat is everything.

A major color palette, and some serious guy style

The backpack is back in a big way, folks! Here's one done right.

Perfect statement shades, with a little eyeliner pop

This is my favorite look from the festival...maxi skirt with a slit to here, bondage top, graphic chest piece, sweet cropped locks. Swoon!

So intense! I love it.

Do you need an excuse to wear lingerie in public? No? OK good.

Some tough fem styling with these tights and boots

Another favorite look...so much wonderful layer play

Hats off to anyone ballsy enough to rock a studded fannypack. 

These tattoos are everything...and her hair...and I've photographed her before!

Hello floral love!

I love her commitment to her military look with this hat and blue lashes

Hat cocked just so - very fedora vibe, but with a baseball cap. Cool street take on classic styling.

These gals sing backup for Mary J. Blige, and have the awesome looks to match! Hats! Prints! Leopard!


The unforgettable ladies of Neon V Magazine

Perfect rings, in "The Pit"

Watermelon socks backstage? Oh yes.

This is all the everything...leopard, metallic pockets, mocassins, accessories...yes.

Great rock and roll vibe

Eyeliner, leather earrings, and great swag

People loosing their shit during local DJ icon Tittsworth's set

Oh hello again! So happppppy!

Mix gingham checks

During the last couple of sets, it started to rain. Not just a little, but a full-blown, oh shiiiiit, well, OK, fine, I'm DRENCHED kind of rain. And while things could have gone horribly wrong, it just made everyone in the audience get even more elated and made the show incredible. I was squeezed and pulled and pushed all over the Pit (the closed off area for the media right in front of the stage) but got some sick shots before heading for a quieter scene back stage. The green on the edges of some of the frames? I had to wrap my camera in a tank top to keep her dry. ;) Check it!

In the pit

Alexander Gorman


...and then everyone rushed the stage. And it was awesome.

Just doing the Dougie with Doug E. Fresh. Just another Saturday night...

At this point I'd had enough in the Pit, so I hopped up on stage for the rest of the show. It's damn near impossible to get a bad picture from onstage, let me tell you! I was up for Flosstradamus' set, and despite having it shut down early, it was fantastic! 

Oh, by the way, none of this was shot with a zoom lens...35mm prime the whole time. If you want the action, you have to get up in the action. So that's just what I did. 

The moment before he touched down on this crowd surf

Endless thanks to DC to BC for having me, I had an incredible and loved making history with you guys (if the Post says it, you know it's real!)

Ink and Moonshine

The lovely lady DJ from ESL at the FNO Media Soiree with the most perfect makeup

Summer is waning, the press are asking for my trend picks for fall, Fashion's Night Out (FNO) VIP party and shooting plans are being made (or broken, if I jet to Tahoe a bit earlier than anticipated...), and I can't seem to stop buying booties (no but seriously, I need them). And while I'm ready for fall, I'm still having a blast celebrating the end of summer, and have style photos to prove it. From the FNO Media Soiree to a moonshine-fueled, ultra-late night at the Passenger, I'm loving the edgy city style that seems to get better by the day. 

Photos below. 

And, for those of you who have been asking every day, Trillectro photos are done. They're coming. I promise. Getting #trill in honor of the weekend in a super-ultra-mega post tomorrow, so get hype!!

Matt, at Rue 14, fresh white T and ink

Insanely beautiful color at the Dupont Farmer's Market

Mixed prints and chilling with Holly Thomas, editor of Refinery 29 for DC

Thirst DC co-founder Eric Schulze, with moonshine he brought to an intimate cocktail party I hosted

Shannon Cusello, Manager of salon mecca Immortal Beloved and her hilarious reaction to moonshine

Mick Perrigo, bartender and booze guru at the Passenger, with his ink and trusty scooter

Straight skateboard chillin' outside the Passenger, late night

Mick's style...we met when I photographed him for a Washingtonian Magazine style feature

Tom the chef, in a great summer shirt and porkpie hat outside the Passenger

Dog Days: Andrew Nguyen

Here's some menswear inspiration for your Wednesday. Andrew Nguyen, owner of Rue 14, was rocking some serious urban cowboy aesthetic on a recent boiling Saturday afternoon. I love how modern he makes his Stetson feel with the bandana underneath and the ultra-now printed shirt. Who says men can't mix prints? Enjoy this trio of portraits. 

Dog Days: Casandra

On to more Dog Days summer style (you can see the first two of this series HERE and HERE). Casandra is a fabulous vintage-loving chica who I met at the DC Flea while shopping for some serious finds. My bad gal side fell head-over-motorcycle boots for her edgy tattoos, leopard print, and boots softened by her feminine style (the lips! the hair!). 


Dog Days: Armando

For the second installment of the Dog Days style series (check out the first one featuring me HERE), I'm excited to highlight my friend and artist Armando López Bircann. I've photographed him several times for both his personal style and his moving art performances at the Corcoran, but his gallery chic pastels are perfect for summer. His light blood orange sorbet shirt paired with faded denim and mustard shoes are a color palate worth swooning over, for sure! I love the proportions of the shirt and how the sleeves are the same length as the shirt! Add some perfect accessories (hellllllllo purple cocktail ring! Silver bracelet!) and a top knot and he's ready for the summer heat. 

This look is on-trend without being painfully so; it's delightfully laid-back and effortless. Major swoon. Armando's strong sense of personal style is inspiring, so I hope you enjoy!

Dog Days: Kate (Me!)

All this week, I'm going to run a little style series I'm calling Dog Days. Since it's been so oppressively hot here in the District, I'm always amazed by how people use fashion to escape the heat. But since I'm never one to ask my subjects to do something I wouldn't do myself, I'm going to start the series off with myself. 

I often have to dress to be able to go from day to night in one look, so my wardrobe is a often a challenge of mixing relaxed and formal pieces. To keep cool in the summer, I love statement-making pieces that also move well and keep a breeze going, so this look is a perfect example. 

Here, I'm rocking a fresh white tank top (from Target or some such) with a silk Rachel Zoe slitted maxi skirt I got a wicked deal on at the Gilt warehouse sale (I followed the girl holding it around for almost an hour and waited until she realized she was too short to wear it, and then offered to take it off her hands lol). I tossed on a vintage handkerchief scarf, some red platform sandals (that are actually life-alteringly comfortable), and my favorite fuchsia lipstick. For jewelry I added my handmade leather tassel earrings, courtesy of my lovely friends over at Butler + Claypool.  I'm fully addicted to them and basically haven't stopped wearing them since I got them earlier in the summer - I love that they add an rugged edge to everything. 

Enjoy the photos and keep an eye out for new posts daily this week! 

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Rikka Johnson

This week for What I Wear to Work, I photographed the lovely Rikka Johnson, manager of Wolfgang Puck's The Source. We had a whirlwind shoot where we raved about designer shoes, wearing family heirloom rings, and mutual appreciation for a robust drink at the end of a long day. I loved her clean-meets-edgy style, particularly her silk cut dress in red and newsprint print; luckily, we got to shoot at the Newseum, so it was perfect! Enjoy the full feature HERE and outtakes here on the blog. 


I'm remiss! But alas, a new job that I love and lots of travel make me a busy GoKateShoot...but never fear, I'm shooting all the way and wracking up lots of adventures to share! 

So here, finally, even though they've been done for ages and ages, are the photos from Seersucker Social. I know that I usually curate my photo sets to be just exactly the right number, but instead I'm giving you anything worth sharing. Oh yes, gratuitous style photo love! It was a glistening 100 degrees but lots of Washingtonians came out to this summer event that promises style eye candy galore.

I went very neuvo-vintage with floral hot pants, a fringed tank, fuschia brogues, and piles of my favorite accessories. Photo courtesy of the talented Julian Gwyer.

Check out the dozens of photos below, and enjoy! Happy Saturday everyone!

GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Shannon Cusello

Photo has introduced me to many people, including my close friend, the adorable and fiesty Shannon Cusello, manager at trendy salon mecca Immortal Beloved. I met Shannon at the Refinery 29 launch last fall (a moment documented HERE), and we've worked on several projects together since then. Her style is very Brigitte Bardot goes to Austin, all voluptuous flaming hair, French silhouettes, and rockstar girlfriend details. 

I had the pleasure of shooting Miss Shannon for Washingtonian Magazine. I'm slightly behind releasing the outtakes, but here they are! Check them out below, and then bop over to the full post HERE. She's also rocking new accessories from DC accessory designer Ciao Nina...who doesn't love beautiful hair flowers, studs, and bows? 

I'm still in SF working and tearing all over town finding little coffee shop nooks, the best giant avocados I've ever had (35 cents for one?!), and swooning over the street style. Though I was warned by friends near and far that I'd love the city, I've been swept off my feet. I'm falling hard for San Francisco... ;)

Summer Street: Style and Restaurant Openings

I love bopping around town, and part of that is mixing GoKateShoot business and pleasure; I love being social! Meeting new people and talking about style is one my favorite things to do. Street style photos are close to my heart, because these are the people who inspire me. Thank you to my subjects, who put up with my intensely friendly and effusive self, and for letting me photograph you. The photo above is one of me with three women I was photographing at the Brixton (ah, yes, and I got a haircut, so that's a little preview of the new 'do, many thanks to rockstar stylist Tyler Larish!!). 

Photos in this set are from...

 The G.L.A.M. fashion fundraiser, which I was invited to attend as a VIP. Many thanks to the team for inviting me! 

The opening of the new Taylor Gourmet, which is a DC sandwich shop that I love. Their PR guru, Doug, was a delightful host (and incredibly charming) and the party was AMAZING! 

The opening of the Brixton, the new restaurant and night spot by the gentlemen who own some of my favorites like the Gibson and Marvin's. I'm so lucky to be good friends with the team and was excited to go to the opening. It was a great party with some amazing style: the perfect Sunday! 

Anyway, enjoy the photos! I have more that I can't wait to share. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Film Style: Men and Art

You know I love to shoot film, as it is one of those throwback activities that I truly do for love. The lack of control is liberating, and the need to get the shot in one go is empowering. Thus, here are some style film shots to ease you into the weekend; a set of menswear style and a set of the late LATE night set-up of the warehouse art pop-up I collaborated on, the Water Street Project. 

Above is the ever-dapper Grant Harris, menswear aficionado and founder of Image Granted. More snaps below, with even more film photos later this week...enjoy!  

Antonio, of Jack Spade

Eliot Payne and the gentleman of Jack Spade

Georgetown afternoon with Eliot Payne of Accoutre fame...shopping and cocktails at Martin's...old school DC at its finest.

Street artist Billy Mode, hard at work, and other photos from the set-up of the Water Street Project

Ginger Moxie

I've always had an appreciation for red hair. When I was young, I dreamed of having long, luxurious gingery locks reflective of my love for fellow independent ladies Pippi Longstocking and Anne of Green Gables. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the ideas of wildness and independence...and developed friendships with redheads both natural and adopted who embodied that devil-may-care attitude, eyebrows cocked and flaming manes flying. Yesterday after our shoot for Washingtonian Magazine, my friend Shannon Cusello indulged my request to take some photos fully celebrating her hair. The following series is just that; a joyous expression of drama and moxie. 

Hair by Immortal Beloved

Street Peep: Get Arty

Happy Wednesday! Here are some street snaps I've been collecting...summer is definitely in full swing. 

I photographed these ladies at the Meridian Hill drum circle. It was 90 degrees and pretty toasty, so their looks are weather appropriate. Aside from that, they are also incredibly on-trend. Vintage super-crop bra tops walked runways like Prada, challenging women to become a bit more comfortable with a little stomach action. The turban on the right as well; this is a perfect way to rock summer hair. Plus, the pattern trends of print-mixing and polka dots continue at full tilt here. So much amazing personal style!

I photographed this gentleman while walking around Dupont. While you wouldn't necessarily give him a passing glance for his overall look, upon further inspection the detail of his boat shoes makes him very modern. Neon soles! Awesome! 

This is my friend Whitney, who I have photographed before (here and here) for her unique approaches to workwear. Here, she is sporting a floral dress and necklace that are the right balance of stylish and work-appropriate. 

Have a great day!

Thirst for Style: What I Wore

As you may recall, at the end of May I spoke at Thirst DC. I never  ask my subjects (you lovely, stylish people!) to do anything I am not willing to do, so I thought I'd share what I've been spotted wearing recently. Above is my look from Thirst; this vintage 1950's cocktail dress selected by my friend and stylist Elise Peterson was perfect for being on stage. Paired with a bold lip, it made me feel ultra-feminine.